Return with brand new single on 1st November!

P***ED JEANS, Allentown, PA’s not least favorite sons recently recorded two new songs, unassociated with nor otherwise promotionally leading up to any upcoming full-length album they have yet to record. These are just two exceptionally great new Pissed Jeans songs. They are called “Sam Kinison Woman” and “The L Word,” and were recorded for this 7" single. That’s it and that’s enough.

GO BUY the 7inch HERE it's great! 

In MORE, yes MORE P.J NEWS, we thought we'd let you know that P***ED JEANS FINALLY BOTHER TO MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO.

On King of Jeans, the fantastic and also most recent P***ED JEANS album, there’s a great song called “False Jesii Pt. 2.” This song is all about not bothering to do the things that might, just maybe, make your life easier/better/more successful. It’s a truly great song. That Pissed Jeans made a video for this particular song two full years after its release is, believe you me, the kind of life-imitating-art-type situation that is not lost on any of us.



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