IAHF List: Traitors in both the Republican and Democrat parties voted unanimously on Sunday Night to pass the so called "Food Safety Bill" in the Senate despite our massive efforts to kill it. Attorney Jonathan Emord (who has defeated the FDA more times in court than any attorney in the country) warns us that the legislation threatens to not only crush small farmers under a sea of red tape while favoring gigantic corporate agribusiness using genetically engineered seeds, it ALSO threatens to destroy consumer access to dietary supplements by harmonizing our food and drug regs with the European Union's heavily draconian regulations.
The bill now goes back to the House TOMORROW (TUESDAY) where they will vote on the Senate bill as a House bill (HR 2751) in an effort to ram it through while avoiding having to reconcile differences in bill language thru a conference committee so they can get it onto the Obamination's desk faster so he'll sign it into law and set us "useless eaters" up for the ruling elite's desired genocide.
Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Minority Leader had vowed to filibuster this bill to block it from moving, but he sold out in a deal with Majority Leader Harry Reid. Republicans such as Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) who had vowed to oppose the bill caved because they simply weren't willing to keep the Senate in session past Christmas to properly debate it, so late in the evening on sunday, despite our strong objections, it was passed by unanimous consent.
They're going to try to ram this down our throats tomorrow (TUESDAY) in the House in order to put it on the Obamination's desk for the bastard's signature. This is intended to be our "Christmas Gift". I hope you're all as hopping mad about this as I am because this is not the time to quit, now is the time to alert all your friends and family to join in the fight back! Now is the time to read the RIOT ACT to your Congressman who you can call via the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and if its busy, get their direct number via www.house.gov  where you can also get onto a form to email them (copy and paste mssg below). Enter your zip code into the form on the house website if you don't know who your Congressman is. 
I oppose HR 2751 the so called "Food Safety and Modernization Act" and insist that you vote NO on it today! Attorney Jonathan Emord has analyzed the bill and warns us that it contains harmonization language that will harmonize us to the European Union's draconian food and drug regulations which severely threaten consumer access to dietary supplements. Emord is an expert on dietary supplement regulation and has defeated the FDA more times in court than any other attorney to defend our access to natural products. Additionally, the legislation would allow the FDA to hire thousands of new inspectors who, given the Agency's strong bias against the dietary supplement industry would be used to attack the industry to protect pharmaceutical interests. It contains language that would allow FDA inspectors the right to charge any inspected company by the hour to conduct reinspections. This incentivizes this corrupt Agency, which has a very long history of abusing its power with regards to the regulation of dietary supplements, to attack companies as a revenue generator and to drive them from business on behalf of their Pharma paymasters. 
This bill, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with "Food Safety" is nation destroying legislation that we cannot afford, it will add massively to the National Debt. The Congressional budget office has analyzed it and has determined that it would cost billions to implement. Senator Hatch turned against it for that reason, and I urge you to also or I'll see to it that you aren't reelected.
This bill does nothing to address many significant food safety problems in this country such as those resulting from the overuse of antibiotics in confined animal feeding operations and refusing to require labelling for Genetically Engineered Foods and various contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, BPA,etc.
This bill expands FDA's involvement in regulating food in INTRA-STATE commerce, further interfering with local communities. State and local governments are more than capable of handling any local problem with foods. All major outbreaks of foodborne illness involve either IMPORTED food or food in inter-state commerce.
This bill will hurt our ability as a nation to be self sufficient in food production because it has more lenient inspection requirements for foreign imported food than for domestically produced food creating an unfair advantage for food imports. This is clearly an attack on American sovereignty and on the right of my family to access the food and supplements of our choice. This is a direct attack on my health and my LIFE.
If you vote for this, I will work tirelessly to drive you from office. I am very ANGRY that the Senate passed this by unanimous consent on Sunday night, and will NEVER AGAIN be a member of either the Republican or Democrat party. I have gone down to my local gun store to purchase a lot more weapons and ammunition because you people are clearly terrorists and your actions directly threaten my life.
I am alerting everyone I know to oppose this bill, I've had ENOUGH, and I'm NOT gonna take it anymore!!!
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