IAHF List: Please read this account from a man and woman who have Morgellons after a mist was sprayed under the door of the hotel they were staying in in NYC. Most of you are not taking sufficient action to protect yourselves, but there are things you CAN do!
Do you understand what we're being told here: "Morgellons Builds Semiconductor Radio Parts Interfaced With Biosensors Into Your Body Linked to a Remote Neural Connection System Allowing Us To Be Completely Controlled by Artificial Intelligence."
This is mind control. Total, and complete mind control.  See this documentary film "Chemtrails- The Secret War"  This spraying is turning us from free thinking human beings into totally controlled robots, machines, and it is not science fiction, it is happening now!
See this film!
Most of you are in total denial. Most of you are doing NOTHING to protect yourselves. A FEW of you are at least taking sulfur twice a day to oxygenate yourselves and to detox the heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails, but that is NOT ENOUGH to stop THIS.
Did you watch this film?
I don't pretend to have all the answers. I don't think anyone does. All I know is that too many of you are not hearing me for whatever reasons. I suspect a lot of it is cognitive dissonance.
Its so horrific that even though we have answers, you just shut down psychologically unable to process stuff like this, but if thats whats going on, something has to shift, something has to change otherwise humanity is doomed, and I can't accept that, not when I know that we CAN PROTECT OURSELVES and be BETTER OFF for the effort!
I am doing all I can think of to avoid being turned from a human being into a machine! FREEDOM means enough to me that I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to detox, and I urge more of you to join me and to help me get the word out!
Please join me in detoxing all your organs of elimination starting with your bowel- by doing this you will increase your energy level dramatically, while strengthening your immune system as I did so its well worth the effort!
By doing this you can stop the weaponized parasites from building semiconductor radio parts interfaced with biocensors into your body, you can prevent your brain and body from being hijacked by the New World Order scum who seek total control over our thoughts and actions! By doing this you can maintain your humanity and keep from being turned into a mind controlled robot!

1. Read "The 5 Day Bowel Detox" by Herbalist Richard Schulze- its FREE, read it HERE!

You will need this information to understand the importance of jettisoning the thick, rubbery, cement like mucoid plaque that lines the walls of your small intestine, putrifying inside your body, acidifying your body, holding within it toxins from pharmaceutical drugs, OTC drugs, toxic chemicals you've been exposed to, wrecking your immune systeme, physically blocking you from properly absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat or the supplements you take!

Until you do this to jettison this mucoid plaque,  you might as well not waste money on taking ANY supplements because most aren't being properly absorbed!

2. In order to DO the Bowel Detox, which is the first step before also detoxing your liver/gallbladder, kidneys, and blood, you need to ALSO read the "Quick Start Guide"  which explains how to do this simple program which can elevate your energy level by 70% as it did for me!

Reading the Quick Start Guide will help you understand how to use the Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and the Super Food Plus which are the three products needed to do this valuable bowel detox which you MUST do to have a chance to THWART the N.W.O.s evil efforts to hijack your natural biology and to turn it into synthetic biology which they control!

Reading the "Quick Start Guide" will enable you to shop for the organic fruits, raw garlic, raw ginger, and extra virgin olive oil that you will be mixing in a high speed blender with the world's best super foods via the Super Food Plus needed to blast your cells with maximum nutrition to energize them and to blast loose the cement like mucoid plaque that has been clogging your colon your entire life,robbing you of energy, causing brain fog, chronic fatigue, and lethargy!

By jettisoning that mucoid plaque, you will be doing a LOT to protect yourself from being HIJACKED by the weaponized Morgellons parasites that we're all breathing into our bodies with every breath we take! Not convinced this is going on? Watch this documentary film "Chemtrails the Secret War" and see it!

To protect myself I have detoxed all my organs of elimination, and can guide you through Schulze's whole process, but it all begins with the Bowel Detox outlined above.

By doing this, you will get the FULL benefit from taking sulfur. By itself, sulfur can only do so much. It can help to keep your ph more optimal, but if you're attempting to counteract decades worth of cement like rubbery mucoid plaque clogging your bowel, acidifying your body, blocking proper absorption of nutrients, by itself sulfur is not enough!

Sulfur will help remove the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chelating them and pulling them out of the body, but if you really want to PROTECT YOUR BODY AND MIND from being hijacked, please make the effort I'm suggesting here!
You'll be glad you did because your energy level will increase dramatically as mine did, so its worth the effort to do!
What you need:
1. Intestinal Formula #1
2. Intestinal Formula #2
3. Super Food Plus
You will need a high speed blender, and while your products are coming to you you will need to read this and this!
While waiting for your products you should get the organic fruits, raw garlic, raw ginger, and extra virgin olive oil discussed here necessary to do the food component so you can "hit the ground running" the moment your products arrive! This is not hard and its very worthwhile!


Also, 96% of people in North America suffer from hypothyroidism from iodine insufficiency. When your thyroid gland is sluggish, it doesn't manufacture enough thyroxin, a hormone that you need in sufficient quantities otherwise your whole metabolism slows down and all the glands downstream of your thyroid are adversely effected! This is a huge cause of metabolic syndrome, obesity, type two diabetes and death!

My energy level increased dramatically when I began using Magnascent iodine! Just 6 drops in water or juice twice a day keeps my thyroid functioning optmally, so I'd like to recommend it as well!

I did an exhaustive search of different types of iodine before deciding to sell Magnascent which I feel is the BEST iodine product in the world due to its being much SAFER to use than Lugols because your body eliminates any that it can't absorb, unlike Lugols where you really need lab work to use it safely.
Also Magnascent has been passed through a powerful electromagnetic field which potentiates it enabling it to work optimally within the cells.

It prevents all mosquito born viruses: malaria, dengue fever, and chikungungunya and is used by missionaries all over the world for this purpose, but it will also help kill the weaponized parasites being sprayed on us via chemtrails! So I use it every day.
I also use Echinacea Plus, which is a great tincture made from echniacea and garlic which work synergistically to amp up our macrophage cells and killer T cells to seriously enhance our immunity!

Given the level of biological assault we've all come under from chemtrails in which our biosphere is being sprayed by billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and weaponized parasites we need this extra level of protection!

When I first put my other products on the website I wasn't yet familiar with what I could fit in different sized boxes and envelopes, so if you want to get several different products and would like a shipping quote, please email me at jham@iahf.com I can do better than the shipping prices shown on my site.

If you have questions, please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific. Please tell more people about all of this. Most people are sitting ducks! They don't realize the danger we're all in! These people know, and are doing all they can to warn us as I am too!
We're not powerless to defend ourselves! Please direct more people to my archived e-alerts which can be seen here, and please encourage more people to sign up here by scrolling down to the sign up menu!