...was a comment on the article in the Aspen Daily News, forwarded to us.

Dear Mr Frey,

     I read your article on Cary Thompson and I want to comment. I never took a class from Cary. I learned from a guy who did take a class and then came out and skied circles around me. It took me three runs of getting my butt kicked and being yelled at, and then I had it down. You just fly the skis with your hand. The skis go where your hand points-you just stick it out there.

Photo: Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee flys like an Eagle

                                                                                              (Courtesy Telluride Times)

     The real test was when I went to Crested Butte and hit three powder days. I went from the easy blues up into the Extreme Terrain. At my age, nothing beats riding up with the big boys on the T-Bar! I went from from flying the skis in two dimensions to flying them in three dimensions. Left, right, up down: as I cruised in three feet of powder.

     Finally, the acid test. I went to Santa Fe this morning  and on my first run my right ski hit a big chunk of ice in a shadowed area. I fell forward and released from my binding. It hurt, but I didn't do any damage. I see a lot of skiers who went they fall land on their back. I used to do that. Right on the back of my head. You don't release until the back of your ski digs in., putting enormous pressure on your knees and lower legs..
     So I'll stick with Cary. I don't need that mid morning break, I can ski through lunch and my new 98cm wide Nordicas turn like a dream.
Mike Parr Albuquerque, NM

RIDE THE SNOW IN HARMONY (TM) brand of athletic instruction opens first ski and snowboard school, at Sunlight Mountain Resort, near Glenwood Springs, Colorado  2009.



RIDE IN HARMONY TM     Ski and snowboard lessons are taught in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley,  at Sunlight Mountain Resort. Through special arrangement with Ski Sunlight, lessons from RIDE the SNOW IN HARMONY TM  will complement their traditional ski school, as an independent brand of instruction. Lessons can be booked online, by emailing: lessons@rideinharmony.com, and by phone: (970) 274-0365. Traditional lessons, are sold exclusively, at Sunlight ticket windows, and phone banks. 

Coming to Aspen and vacinity, skiers, boarders, and guests will be able to spend a DAY IN THE SUN, near Glenwood Springs, where where Highway 82 turns South at from I-70. 25 minutes from the Eagle Airport, and on the way from Denver, Glenwood offers 5 star accommodations at the Hotel Colorado, or several Swim, Stay, Ski packages.


Adjust to a higher altitude, the way mountain climbers do, a step at a time. Stay a day or two in Glenwood, (5000 ft), and ski Sunlight outside of town. Get your ski legs back, and a lesson from...

                           "...THE BEST SKI INSTRUCTOR IN ASPEN" .

as Cary was dubed in the 4 Seasons Magazine. Then step up to Aspen at close to 8000.


Guests will be able to:

Call: (907) 274-0365 and leave your number. If we don't answer right away, we'll get back with you, after skiing.

Email: for reservations at lessons@rideinharmony.com: mastercard and visa OK.

Let RIH and Cary bring out the talent, you bring to the hill. I'm looking forward to seeing and riding with each and every one, this year, and hope that you can visit Sunlight Mountain Resort. 

Cary                                                                                                                                 Cary Thompson



                                                       ACL Redeux

The ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is a small ligament that can be injured in skiing, as in " I did my ACL". The health benefits of athletics outweigh the risks on a broad scale, but no wants injuries, and some things can be done to mitigate them.

The first event in a common scenario that leads to an ACL rupture, is that the turnsideSM hand drops back and in, in a chain of events that sends a shock wave from the tail of the ski through the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. A second factor, but for another time, is the vertical alignment of the athlete.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The first three lessons of a Ride The Snow In Harmony ® playbook,  teach the student to move the crucial hand and arm uphill and forward inside the arc of the turn.


      The example above is from the "Pole Tilting" lesson.  The leading relationship of the turnside sm hand is clear.

    Though ACL injuries are caused by multiple factors, the simplest answers are usually the best, and often garner the greatest benefit.                                                                                                    

    Play it safe. Build the foundation of your instruction upon the Fundamental Movement of Athletics sm, from RIDE IN HARMONY TM. Book a lesson.


Merry Christmas, or in the French,"Nous te souhaitons un Joyeux Noël",  from Cary and Suzy.


Olympic Downhill Icon and World Freestyle Champion Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, co-founder of the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, and Cary Thompson, Ride In Harmony TM  founder and innovative Aspen Ski Instructor, have teamed up to share their unique gifts to add a wild, fun dimension to skiing, and dancing down mountains to spice up Ski Club programs and events.
Having coached Presidents, Stars, Corporate outings and Ski Clubs for years, Suzy and Cary would be available for a limited number of  programs, building interest, skiing with groups, and participating in club dinners and fun events, during the week.

Cary will demostrate  RIDE THE SNOW IN HARMONY ®, the easiest way to learn, and     introduce the use of animal totems in skiing, at participating ski areas.


                                                         when you ski


                                      The Three Questions of Skiing

   Learn movement through the concepts of  4 directions and 16 relationships, in a modern, fun package that's easy to apply.

                                                3 QUESTIONS of SKIING,

                                                3 QUESTIONS of RIDING,

                                      and     DANCE WITH NATURE,  tees come with club, or ski area name, logo, or photos, for a fund raiser, special event, or, if you act fast, Christmas. Oops, next time.  Area name, logo, or event can be emblazoned on the back. The THREE QUESTIONS across the front. 

The three questions are the only three things that you need to know and apply, to ski and ski well, in the Ride In Harmony TM style.



    Play it safe. Build the foundation of your athletics upon the Fundamental Movement of Athletics sm, from RIDE IN HARMONY TM. Ask for a lesson from Ride The Snow In Harmony TM  .

                                        Phone: (970) 274-0365. Or write: lessons@rideinharmony.com



Thank you,                                                                                    

            CARY    and Suzy                                                          

             Cary Thompson                                      

                                                                Founder: RIDE IN HARMONY TM     

                                                                                                                Supplier Member:
                                                                                                               Athletic Instruction



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