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September 1, 2015

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 September Specials!
Autumn Savings!
Autumn is just around the corner!  
It's starting to be that busy time of year for candle and soap makers!
 Be prepared this busy season by stocking up on some of the most popular Fall fragrances!
Receive 1oz of any of these
*Autumn* fragrances
for just $1.00 each!
(limit of 2 each)
Choose from the following fragrances:
*All Hallows Eve
*Amber Musk
*Apple Butter (BCS Original) *NEW 8/5/15
*Apple Peel (BCS Original) *NEW 7/29/15
*Apple Pie (BCS Original) *NEW 7/30/15
*Apple Streusel (BCS Original) *NEW 7/31/15
*AppleJack & Peel Type (BNL)
*Apples & Evergreen (BCS Original) *NEW 7/21/15
*Apples N' Oak Type
*Applesauce Cupcakes (BCS Original) *NEW 8/11/15
*Autumn Leaves Type (BNL)
*Autumn Warmth
*Campfire Smoke
*Candy Corn (BCS Original) *NEW 8/3/15
*Caramel Apple (BCS Original) *8/11/15
*Caramel Walnut (BCS Original) *7/29/15
*Christmas/Country Spice (BCS Original) *7/22/15
*Cinnamon & Clove Bud
*Cinnamon Bun
*Cinnamon Buns Type (BCS Original) *NEW  8/5/15
*Cinnamon Red Hot
*Cinnamon Stick
*Cranberry (BCS Original) *NEW 8/5/15
*Green Apple
*Harvest Type
*Hayride (BNL)
*Honey Pear Cider
*Hot Chocolate Type
*Hot Maple Toddy (BCS Ooriginal) *NEW 6/17/15
*MacIntosh Apple
*Maple Butter
*Maple Pecan
*Mulled Cider
*Mulling Spices
*Peppercorn (BCS Original) *NEW 8/4/15
*Pumpkin Cheesecake (BCS Original) *NEW 5/18/15
*Pumpkin Spice (BCS Original) *NEW 8/5/15
*Spiced Apple
*Spiced Cider (BCS Original) *NEW 8/5/15
*Spiced Cranberry (#1 Seller!)
*Spiced Pear Type
*Tobacco  caramel (BCS Original) *NEW 7/7/15
*Warm Apple Pie (BNL)
 Spooky Spider Jar Sale!
 Spider Surplus Jars
are 10% off! 
 (36 jars/case)
Stock up for Halloween!
No limit!
Sale ends Wednesday, September 30th at 11:59pm cst! 
 Haunted Hemp Wick Sale!
 Hemp Wicks 
are 10% off!
All Quantities!
Sale ends Wednesday, 
September 30th at 11:59pm cst!  
 New Products! 
Salt Scrub Ingredients! 
 We have recently added the following Salts to our line:
Sale ends Wednesday, 
September 30th at 11:59pm cst!
*Fragrance Savings!*
 The following fragrances are 
 brand new to the Bitter Creek North line. These are all high demand
Bitter Creek South original fragrances!
Have fun and try out a few of our
most recent wonderful
fragrance additions at
$1.00 off per lb. this month!
*Choose from the following fragrances:
*Chocolate Chip Cookie
(Added to our line on 8/12/15)
Still hot and gooey, right from the oven... move over tollhouse!
*French Roast Coffee
(Added to our line 8/12/15)
Morning!! Coffee lovers will cherish this strong, robust brew!
(Added to our line 8/12/15)
 A delicious vanilla cookie rolled in sugar with a touch of cinnamon!
*Jack Frost (Yankee Type)
(Added to our line8/11/15)
 Wintery Cool Peppermint with a sweet vanilla twist!
*Lemon Cheesecake
(Added to our line 8/11/15)
 You'll lick your lips when you smell this! Rich creamy cheesecake infused with lemon juice, atop a crumbly graham cracker crust!
*Juniper Breeze (BBW Type)
(Added to our line 8/11/15)
 Sweet, fruity floral with a soft citrus top note and a warm musk base.
*Home for the Holidays Type
(Added to our line 8/4/15)
 A cozy blend of Christmas tree and warm spices!
*Apple Crumb Cake
(Added to our line 8/12/15)
 Buttermilk pastry dough topped with spiced apple and currant filling, sprinkled with sweet buttery crumbs and baked to perfection!
*Fresh Baked Bread
(Added to our line 8/11/15)
 The true aroma of a homemade loaf of bread right out of the oven with a hint of caraway.
Customer of the Month!
All online orders of $50 or more are automatically entered each month to
win $10 in BC Bucks!
 This Month's Winner is:
  Lori Griffin
Company News!
*Holiday Closing*
    Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Inc.
will be CLOSED
Monday, September 7th
in observance of Labor Day.
Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, September 8th.
The entire Bitter Creek staff would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!
Do you have a creative and original "Tip of the Month" to share? Send it in to and you could Win $25 in BC Bucks!
Sale Code & Details
***Must enter code "SEPT15" into the comments section of your shopping cart (not the coupon code box)!  Discounts will not be automatically calculated by the cart on these sales, but will be calculated by our office and reflected on your invoice.
Sales end Wednesday, September 30th 11:59 pm!
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