Attorney Jonathan Emord/// FDA Commissioner Von Eschenbach/// ACTIVISTS NEEDED RIGHT NOW TO DEFEND DSHEA!!!


IAHF List:

Jonathan Emord has never sent the audio archive of any of his radio shows to one of his guests before because in the past he's always only used them for self promotion, but THIS TIME its a much different situation as he sees the URGENT NEED TO DEFEND DSHEA!

He's just sent the archive of the recent show he did with Byron Richards so that Richards could post it on the web along with his brand new Cap Advantage Software that facilitates the sending of form letters to Congress with a single mouse click.


Please go here and listen to the blockbuster radio show where you will hear the attorney who has defeated the FDA more times in Court than any other attorney, and who has done more to defend DSHEA than any other attorney telling the WORLD that Byron Richard's is 110% correct in his concerns about S.1082/HR 1561 and how it will gut DSHEA unless we amend it by removing the word "unreasonable" from the section that creates the Reagan Udall Foundation for the FDA (a literal drug company inside FDA which is a total conflict of interest!!)

Along with hearing the radio show at this url, you can also send a form letter directly to your members of congress with just one mouse click, nothing could be EASIER, but we must get sleeping health food store owners to

A) Listen, and send in the form letter on the site.

B) Distribute the Flyer shown below that I want you to copy and bring to all health food stores in your area to hand out to their customers.

C) The health food store owners and managers need to get on the phone and threaten to QUIT the NPA (Natural Products Assn, formerly NNFA) if they don't pull an immediate "180" regarding their STANCE on this issue as they have been GROSSLY MISINFORMING all NPA members by claiming that this bill does not present "ANY" threat (!!!!)

IAHF has provided this information to some powerful NPA insiders who own health food stores who are helping us on this so we're not alone, but we must all do our parts and don't expect ME to save your ass for you on this, I can't do it alone, this is way bigger than any one person can handle! I'll go to DC for you, and am trying now to determine the best time to go as they'll be dealing with this prior to August recess in all likelihood.

It helps us that Waxman will be conducting an oversight hearing on FDA Commissioner Von Eschenbach on Tuesday June 6th due to a $6 Billion dollar diabetes drug called Avandia having killed 35,000 people last year. We can only hope that Waxman will do more than just slap Von Eschenbach's wrists.

They should sentence him to DEATH the way the Chinese just did to THEIR FDA Commissioner:  and it will be interesting to see if Waxman attempts to make the serious changes to HR 1561 that are needed given that S.1082 puts us far more at risk of being killed by unsafe pharmaceuticals than we EVER were due to FDA's Critical Path Initiative being a totally fraudulent means of approving drugs. It is OUTRAGEOUS that the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA would create a literal pharmaceutical company literally INSIDE the FDA!!

This drug company inside FDA would be getting patents and issuing licenses to its OWN drugs, and that would create a FAR BIGGER incentive for FDA to ban safe dietary supplements than EVER BEFORE!!

Emord and Byron Richard's spell out the PRECISE DANGER of this legislation in this radio show and its VERY important that you listen to it, take action, and help IAHF by getting it out to every health food store, and every alternative medical practitioner in your area to urge them to take action!



NPA Member: DSHEA is in GRAVE DANGER, and we MUST amend it THIS SUMMER via concerted grass roots action!!

Please take the time to listen to this audio archive of the Jonathan Emord Radio Show as this famous attorney, who has defeated the FDA more times in court than any other attorney and who has done more to defend DSHEA than any other attorney discusses the EXTREME THREAT posed by S.1082/ HR 1561 with Byron Richards, (Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and owner of Wellness Resources vitamin company).

Go here to listen: 

On that same site you can send a form letter in to Congress with one mouse click.

Please call NPA and threaten to QUIT if they don't pull a 180 on this issue and start defending health freedom!! If NPA won't do anything to protect you, please make a donation to IAHF at 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281 or via paypal at to assist us with our lobbying trip to DC on this issue this summer. This matter will come to a vote before August recess. Be aware that S.1082/ HR 1561 creates a literal drug company INSIDE the FDA, a total conflict of interest!  

On Tuesday June 6th, Waxman will put FDA Commissioner Von Eschenbach on the hot seat due to the 35,000 deaths last year caused by Avandia, a $6 Billion dollar diabetes drug. In theory, Waxman and Dingell could make some badly needed changes to this bill, but they won't do what WE want unless we have massive grass roots firepower to get our amendment in because they're the biggest adversaries of DSHEA in the House! see  for more info or call IAHF 800-333-2553 H&W. (Pacific Time)