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April 2017  IN THIS ISSUE:
Series 1:
Strong Simple Openings
for Professional Business Presentations
In the next few newsletters, we'll focus on business presentations, examining common errors and how to remedy, or even avoid them. As a business professional, it is imperative for your success to have your meeting attendees  focus on your proposals and seriously consider buying in…while you appear to them as calm, confident and competent!


Quotations of the month:
 "During the first few minutes of your presentation, your job is to assure the audience members that you are not going to waste their time and attention." - Dale Ludwig
“Good communications, written or oral, begins with an understanding of the audience.  If you can get inside their heads, you can find a way to connect.” - Debra Bennetts
Business Presentations: Big Bang Openings!
I’m sure you realize that the higher up you go on the corporate ladder, the more important your presentation skills become. A more senior job title along with its higher pay, mandates increased responsibility. If this is your goal, get ready by setting yourself above the rest... NOW!!
It’s natural and normal to be nervous when presenting to our colleagues, and even more so, to senior management. They cannot see how you feel within, but they can hear:
  • what you say,
  • how you say it
  • how you look and act
In the next series of newsletters, we will focus on Business Presentations…common errors and how to remedy or even avoid them so you can Talk your way to the Top!
Weak Openings:
  • stating unpleasant pleasantries (weather, ... nice to be here…etc)
  • starting with a joke, an apology, a long-winded story
  • verbally waffling around not getting to the point
  • physically shuffling around the floor appearing confused, indecisive or anxious
  • what else have you seen or possibly done as a weak opening?
Please note: you have fewer than 60 seconds to make a first and lasting impression. The Law of Primacy states that people remember what they hear and see first  
Strong Opening:
  • walk up confidently, then stand grounded with feet planted firmly on the ground
  • look around the room and take in your  entire audience...(smiling and silent)
  • start strong…use a quotation or question or statistic or short relevant story
  • state what’s it in for them…BENEFITS…i.e. “For you this means…” or "so that you can..." Ensure the benefits are readily obtainable
  • follow by a roadmap “And this comes to you in the form of… i.e. a 4 Step Formula, 3R’s , the A B C Guide to Greatness, etc.”
 *****Remember: Good presentations are not mystery novels-  don’t hide the major objective/point of your presentation and keep them waiting for it (especially to senior management!) If you give your conclusion first, they know right away what the most important take away message is and that the rest of the presentation (the secondary points, facts and examples) is built on that main premise
Join me again next month when we continue discussing Business Presentations and
the topic will be: Business Closings: common errors and remedies
Until then, powerful presentations to you!   Wink
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