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  June 2013
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Library Minyan’s Rachel Green Dons Her Grandfather’s Tefillin With The Women of the Wall
On Rosh Chodesh Iyar (April 11, 2013) Library Minyan member (and current Education Chair) Rachel Green joined several other women, known as the Women of the Wall, in donning a tallit and tefillin to daven Shacharit at the Kotel in Jerusalem.  In an inspirational article in the May 10, 2013 issue of the Jewish Journal, Rachel not only describes the moving experience, but recounts her grandfather’s story, and the history of the set of tefillin that was handed down from her grandfather to her mother and to Rachel, ultimately to be worn in prayer in front of the last remnant of the Second Temple.  To read the article, click here.  http://www.jewishjournal.com/opinion/article/on_wearing_grandpas_tefillin_at_the_wall  Yashar koach, Rachel!
Barry Rosenblatt to Serve as Library Minyan's High Holidays Coordinator
Barry Rosenblatt has been appointed to serve the Library Minyan as High Holidays Coordinator for 5774.  Following in the footsteps of prior High Holidays Coordinators including Joel Grossman, Norm Saiger, and Rabbi Mitch Malkus (who is leaving our community to serve as Head of School at
Diaspora Potluck ....
  The minyan Shabbat lunch at the Harris' house was not only a sell-out, but a wonderful success! Good food, good company, and good schmoozing! Thanks to Gail Labovitz for enriching us with a thoughtful drash (as always!). Every time we ask Abby and Larry for the use of their lovely house, they not only agree, but make us feel as if we are doing them a favor with the request! And a very special thanks to Mark Bodenstein for all his hard work in coordinating the lunch, setting up, cleaning up, etc., etc.!
  We all enjoyed the Shavuot picnic! We shared new friends, blankets, and way too much dessert! Only a cardiologist would have been happier there than the attendees! Thank you to Sharon Grob and Dafna Taryle for their work in reserving the tables, reading a story, making sure the kinder were happy, and even supplying benchers.  - Val Goldstein
Did You Know?
Why Ten? (or Bli "Ayin" Harah), by Joel Grossman
Did you know why we must have ten people for a minyan?
A wonderful interpretation comes from the story of the 12 spies whom Moshe sent to report on the Holy Land. As you remember, 10 spies brought back a bad report while two spies — Yehoshua and Calev — disagreed and said we could conquer the land. The people cried and cried, believing the 10 spies’ version, and wanted to return to Egypt. God referred to the spies as “ha-edah ha-ra’ah  hazot” — this evil congregation.” (Num. 14:27) Since there were 10 spies that constituted an “edah” — a congregation, we learn that we need 10 persons for a minyan. And now for some Purim Torah. How do we know that the word “edah” refers to 10 people? Take the gematria, or numerical value of the three Hebrew letters which spell “edah.” Aleph is 1, daled is 4, and hey is 5, together making 10. A wonderful explanation except for one thing: the word “edah” begins with an ayin, not an aleph!

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