As America Sinks Into NWO Planned Oblivion....Aboard the IAHF Lifeboat, Pulling Together On the Oars.Sending out an SOS
Nothin' From Nothin' Leaves Nothin'- And I Ain't Stuffin', Believe You Me....  (Billy Preston is one of my favorite blues singers...)
IAHF List:
 This Turkey Day Thanksgiving alert is many things. It is a plea from IAHF to help save health freedom in North America, and around the world, because although you may not realize it- our ongoing access to dietary supplements is dangling by a thread every bit as tenuous as the long range prospects for survival of the US dollar, and I'll be spelling this out in some detail below.
As I eat thanksgiving dinner today, I realize how much we have to be thankful for here in Point Roberts, this exclave, this little America, where neighbors help neighbors and no one locks their doors and where we're growing food. 
So this analysis is a plea to save freedom in general as the shadow government attempts to massively tighten its evil grip on us all. The second half of this alert will be devoted to THOSE topics, if you are pressed for time, please skip my personal appeal and go just to that part, but I really am in one hell of a bad bind, so I'm sending out an S.O.S.
This is also a personal plea for help as I find myself in the midst of a personal storm that I vow not to let sink me. With your help,and the help of our Creator who loves us and who gave us her herbs and vitamins I know I will end up ok, and once again able to lean into the oar I've been doing my best to pull since I started IAHF 16 years ago in 1996 when I was the first in the world to blow the whistle on the UN's Codex international threat to health freedom via an article published in Life Extension Magazine.
I'm not the sort of person who likes asking others for help, I hate it in fact, I am a fiercely independent person. Years ago when I was a destitute trade school student studying naval architecture and boatbuilding in northeastern Maine, although I qualified for food stamps and welfare, rather than go on either one, I squatted in an abandoned cabin on an island right on the shore of the Bay of Fundy for two years, living almost entirely off the land. I grew a garden, hunted, fished, and scrounged, but I survived, and I graduated.
I ate a lot of applies, blueberries, and harvested lobsters right off my beach, and dug thousands of clams. I had a girlfriend who was full blood Passamaqoddy. I am also part native american and have become reconnected with that cultural side of who I am through the sweat lodge and through prayer. If not for my Narragansett ancestors, my Scots ancestors never would have survived. There are millions of people in North America who have some native blood but don't even realize it, and aren't in touch with it, but that is not me. So that is who I am, and I wanted to just explain this goin' in.
Necessity is the mother of invention. I heated with wood, had kerosene lamps for light, hauled water from a spring, and had an outhouse and a home made gravity feed shower. Living that way made me a better, more resilient person, and I love teaching others my survival skills and that includes all of you as our country and world descend deeper into darkness. While living in that cabin, I experienced satori while praying on a cliff overlooking Cobscook Bay. I had a personal spiritual awakening that led me to be doing this health freedom work, I was guided to it by Creator through deep introspection and prayer.
I would almost sooner cut my arm off than ask for the sort of help I'm reaching out to here in this alert, and the only reason I am is that I have no damn choice because I'm currently in a life threatening situation with a medical problem that could kill me if I don't get the surgery I need. On monday two 25 kilo drums of sulfur will be shipped to me, and if I can sell them both by the end of December, I'll have the $ I'll need for my surgery.
I will send a jar of the best coconut honey in the world to anyone who sends me $100. to help defray the cost of this surgery. I lost my life savings on this failed coconut sugar/coconut honey venture in the Philippines, so once this coconut honey is gone, its gone forever, I have a limited quanitity, perhaps 100 8 oz jars or so. It makes sulfur water taste far more palatable when you coat your taste buds with it before swallowing.
Before I go into some detailed thoughts on how we can yet save Health Freedom globally, and also save America and Canada from the NWO's ever tighening grip that threatens to crush our access to dietary supplements, I need to tell you what I'm dealing with in the hope that you guys will either help me sell mass quantities of sulfur in the next couple weeks, or maybe a few of you who might have deep pockets can really help me as good samaritans with donations.
