During the last years wind and solar energy in SE Europe advanced significantly as a result of extensive purposeful promotion, along with a number of state and local incentives and regulations promoting renewable energy.  But biomass energy potential has been underestimated and has not been developing at the same rate, although there are plenty of available resources in the Region.
Recent saturation with wind and solar applications and the rising oil prices make biomass economically attractive as bioenergy is a diverse sector with a substantial potential.
The forthcoming 9th edition of the South-East European Eco Forum and Exhibition will reveal sustainable solutions with a focus on bioenergy and will outline numerous investment opportunities in the Region.
The third day of the Forum, 31st May, will be entirely devoted to the potential for agricultural, landfill & wastewater biogas and on this day one side event will be organized by the US Environmental Protection Agency - Global Methane Initiative /GMI/ on Landfill Gas Utilization.   
Some of the SPEAKERS are: *Walter Somitsch, Biogas expert, Austria;  *Brian Guzzone, ERG, USA;
*Andy Whiteman, Resources & Waste Advisory (RWA) Group, UK;  *Thomas Frankiewicz, U.S.Environmental Protection Agency;  *Momchil Sidhimov, Bulgarian Ministry of Environment;  *Experience of Arjentina for Biodisel production (Speaker tbc)
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Get to know some of the 2013 exhibitors dealing with bioenergy.

130 years experience
Mechanical engineering for the future - Benefit from our competence in recycling and wood pelleting plants, extruders, hydrothermal conditioning plants and many more.
The company has more than 130 years experience in planning, designing and building machines, plants,  turnkey production factories for conditioning and compacting of many different products for a wide variety of industries.

Our traditional markets are the basic food and animal feed technology, the sugar industry, the food and nutrient industry, and the chemical industry.
KAHL is one of the leading manufacturers of plants for conditioning biomass, wood, straw, waste tyres, sewage sludge, plastics scrap as well as ...
25 years experience
Costruzioni Nazzareno has been designing and making plants for transforming wood waste into solid fuel for over 25 years. It has specialized in particular in constructing turnkey plants for drying, grinding and for producing pellets and briquettes.
The company was established in 1988 by Nazzareno Carlesso, whose twenty years experience in constructing suction/extraction, filtering and scrubbing systems enabled him to set up a company that from the very beginning specialized in making machines that recover and transform industrially produced waste. These include briquetting presses, crushers and boiler feeding systems.
Products: Machines and Plants for Wood PELLETS, Wood BRIQUETTES and Wood GRINDING
Pelleting plants: Costruzioni Nazzareno has been specializing for ...
General Dies S.R.L.
50 years experience in pelleting technology
General Dies has been established by Eng. Ettore Meneghello in the early ’60 when the spare parts for the existing pellet mills, were not yet manufatured in Italy and could be bought only abroad with very high costs and considerable dificulties: long delivery terms, problems with the customs etc.
After the realisations of the first dies , produced to satisfy the requests of a friend (hard pressed if not supplied in a short time), shortly urgent became the desire and the necessity to built the first pellet mill on completely Italian technology.

Today General Dies dies, spare parts, pellet mills and ...