The Mississippi Queen, 
at the Kitchener Blues Festival,  2012
photo by: Milton Young  
Southern Groceries, Spices, and Sauces, available from Mississippi Queen Foods.  Click here to view products in my
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 Buttermilk Fried Chicken
 Fried Chicken is a Southern favorite, and typically always eaten on Sundays, after church, but you will find it available, all over the South, from your high end restaurants, to your local convenience store gas stations!  Yup, Southerners do love their fried food, and especially fried chicken. 
Using buttermilk, for the coating, instead of regular milk, adds that extra crunchiness to the skin. 
Mississippi Queen Foods will be at the Stonegate Farmers Market, on Tuesday, October 2nd
The Mississippi Queen will be vending goodies, at the upcoming Stonegate Farmers Market, this coming Tuesday, October 2nd, in South Etobicoke, from 4:00- 7:00 p.m. You may click this link, for additional information on the location:
I will have with me, Peach Cobblers, Apple Cobblers, Sweet Tater Pie, & Southern Pecan Pie. People have gotten in touch with me, placing Prepared Food Orders, to be picked up at the market. If you would like to place an order, please visit my webpage, for further details of available prepared foods:
 Fall is upon us, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Don't forget to order your 'Slap Ya' Mamma Two Times' Good, Southern Pecan Pies, for your celebration.  These pies are made with lots of butter, sugar, pecans, and LOVE!  Sink ya' teeth in this pie, and you will understand why so many people look forward to my Southern Pecan Pies, during Thanksgiving.
You may schedule pick up, or delivery, of your pies, throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, including Friday, the 5th; Saturday, the 6th; and Sunday, the 7th.  Please note, there will be NO pie service on Monday, October 8th.  
I would recommend booking early, to ensure your preferred day, and/or time, can be accommodated. 
As promised, I would like to introduce a new product, the Sweet Tater Pie, just in time for Thanksgiving!
Us Southerners sure do love our Sweet Potatoes, and we celebrate them Down South with everything from pies to parades!  Did ya' know Mississippi's most valuable crop, per acre, is the sweet potato, contributing approximately $8- $10 million, annually to the State's revenues?
Share in the love, with one of these yummy pies, made from sweet potatoes, evaporated milk, butter, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. 
You can take advantage of this sale on the entire line of both, Bush's Best, and Blue Runner products, until mid- October, or until supplies last.  All sale prices are reflected in the online General Store, and you can visit the online store, by clicking here
Blue Runner's Creole Bisque Base, makes makin' bisque real easy! Just add  your seafood, and then simmer!
  Blue Runner's Creole Style Navy Beans, come in two different varieties- Spicy and Regular Cream Style.  These are 'vegetarian', but you could add any ham, or sausage, to give it that extra flavor.    
Blue Runner's New Orleans Red Beans, come in two different varieties- Spicy and Regular Cream Style.  These are 'vegetarian', but you could easily add any ham, or sausage, to give it that extra flavor.  
   Bush's Best Baked Beans, come in a variety of flavors, such as Onion, Vegetarian, Maple Cured Bacon, and Homestyle.  Be sure to check out the selections of the online General Store, with all Bush's Best products at 20% off.
                                  Fall Buying Trip South, has been scheduled.....  
The Fall Buying Trip South, has been scheduled for departure on Tuesday, October 10th.  Please do contact me, in advance, for any special requests, which you may have, for the purchase of Southern Products and Groceries. 
I hope to replenish the products in my online General Store, which have been 'out of stock', and also, to source some new products, I can surprise you with!  
Thank you,
Connie Rouble...the Mississippi Queen
The 'Cookin' with the Mississippi Queen', cooking classes begin, as of this week....
I'm very proud to FINALLY announce the launch of the 'Cookin' with the Mississippi Queen', cooking classes, which will officially begin, as of this week, with 'Learn to Make Authentic Cajun Jambalaya (mild to spicy)'.  Other classes, such as 'Learn to Make Blackened Catfish' and 'Learn to Make Authentic Creole Gumbo', will roll out very soon, as well.  Be sure to stay tuned.
These classes can be taught to larger groups, at a local community centre, in South Etobicoke, or in the privacy of your home, if you have a small group, who would like to gather. 
Typical classes are $45 per person, for a two to three hour class, and include a very detailed handout, with pictures, outlining step-by-step instructions, on how to recreate these dishes, on your own, after the class.  Plus, the best part, is that we all eat the food we make!
Please contact me for further information on upcoming classes at
The Mississippi Queen plays co-host on Roges TV Daytime Peel....
I have recently made three appearances, on Rogers TV Peel, Daytime, during the month of September, co-hosting the show, as well as doing a few cooking demonstrations. 
Once I do have copies of the full length shows, I will be sure to post the links for viewing. 
Thanks for your time, and reading the newsletter for Mississippi Queen Foods.  My love and passion for Southern food and culture, is no secret, and I am always grateful, when I get to share it with you. 
My business is built on word-of-mouth, and I truly do appreciate when you take the time to share information, about my company, with your friends and family.  As the interest in my company, and Southern products grow, I will be able to continually expand my product line of offerings and services. 
If there are specific products, you would be interested in purchasing, please send an email to me, so I can add your request to my folder, for consideration on future orders.  
Wishin' ya' lots of good eatin'!.....
Connie Rouble a.k.a. the Mississippi Queen,
Mississippi Queen Foods