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2018 is here and we hope you had an incredible start of the year!
In this first January bulletin we would like to present you one of the world leading companies in the energy recovery from waste sector - Hitachi Zosen Inova and some of our partners.
After Hitachi Zosen Inova announced a big project in Turkey is going to be realized they also expressed their plans to participate in the Waste to Energy projects for Sofia.
A modern waste management system does not only focus on protecting health and environment, it also makes maximum use of the waste to reduce the exploitation of our limited natural resources.

Hitachi Zosen Inova integrated solutions help to ensure a clean, healthy and prosperous environment by enabling the environmentally sound disposal of municipal solid and biological waste and simultaneous energy generation. The company is one of the exhibitors at Save the Planet 2018. The Waste Management and Recycling event will be held in Sofia, 27-29 March.
Interview with Mr. Peter Chromec, Manager at Hitachi Zosen Inova, Zurich Office

Dear Mr. Chromec, Hitachi Zosen Inova is a traditional participant at Save the Planet exhibition in Sofia. Please tell us about your realized projects in Bulgaria.

HZI is the leading provider for solutions for waste to energy. As this technology is new for Bulgaria we still do not have finalized projects. The company plans to participate in the WTE projects for Sofia and some new anaerobic digestion projects based on separately collected or sorted bio-waste from municipal solid waste. Such projects are planned in few Bulgarian cities to start next year.
What is your latest development and which of your solutions and technology will you present in Sofia? Read the rest here
If you have questions about participating or visiting Save the Planet, you can contact us on 00359/32512906, 00359/882240437, sales4@viaexpo.com.

  The 9th 'Save the Planet' Expo 2018 will collaborate for the first time with ISWA - the world’s leading network promoting professional and sustainable waste management. More about the event partner can be read here
The Romanian Waste Management Association – ARMD is a communication partner of the SEE ‘Save the Planet’ 2018. This is the platform for all specialists and operators in the collection, mechanical biological treatment, waste recycling, incineration and storage, and also for the Romanian authorities. More here

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