Briolette & Wedding Beads + Emerald, May's Gemstone

This month is briolette & wedding beads + May's birthstone emerald. Scroll down, or click one of the links below on the html version to go to a section.

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Briolette Beads
Wedding Beads
May's Birthstone - Emerald
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Briolette Beads

Many of the best-design necklaces include briolette beads. Briolettes are very popular because of their graceful shape. A large briolette can be used as focal point or smaller ones combined in the jewelry.

Briolette beads are offered in many styles, the most common being teardrop. Other briolettes are navette, rectangular, triangular, and circular shapes. What makes briolettes different from the regular beads is the fact that they are drilled across the top, allowing them to hang down. This is the key reason why they are so popular. All you need to do is thread them onto wires, and they instantly add vertical length to your jewelry. This gives off the air of grace and beauty. Even someone with little experience with beading can create a very nice looking jewelry with a great briolette centerpiece.

Because briolettes are tapered near the top, they are great for creating beaded flowers. Just arrange enough briolettes in a circle around a center bead, and the beads will transform into a delicate flower! You can do this by stringing the briolettes onto a rigid wire and then forming it into a circle - or by using flexible wire and threading the last briolette from both directions, making a complete loop. The tapered top is ideal for making scalloped decorations too.

Drops made with briolettes are also more secure than the ones made using regular beads and head pins. When you use a head pin, you would loop the end of a single wire to make the bail for the drop. With a briolette, you would thread the briolette in the middle of a short piece of wire, bring both ends of the wire to the top, and then create the bail. Because of this, briolette drops would always have double the amount of wire at the bail compared to head pins.

Whether you are making a simple single-strand necklace or an elaborate one with multiple drops cascading down, briolettes are the perfect beads to add a professional touch to your necklaces.

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Wedding Beads

There are so many ways beads can add an individual touch to a wedding. On gowns, wraps, purses, tiaras, hairpins, and in flower arrangements. Plus the more-obvious uses like necklaces, earrings and bracelets - for mum, mother-in-law, the bridesmaids and special friends. These make excellent lasting and unique thank you gifts. A nice necklace, bracelet and earrings will complement their dresses. Incorporating beads into your wedding will bring you joy in unexpected ways & time spent with friends, creating pieces that are unique, and an escape from the stress of planning.

White or subtle shades of pink freshwater pearls are ideal for wedding jewelry. These can be purchased most economically by the strand, temporarily strung. One strand can easily be divided to make three or four floating necklaces, a popular wedding option. Floating necklaces have beads crimped in place either individually or in small groups, to give the appearance of floating on a fine wire. Multi-stranded floating necklaces are striking too. Freshwater pearl earring can be inexpensively brought or you can make them yourself with sterling silver wire.

Beading for Gowns
Tiny 3mm Swarovski crystals with or without an aurora borealis, shiny, light-reflecting coating, and silver-lined seed beads are the favorites for beading gowns. They add interest to the dress and show up great on the photographs, especially as the wedding photographer will feature the bride's and bridesmaid's gowns. You can sew subtle little shapes, like flowers or butterflies, onto the gown using tiny seed beads - and longer patterns running right down the length of the dress look effective too. Keep the bead color the same or similar to the gown, so as not to take away the dress's elegance.

Some Gift Ideas
Beaded keyrings are a favorite, and a good men's gift. Little beaded animals are fun, pin brooches are easy to make, and wine glass identifiers (different colored beaded rings to slip on the bottom of your guests' wine glasses) are popular too. Someone who wears specs may well appreciate a fine bead-on-silk thread "necklace" to keep their glasses around their neck when not being worn.

Emerald - May's Birthstone

Emerald is known as the gem of Spring. This beautiful green stone is a variety of Beryl and was thought to foretell the future. The ancients of Peru, believed the Emerald ripened like the fruit of the tree, turning from clear to green as it faced the sun. The stone was carried by travelers on land or sea as a talisman to safe guard the journey.

Beryl is often unknown, even through it is one of the most important gems. Beryl is colorless in pure form, but many impurities give its varied coloration. Emerald is the green variety and aquamarine is the blue variety of beryl.

Emerald's precious green color is caused by small amounts of chromium and enhanced by traces of iron. Unlike other beryls, emeralds usually contain inclusions and other flaws. These flaws are not looked on as negative aspects for emerald like they would be for other gemstones. Indeed, these flaws are considered part of the character of the stone and are used to assure the purchaser of a natural stone.

Nearly all emeralds have been treated to improve clarity, generally by immersing them in oil. For gemstones, a green colored oil is often used. Unfortunately, this oil may evaporate over time, making flaws appear where none were visible. A high-grade mineral oil may be used to improve the appearance again.

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