John Hammell            Cannon House Office Bldg         Congressman Ron Paul

IAHF List: The die is cast. Yesterday Congressman Paul mailed a letter to Acting FDA Commissioner Von Echenbach demanding to know what the supposed congressional mandate is for FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico.

Co-signing the letter along with Congressman Paul were Congressmen Virgil Goode, Joann Davis, Dan Burton, and Peter De Fazio. 

In the week that I spent on Capital Hill I had 18 meetings with staff from the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee and with some of the 22 cosponsors of Congressman Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act (HR 4282).

A Washington Capital cop almost stopped me from bringing a knapsack full of copies of Byron Richard's book Fight For Your Health- Expose the FDA's Betrayal of America into the Cannon Building saying that "no deliveries" of books are allowed anymore since 911, but I protested that I'd already brought in 4 previous knapsacks full and that I was working with Congressman Paul. He called to confirm this and I was allowed into the building where I promptly dropped off 3/4 of the books in Paul's office to lighten my load as I walked for miles throughout the three House office buildings, resupplying myself as needed.

Although I'd hoped to get more than just 4 co-signers on the letter, Congress is frenetically busy just before recessing with many loose ends to tie before they can go out, and many of the staff who I had meetings with probably didn't have sufficient time to sit down with their bosses prior to our deadline- also this was the first many of them had ever heard of this issue. 

Rest assured that many staff were stunned by the full import of my message. Many had never heard of the planned North American Union before, and they were totally unaware of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America or the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter before I showed them the government websites.

Often in DC, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and a lot is hidden "in plain site" unless we pound the pavement and go the extra mile to call it to their attention and demand answers. Staff are run ragged on Capital hill. They're expected to keep abreast of hundreds of pieces of legislation and field questions from thousands of people about everything under the sun.

Norm Singleton in Congressman Paul's office tells us that they expect an answer from the FDA "by mid September." What this means is that none of us can afford to let any grass grow under our feet. My next move will be to communicate with every office I had meetings with to determine whether or not they would have signed our letter if they'd had more time, or if they A) Need more info, or B) Oppose our efforts.

Ironically, the only congressman who I met with who seems to totally oppose our efforts was my OWN congressman (Rick Larsen (D-WA). I had meetings with two of his DC staff and several phone meetings with his district office.

Larsen's chief of staff told me that he often attends Council on Foreign Relations functions on Capital Hill and it was made clear to me that Larsen is for anything that will result in a greater flow of goods across borders regardless of any negative implications to the American people and regardless of whether or not the FDA is violating the law.

After driving a 6 hour round trip from Point Roberts to the airport in Seattle to get to DC, his attitude frosts me more than just a little and I'm considering camping out on the front lawn of his District Office in Bellingham with an umbrella, a comfortable folding chair, a card table, and a cooler. This is the time of year when all the high mucky mucks go to hobnob with members of CON-gress when they're back at their district offices.

I was told by Larsen's office that I could not have a meeting with him in the District office "because those meetings are lined up months in advance."

Well all RIGHTY then, looks like I might just have to go raise me some HELL!

Back in '92 when I was hired by Solaray vitamin company in Utah to go to Los Angeles to work on Mark Robbin's campaign against Congressman Waxman analysts gave us "no chance" of upsetting the entrenched incumbent who has always been such a thorn in the side of the supplement industry, but I helped knock his winning percentage down to the lowest in his career by managing the main plank in Robbin's platform: health freedom.

It was due in no small part to my efforts that two years later in '94 Waxman only cosponsored the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act because of the firestorm I'd stirred up against him inside his District.

Politics is like this folks. Its down and dirty and mean. I'm telling you this straight out: Do you want to keep living in America? Do you oppose the planned N.American Union? HOW BADLY do you love your freedom? How BADLY do you want to keep CODEX from being forced on the USA via regional harmonization with Canada and Mexico where supplements are regulated as "drugs"?

If you REALLY want your freedom, you're going to have to come to grips with the fact that I can't win it for you on my own without your direct assistance.


1. I need you to download the petition at , lookup the address for your congressman's District office (in your home state) and your Senators state office. I need you to use MAPQUEST.COM to get directions to these people, and I need you to try to get an appointment to see them. If you can't get one, I need you to lay siege to their office because this issue of the imminent destruction of America is one that cannot wait.

After you set up your umbrella, cooler, and card table on the sidewalk or front lawn of his office building and start handing out flyers to anyone who enters, you need to persistently inform the staff inside that you MUST HAVE a meeting- that as soon as ANYONE CANCELS or doesn't show up that you MUST HAVE a meeting! Your response to anything they do will depend on how they deal with you.

In my case, I found that my congressman is as amoral as they come. He just doesn't CARE about the impending destruction of this country, his staff arrogantly ignored the things I tried to tell them and they were the rudest of any staff I met with during the week I was in DC.

So the gloves are off. My goal with this @##@ head is to inform anyone who walks through his door is that he's an amoral crook who is quite willing to sell this country out and I'll provide details. Might cost him a few grand in campaign donations and I'll be on his S list forever, but at this point I don't CARE!

2. I need more donations to get back to DC for additional meetings in the fall. We're going to have to take this to the Senate side as well. It wouldn't hurt at all if you began a dialogue with your congressmen and Senators and it wouldn't hurt at all if during summer recess you sought to visit them in your home state because thats where they go during recess.

Many thanks to those of you who helped send me to DC! I'll be sending you copies of Byron Richard's book and other materials as promised now that I'm back. Additional donations will help me make more trips to DC this fall. We've got a steep path ahead, but the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and I can't stop FDA on my own, I need you all to roll up your sleaves and pitch in! Please let me know of the meetings or visits you have planned to visit your OWN Senators and Congressmen during summer recess and if you need my help please call me at 800-333-2553.