Jon Wayne
Texas Funeral
Release Date:  27th September 2010

Label: Third Man Records
Format: LP Reissue 

We don’t even know how this record landed in our lap. After a series of one-word phone calls exchanged between our offices in Nashville and a quonset hut in Marfa, Texas a mysterious package arrived via Lonely Express (“it’s like the Pony Express, only slower and with booze!”) and contained within were the tumbleweed-encrusted master tapes to the mythical “Texas Funeral” album.

Originally released in 1985 by the ever-secretive band
Jon Wayne, Texas Funeral is the quintessential cult classic. There is no fence-sitting with this album. You’re either fully-indoctrinated and can recite the catch-phrase lyrics like “Faders up!”, “Ain’t no country I know!”, “No go diggy die” and the all-purpose “Texasss!” or you can’t stand it in the least. Rumour was that Quentin Tarantino wanted to include the song “Texas Funeral” on the soundtrack for Pulp Fiction but couldn’t even get ahold of the band to license the damn thing. The songs are funny without venturing into comedy, they are punk without resorting to cheap-o pastiche and they are country in the spirit of Merle Haggard and other like-minded renegades. To our ears, this album sounds as fresh as it did when we first heard it and we are beyond proud to release it in hopes of initiating more folks into the cult.


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