Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am
Summer 2017
 The Minyan Monthly
The Rosh's Corner
I have been Library Minyan Rosh for more than a year now and before you know it, the time will come for me to step aside and for someone new to take on the role. Lately, I have been taking account of the goals I set for myself and the Minyan. Some of the goals have been met, some abandoned, and some proved more difficult than I could have imagined. But my primary goal has consistently been to ensure that our community thrives, rather than merely survives, and in that, we are succeeding brilliantly.

So, how does one define “thriving?” To me the Library Minyan thrives when people of all ages come together on Shabbat, when our community celebrates the small and large moments in life together, when we comfort the sick and bereaved among us, when all feel welcomed to join us, and when we set and achieve common goals.
In the past month, we have done so much “thriving.” We have celebrated aufrufs, graduations, bar mitzvah anniversaries, and the births of grandchildren together. We have helped those who needed help. We welcomed the entire TBA community to join us in davening and for the Shavuot picnic in the park. And we held our annual meeting, where we reviewed the work we’ve done in the past year and set goals for the next.
But there is still much work to be done and I am counting on all of you to let the steering committee know what your priorities are.
So how do you define “thriving” and what do you think we still need to do to get there?
— Sandra Lepson
The Library Minyan Honors Lida & Paul on July 22
If you’re not on a beach on in the mountains somewhere on the weekend of July 22, we strongly suggest that you plan on being in shul. In honor of Lida Baker & Paul Nisenbaum’s Aliyah to Israel in August, the Library Minyan will host a festive extended kiddush. A good many people have contributed to make this possible, along with co-sponsorship from the Library Minyan’s kiddush fund so ably administered by Carl Sunshine.

Paul will be giving the Dvar Torah that morning.  We suggested to Lida that she help turn this into a musical Shabbat, reflecting the importance of music to her and the way in which she has infused the Minyan with music over the years.  She agreed.  And so we can look forward to a specially lyrical and creative service.
Over lunch, people who'd like to say a few words about Paul & Lida will have an opportunity. Write down what you want to say and bring this along — or rely on the inspiration of the moment.

The good food and sweet notes will go some way toward soothing our sadness at losing Lida and Paul’s weekly presence. Of course, they will remain lifetime members of the Library Minyan, most welcome when they visit. And we hope to stay in touch with them electronically between visits, as their lives and Galya’s develop there in Eretz Israel.

— Lillian Gelberg & Susan Laemmle
"Summer Shul" — from the Education Committee
The Library Minyan will transition to siddur Lev Shalem on Shabbat Shuvah (Sept 23).
To help us prepare for this, Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny has offered to lead a class on the distinctions of the new siddur. This class will be directed at those who wish to lead services; but all are welcome. There are no prerequisites. The class will be scheduled prior to High Holy Days, but it will not be on a Shabbat, in order to enable the students to take notes.
In addition to this class, we are considering one or more workshops on the new siddur. In this setting, we could step through the new siddur together, reviewing its new features and discussing some of its interpretive material. The workshops could be conducted on a Shabbat, or not, as preferred by those interested.
Please reply to Carl Sunshine indicating your interest in the workshops, and the dates/times you prefer in the period August 5 – Sept 17.
Our post-kiddush lecture series will resume after High Holy Days. Please provide your ideas on any educational topic to the Education Committee. We seek your input for next year’s programming. Have a great summer!
— A.J. Happel
Upcoming Events
June 17 — Cosponsored Kiddush
July 1 — Aufruf of Micah Saiger
July 15 — Bar Mitzvah of Joshua Weissman
July 22 — Cosponsored Kiddush for Lida & Paul
August 19 — Aufruf of Gavrielle Bernat-Kunin
HHD Planning
For those looking ahead, summer time provides us with an opportunity to start planning for the High Holidays. If you would like to offer your skills, ideas or services to the Library Minyan this coming High Holiday season, please reach out to our Ritual Committee Chair, Mayer Brenner, who is already planning for meaningful Yamim Noraim for the minyan.
—Sandra Lepson
Shavout in the Park with DPL
Thanks to all for helping to make a great and relaxed DPL Shavout picnic this year!

Hope everyone has a great month of June and enjoys the warm weather.
—Deborah Blum & Michelle Wolf
The Minyan Monthly Goes on Vacation
The Minyan Monthly will take its usual Summer Break, resuming publication in September.
Carl Sunshine has graciously agreed to edit the September-October issue while yours truly completes a summer trip.
Wishing everyone a Sweet Summer.
— Susan Laemmle
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