Heres how I got nuked: a few weeks ago I  was hauling my Laser sailing dinghy out of the water here on South Beach in Point Roberts WA, when a wave crashed over the transom filling the cockpit with water, just as I was pulling backwards on the wheeled dolly to haul out. My foot slipped on a seaweed covered rock, and the full weight of the boat caused a blowout from scar tissue in my abdomen from surgery from when I was 16 from when a tree fell on me in a tornado. I wouild sell my boat to help me get the surgery, but its a beater boat I bought used for $300 and this is the wrong time of year to try to sell it. Its not worth what I paid for it now anyway.
So now I have a really bad inguinal hernia that is too low on my pubic bone to be able to keep in by wearing a truss because it descends into my scrotum. If I were able to wear a truss, I could try to heal it naturally (sometimes possible as long as you can wear a truss), but if I wear a truss it worsens it by pushing it down more into my scrotum.
I have no choice but to go for surgery, but without insurance, can't afford it. From being well under the poverty line, I could get public assistance, and get the surgery done in Bellingham, but the only kind available I don't feel comfortable getting for numerous reasons described below. So I have to travel outside the State of Washington to be able to get the kind of surgery I feel comfortable getting, but would not be eligable for ANY public assistance.
I won't use whats available in state because it involves using mesh and stainless steel staples- which I have read entirely to many horror stories about for my comfort level especially given complications I've already had for the past 46 years due to abdominal surgery I had when I was 16 from when the tree fell on me in the tornado when I had a broken hip, pelvis, ruptured bladder, urethra torn loose from bladder, massive internal bleeding, plus nerve damage.
Mesh hernia repairs can cause nerve damage, the FDA has recalled some mesh and massive lawsuits have been filed against some mesh manufacturers. There is zero evidence that mesh hernia repairs last longer than surgery done without mesh. Mesh can also damage the vas deferens and my fiance and I hope to have kids (more on how I hope to generate enough income to support a family despite current financial woes below- a famous actor is going to try to help me turn a book into a movie, but that could be a few years away)
Researcher that I am, I have found a type of hernia surgery pioneered by Dr.Desarda from Puna, India that I believe is the safest, best option for me to pursue given my particular medical needs. He has trained some US based surgeons in California, Florida, and New Jersey. I am bound and determined to get to one of these guys by the end of September- I've decided to go to the one in Florida, even if it puts my bank balance precariously near zero paying for it, which it will, just as the County is on the verge of seizing my house for unpaid taxes that I was on the verge of being able to finally pay off. (When it rains, it pours, eh?)
Guys, I am operating on raw faith in all my pursuits. IAHF is sort of like a ministry in a way, a "Church of Whats Happenin' Later" on the Health Freedom, and Anti NWO Fronts, it you will.
Right now I am working on a very important article that will be published in Life Extension Magazine soon about an all important Canadian lawsuit that has huge international implications especially for Canadians and Americans.
I did a radio show about this lawsuit recently with actor Nick Mancuso who interviewed me on Power Health Radio, and Mancuso agrees that we badly need an updated version of the Health Freedom Film "We Become Silent- the Last Days of Health Freedom" which is now almost 7 years old (see details on why we need this updated film below.) (You can hear the archived radio show I was on that was hosted by Nick Mancuso at Power Health Radio) 
I've paid a price to be at the helm of the good ship IAHF. I've had attempts made on my life that most of you don't know about. I've had an FBI visit, a visit from Federal Marshals, and a visit from goons who would have killed me if I'd been home when they came to my house in Florida years ago (they put bullets from an FN Assault Rifle on the doorstep of my rented house following an FBI visit that was followed by death threats that came a week apart, from the same person, who demanded I remove my video footage of Dr. Yetley from the FDA breaking the law from the web and that I stop pushing for congressional oversight on Codex, something I never stopped doing (the hearing I pushed for for 5 years with every drop of blood sweat and tears I had was WHITEWASHED on March 20, 2001.(The video footage that I REFUSED to remove from the web was incorporated into Kevin Miller's film "We Become Silent" that we badly need to update!
