At 10:22 AM 12/21/2005, an IAHF Subscriber wrote:
Aloha would using a water ozonator work as well? I am on a very limited budget & can't afford the $700 to buy one.
please let me know

Hi Liona-

A water ozonator would put oxygen into the water you drink, but would not do anything to alkalinize it, unfortunately.

If I were on a limited income, and could not afford to purchase the water Ionizer which Stanley is making available to people on the IAHF list at a huge discount (while also helping IAHF with each unit sold so we can serve you better), I would start saving something each month towards eventually purchasing one, or better yet, band together with a few FRIENDS and pool your money to get Stanley's machine (details again at very END of this mssg) but in the mean time, I would do what I CAN afford:

I would get a copy of The Battle for Health is Over Ph as a starting point. Can you afford to donate $10. to IAHF? If so, I will send you a copy, and that price is even cheaper than Greg Ciola is selling it for and I got my copies from him.

At the very least you should invest in some litmus paper so you can check your urine and saliva Ph in the am before eating breakfast, and let your Ph be your guide as to what you eat over the next couple months.

Since I've been doing this, I've been bringing my Ph more into the alkaline range where it belongs, and it has helped shape my food choices to get the feedback of checking each am which is very easy and quick to do taking less than one minute. Get litmus paper for just $10 or so at

Also recommend either their "Heavenly Greens" product or a comparable product from

I have a glass of Heavenly Greens each morning with half a lemon squeezed into it. And I also have half an Avacado, and thats breakfast. Sometimes for variety I might have Buckwheat pancakes, soft boiled egg or hot cereal, but at least 5 days a week I have this.

May sound crazy, but I find this very energizing and I have also lost a lot of weight over the past couple months since I've been alkalinizing and also walking.

I had been swimming an average of 8 miles per week, but have now also added an average of 20 miles per week walking to that regimine, but everyone is at their own level and needs to figure out what the best exercise program is for themself. I realize not everyone is into swimming or walking, but they're both very healthy and walking is especially easy for anyone to get into. Its also alkalinizing. Any form of exercise is as it diminishes stress and stress causes acididity. I walk with an inexpensive pedometer and log my distance which I find motivating.

Checking my ph has made me far more conscious of the need to give junk food and fast food a very wide berth. At first I sometimes occassionally slid, but caught myself the next morning when this backsliding was measured in my ph.

Now I don't slide any more.

When I want a snack, I'll have something like a fruit smoothy made from organic fruit, yogurt and ionized water, or I'll have popcorn without butter on it, with just olive oil and maybe cayenne pepper or sea salt in an herbal mix that I like a lot. Or I'll have celery sticks and tahini sauce or carrot sticks and a good dip that I make myself.

I make a huge salad every other day and always vary the ingredients so I don't get bored. Am learning lots about making good salads and use a variety of dressings, going for low calorie stuff I make myself out of olive oil, herbs, sea salt etc. Its very easy to make salad dressing and I save lots of $$ making my own. Anyone could do this, even on a tight budget.

No one knows for sure whether or not the government will succeed in triggering off an Avian Flu pandemic, but indications I've read in recent news reports (December 18th) are that they're sure TRYING HARD at NIH to trigger off a pandemic by sticking live H5N1 viruses up people's noses as they seek to make a so called "vaccine". Once you fully realize from reading Antoine Beauchamp's biography just how fraudulent Pasteur's germ theory of disease is, its very easy to see whats going on, and what you must do to protect yourself, not only from the possibility of Avian Flu, but also from ANY disease.

The beauty of this approach is that by becoming properly alkaline, which is NOT HARD to do (and I'm proof), you can get so healthy you'll have markedly increased vitality, you'll have all the energy you ever wanted and MORE to get to all those things you seem to never have enough steam to get caught up on, you'll never get a cold or flu again, and you'll DEFINITLY never get cancer, heart disease, diabetes or have a stroke.

If enough of us did this, it would drive the chief execs of the drug companies stark raving NUTS!!

When I first began pondering all of this, I decided there were many ways to approach the Codex threat, but one of the BEST ways is just to educate as many people as humanly possible about very simple techniques like this which people can EASILY do which will radically help people to improve their health quickly. When this happens, people teach family, friends, and neighbors and that way FEWER people are going to MDs or to the hospital and via this means we can drive drug companies, MDs, pharmacies and hospitals out of business while we simultaneously work to kill bad legislation which threatens to destroy America and DSHEA with it such as the North American Cooperative Security Act which threatens to erase our borders with Canada and Mexico to force us into the North American Union.

With your help, we can defeat this legislation.

With your help, we can create an ARMY of healthy people to march on Washington and join me in a lobbying campaign on the Hill.

With your help, we can get the $$ to Kevin Miller to help him in his legal defense as he faces off in court against the (so called) "Natural Solutions Foundation" which is wrongly sueing him for making his documentary film "We Become Silent" which we need to create an updated, expanded version of.

For $10. I'll send you The Battle for Health is Over Ph. If you can spring for $30. I'll send you the book along with educational materials that you can use to wake more people up. If you can spring for $50., I'll send you the deluxe educational kit which includes the book, Miller's DVD, an hour long audio tape of a talk I did last August, a copy of the Special anti Codex issue of the Crusador magazine, and an IAHF bumper sticker.

Whatever you DO send, it will be a win/win. I need $$$ to get to DC this coming year to lobby in all of our behalf, but the financial tank has run dry, and theres only been a trickle coming in in recent months.

Up here, in the Pacific NW, its often very rainy and cloudy at this time of year, but I'm an optimist, and I have put full spectrum bulbs up all over my house which simulate sunlight so the blues don't hammer me into the ground like a tent peg. I grab my trombone on the darkest days, and play the blues to get into a happier frame of mind. I've written a song called the Low Down Codex Blues, and some day I'll record it and will put it on the IAHF website for background music that people can have on if they feel like it while browsing the site.

Where there is a WILL, there is ALWAYS a way. Remember that, eh? Remember that, and don't forget to pray to our Creator who gave us the herbs and vitamins because the Pharma Cartel is living on BORROWED TIME and TOGETHER we're gonna drive them into the ground like a TENT PEG.

PS- After my contact details below, see the info again about Stanley's water ionizer which you and a few friends can easily pool your money to get and SHARE (and if you don't know who to ask to go in on this offer with you, hold a MEETING to educate people about CODEX and ask the people who COME if they'd like to go in on this with you:

Your friend,
John Hammell
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World

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I personally know Stanley Arcieri is an expert on water ionizers because I've asked him a million questions, and he patiently helped me to see through the advertising hype of several units on the market, some of which are of questionable quality and safety.

(See web-site for FAQ info on batch-process water ionizers, fluoride extraction + )

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Please HELP Folks- You all NEED ME to get to DC to lobby against the North American Cooperative Security Act which threatens to erase our borders with Canada and Mexico to force us into the North American Union. If that happens, there won't be any way to stop Codex from coming here. We ONLY have pull with our CONGRESS, we have ZERO influence over the unelected bureaucrats at Codex and anyone who tells you we do is a bald faced LIAR.