Valentine's Day and Free Shipping

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Large Aqua Blue Zebra Oval Calsilica
Huge 14mm Vibrant Rainbow Fossil
Large 12mm Rich Burnt Red Fossil
Large 12mm Deep Purple Fossil
Rich Deep Pink 8mm Fossil
Rich Salmon Orange Fossil Beads
10 Large Tractor Tyre Silver Bead Spacers
Large Silver Fish Bead Spacers
Large Faceted Dark Blue Fire Agate Nugget
Gleaming Multi-FAC Light-Purple Crystal
Slinky Sky Blue Amazonite Tube
Gleaming Citrine Nugget Drops
Large Fossil Coral Focal Bead - 59mm
Huge Unusual Deep Purple Diamond Fire Agate
Distinctive Oval Coral Fossil Beads
Fire Orange Fossil

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the first of the seasonal celebrations. Mail your customers to promote February 14th, no later than the middle of January.

There are lot of gifts you can make for Valentine’s Day

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