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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- November 2006 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 9, Issue 199 November     

A Lady Bold
With sincere thanks to Denise Catt and the Festival Team for all their efforts in making the 2007 Island Festival a wonderful success.

Pittwater stars
Are clear tonight
In our homes we’re all
Rugged up and tight
From the beer and wine
And excitement foretold
She lead it all for months
This lady bold

For one whole month
We all shared a feast
Of art, stories, fair and film
Theatre not least
And while mosquitoes hummed
And night insects came
Days turned to night
Leaving us all happily insane

We toasted the Spring
In our own Island style
Through sunshine and rain
She brought us all many miles

Months of late night meetings,
Decisions, problems too
Some negotiations inflexible
What’s she to do?
But she held them together,
Used her skills and her craft
Kept the projects on track
Without wielding her staff

There were hundreds of e-mails
And phone calls galore
Suppliers and sponsors
Teams wanting more
But she was always sincere
So calm and serine
She’s a lady to count on,
The glue in the team

We owe her a great debt
For her time and her skills
For her commitment and energy
For months on that hill
To the committees and volunteers
We raise mighty applause
Thank you all so sincerely
The success was all yours

Now the parties are all over
And from my deck I can see
Soft lights over Newport
Twinkling brightly
I know tomorrow she’ll rise
We’ll all hit the road
We’ll return to our lives
And shoulder our loads

Tho’ on reflection we failed
To give public applause at the time
We know our neighbours who did it
Who made it all rhyme.
We know their generosity of spirit
Their strengths now unfold
And our Festival leader
She’s a true Lady Bold.

Thank you Denise





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