On Sunday morning, while out walking, half a dozen boofy blokes built like Adonises, passed me as they jogged up the hill in a tight knot, chests bared. One of them peeled off to talk to me and he said they were NRL and didn't want to upset the island residents but wanted us to know they intend arriving en masse, thirty-six of them, by dragon boat, accompanied by the Manly Daily, on Friday week. They'll then jog around the island once or twice and leave. Not sure which wharf.

So the Manly Sea Eagles, (all the famous ones and the not-so famous and the famous-to-be) will be arriving at 9:00 a.m. by dragon boats,.on Friday 19 November. I think they are looking to win the hearts of the residents and will be happy to sign autographs. If you are interested one way or another and you want more details, contact is as follows.

....Gordon Floyd

Donny Singe

Head Fitness Coach

Manly Sea Eagles

O412 351 221

9938 3677