Please insist that our laws be enforced to quell rebellion. It is against the law to advocate, speak, plan or pay other anarchists to advocate overthrowing the government or President. We request for the laws to be enforced against communists, anarchists and their supporters. These people do not believe in democracy and are trying to impose their will on those who have already voted their will. Treason, rebellion, insurrection and sedition are against the law. Recruiting or enlisting to serve against the U.S. is against the law.
If the rogue elements of the CIA and NSA and the liberals in the news media, Democratic and Republican parties want Flynn out, we want him in. Many of these are the people who are afraid of Pizzagate because they are involved. Others are paid by Soros. As the maps below show, it is a small criminal minority who is making all the trouble. The laws need to be enforced against them.
The Criminals Voted for the Criminals