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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
March  13, 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Important Notice to All Residents

Council staff came to the Island on Tuesday, February 15 to photograph and place stickers on all water craft, canoes, kayaks along the foreshore and on the reserves.

This is the last opportunity for those residents whose craft are currently in use to advise Council to avoid them being impounded.

Council staff will be coming to the Island on Tuesday, March 15 to take away all craft unidentified by residents.

If you have any queries, please contact Pittwater Council’s Reserves Officer, Tanya Carmont on 9970.1353

Register of Services available on Scotland Island
Listing now in the new SI Website

Tradespeople…babysitters…house sitters … cleaners … anyone! Would you like to be listed in the new Scotland Island Community Website?
We would like to add to our list of useful contacts in the new website (http://www.scotlandisland.org.au/home)
If you have a useful service to offer, please contact us by using the form on the website: http://www.scotlandisland.org.au/contact, or email contact@scotlandisland.org.au
Please list your name/or your company’s name, the service you offer (and also say if you offer emergency services, e.g. emergency plumbing, electrical work, building, glazing etc), and contact details.
This is a free service and is designed to make the website as useful as possible to residents.

New Electronic Voting System Introduced

A new remote electronic voting system called iVote will be introduced in time for the NSW election on Saturday 26 March.

Ivote has been introduced by the NSW Government to help people with a disability cast a secret ballot in the state election by using the telephone or internet at a location of their choice.

Blind and vision-impaired voters, voters with a disability as well as electors who are unable to read and write can use the new system. In addition those people who live more than 20km from a polling station or who will be interstate or overseas on election day can use the new system.

Electors can apply to use iVote by registering online at ivote.nsw.gov.au or by telephoning 1300 02 2011.

To register for iVote you must be already on the electoral role and make a declaration that you are eligible for iVote. Those registered are asked to choose a PIN number and then sent an iVote number by email, mail, SMS or voice call, depending on their choice.

When you vote the ballot paper is shown to you on the screen (or read to you if you’re using a phone). A demonstration version is also available for practice purposes.

iVote applications will be accepted until 23 March. Ivote opens for registered users to vote on 14 March and closes at 6pm on 25 March. Please note you will not be able to use iVote on Election Day as iVote closes the day before.

For more information about iVote go to www.elections.nsw.gov.au or phone 1300 135 736.

International Women's Day Report

On Tuesday 8th March, a group of 40 women (and one brave man!) congregated at the Bayview Kiosk to celebrate International Women’s Day.  A delicious and generous breakfast overlooking a sparkling Pittwater was enjoyed with croissant, mini sausages, watermelon salad and mini quiches.  Many attendees wore purple, the colour of IWD, including speaker Tania Evers who previously lived in Lovett Bay, Elvina Bay and on Scotland Island. 
Tania spoke of her experience as a barrister and a case of a young woman who had experienced violence in her childhood and as a young mother and how the system had failed her.  While violence and mental illness do still continue to be rife in community, Robyn Iredale noted how many more women are now judges, solicitors and barristers.  Tania agreed and that, as a result, there was far more compassion and sensitivity in the judicial system.

Raffle prizes were kindly donated by Paddlecraft, Frubi organic fruit iceblocks and Jan Murray kindly donated six copies of her book Sheer Madness as well as a weekend at her island home!
Home-made raspberry jam was donated by Lisa Atkins and was much enjoyed and matched the colour theme.

Around $450 was raised on the day which will be donated towards the Australian team for the Special Olympics – a cause nominated by Tania Evers.

The Grameen Group that assist with micro-finance for impoverished families in third world countries has agreed to host the 2012 breakfast.

Guest’s suggestions helped create a list of inspiring books for people to read or perhaps enjoy in their bookclubs – OR to start a new one! 

The five books which missed the print run for this list were:
~~Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
~~ Forgiveness & Other Acts of Love by Stephanie Dowrick
~~The Shack by William Paul David
~~ The Book of Emmett by Deborah Forster
~~ Salvation Creek by “our own” Susan Duncan.

A wonderful assortment of bras and scarfs was collected and will be forwarded to www.uplift.org and www.sydneycancer.com.au

 It was noted that nowadays it is too easy to get connected electronically yet fewer people get involved in marches.  It was suggested that Unifem is a great organisation to join. 

Announcements made:
  • WOW (Women on Water) are holding their Autumn meeting at Joy Purvis’ home on the first Wed of the month at 1pm – call Nila on 9999 2445
  • Grameen have the Australian CEO coming to visit on Sunday 13th at 3pm at the home of Nila.  This would be a great opportunity for students too to assist others.
  • Pittwater YHA is hosting a Bush Regeneration and Enviro-Fun weekend on April 1-3.  Call Michael & Sarah on 9999 5748 for more details!
Thanks to all the wonderful women (and man!) who came and to Chrissie’s team at the Bayview Kiosk for making it such a great morning.

Life Line in Mona Vale need Volunteers

Life Line in Mona Vale are in desperate need of volunteers to man the shop.

Sturdy Boat for Sale
Quintrex 420 Explorer with 30hp Yamaha


$3500 including trailer, $2500 without

Chris Matthews
T: 0418 444 842

Offshore a capella choir choir

All off shore residents welcome to suss out the newly formed
offshore a capella choir. Come along and suss it out to see if it’s
your kind of thing. Lots of fun. If you like to sing, you’ll fit right in.
Professional choir master to lead the way. No experience necessary;
no necessity to read music.

Such is the power of singing, it:
  • increases the fun and joy in our lives
  • has the capacity to lower levels of stress
  • boosts the immune system and well being
  • is good for respiration and blood circulation
  • puts a smile on your face, lifts the spirit

Scotland Island Community Hall on Saturday at 2:30 pm
$15 per session

For further information, contact Gordon Floyd: Tel. 9997 2035; 0419 012 103. Email: floydcbg@ozemail.com.au

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