"It's around 3 a.m. on the Barcelona waterfront, and Karl Hyde of Underworld is jubilant. Right now his performance is all human, just shouting vocals with plenty of room to move."
-August Brown, LA Times on Primavera Festival 2015
The show was launched at London's renowned Royal Festival Hall last year to much acclaim
“Deep and impressively profound….Underworld’s fierce potency has not dimmed.”
5/5  The Guardian
“Euphoric enthusiasm for one of dance music’s darkest collections.”
4/5 Evening Standard
"A throbbing crescendo of electronic exhilaration"
4/5 The Times
“Underworld dazzle with a barnstorming live show…..vital, virile and damn irresistible”
5/5 TNT
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Underworld continues to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the album that defined a decade of dance music, Dubnbasswithmyheadman.  
In celebration, Underworld will return to the US for ONLY one performance held at the iconic Hollywood Bowl on June 21, as they kick off  KCRW's World Festival Series. This show will offer fans a unique chance to see Underworld at one of the capital’s most iconic venues playing classics from "Dubno.." in addition to their other landmark hits. Supporting acts on the night include Jungle, returning to the U.S. hot on the heels of their acclaimed Coachella show in April. 

Although born out of club culture, Underworld's "Dubno..."  defied the accepted genres of the time - equally suited to the dancefloor and the after party, as well as the main festival stages. It was as immersive an experience quaking through bassbins or headphones. Times have changed, but Underworld’s vast musical catalog remains timeless.
"Pioneers in their own right, Underworld influenced the electronic zeitgeist that has since mutated into the EDM." - Dancing Astronaut.
Underworld is unarguable one of the most influential electronic artisits of all time; a signpost for everything from dance music’s easy relationship with main stages at festivals to the radio/globe-conquering EDM phenomenon. Multimedia provocateurs, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be post-modern musicians especially expressive through their visual art from their album sleeves to their tremendous live stage productions by Tomato.  This is one show NOT to be missed!
"When it comes to being awesomely grandiose, few can beat them.” 
  Rolling Stone
“Underworld performed extended versions of songs off Dubnobasswithmyheadman, liquidly morphing from ‘Mmm Skyscraper, I Love You’ and ‘Rez’ to ‘Cowgirl’ and ‘Dirty Epic.’ I didn't know any of these classics at the time, but after a two-hour set and having been a part of the euphoria this band concocted, they became my most precious band.”  
“Underworld is one of the most enduring festival acts of all time. With frontman Hyde stalking the stage, the band’s artistic collective Tomato developing the visuals, and the sheer sonic tonnage of their catalog – albums full of bass, drums and bizarre monologues, rendered still with a somehow delicate beauty – they defined the experience of massive shows like Glastonbury in the late ‘90s.”

"For many U.S. listeners, Underworld remains a one-hit wonder, responsible for the raging techno of ‘Born Slippy’ from the 
Trainspotting soundtrack. Yet Hyde not only crafted dance tracks and populist techno with the group, but also folded in traces of indie rock and ambient tones, suggesting an omnivorous appetite similar to that of Eno.”  

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