I wasn't allowed to testify.... my witnesses weren't allowed to testify, the only person allowed to "represent" the dietary supplement industry on the Codex vitamin issue was a shill for Pfizer pharmaceutical company....I was told by a guy who used to be in the top echelon of FEMA that I'm on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law, so I am relying on prayer, my survival instincts, your donations, and sulfur purchases to keep me safe.
(All of us can expect massively stepped up chemtrail spraying as the NWO goes into increasingly genocidal mode as the economy continues to spiral downward... so you really OWE it to YOURSELF to stockpile LARGE QUANTITIES of sulfur, it will soon be worth more than GOLD!! I recommend signing up for autoshipping, and also buying 10 lb quantities NOW! ($320. for 10 lbs, free shipping to anywhere in USA, use this link to buy that quantity. Just email me to explain its for buying sulfur not a donation, I can tell the difference.)
Most people would have QUIT doing this health freedom work following the FBI visits and the death threats, but I am not the sort of person who caves into gutless, annoymous death threats, they just royally piss me off. I told the caller to "F-off" all 3 times, and the third time he called, I broke my phone I was so angry, then I went roller blading down at Hollywood Beach (FL) to decompress.
When I got home a couple hours later was when I found the bullets for an FN Assault Rifle on the doorstep to my rented house in Hollywood FL. My neighbor told me 6 huge guys, a lot bigger than me (I was 6' 210 lbs, solid muscle at that time, still am) had come looking for me. They were beating on my door, peering in my windows, stomping all around my yard, looking in my garage.... they came out of a white unmarked van with government plates....
I got outa dodge, rented the largest U Haul truck, got friends to help load, was burning rubber up I-95 inside of a few hours that same day. Had no idea where I was gonna go, let my spirit carry me to a safe place in the middle of nowhere in the Appalachian mountains of the SW part of Virginia up the mountain from Roanoke in the sleepy little town of Floyd VA, about 5 hours SW of Washington DC. Ended up living in a hippy commune where had no phone or electric in my name to go underground, got a PO Box tied it into a fake address of a torn down house... From this location I continued fighting for all of your health freedom, making numerous trips to Capital Hill to raise hell for several years.
Was like living in a Kafka novel. Was followed by Washington Capital cops every time I went to the Hill pushing for oversight on Codex. Was clearly making some scum at the top very nervous, and I still do. They could take me out at any time, but I'll be damned if I'm willing to go down easy, and I sure as hell won't go down without a fight.
I did not realize I had started getting a hernia from pulling my Laser out of the water that day, I didn't realize it til a few weeks later while doing the "Insanity" work out video, I am sure thats what really worsened the hernia to the point where I finally noticed it. I am not in pain from it right now, but if I don't get this operation, it could get striangulated and could kill me because the loop of intestine could get trapped on the wrong side if the hole heals, and without a blood supply it could become gangrenous and I could die.
You can learn more about the sort of surgery I'm hoping to be able to afford here. I need to come up with 3 Grand for sugery, anesthesia, hospital fee plus money for airfare, maybe around $3500 or so. I could get it all if you guys could help me sell enough sulfur quickly, but if anyone has deep pockets and could kick in a few hundred or even a grand or so as a pure donation to IAHF, that would be massively cool!
Wouldn't you like to help make it possible for me to have kids so some day long after I'm gone there will be someone kinda like me to keep this ball rolling sorta like Rand Paul is after his dad Ron finally had to leave Congress?
I've got some pretty good genes I sure hope to keep going. I am descended from a Viking named Stirgud the Stout who was racing another Viking ship towards Normandy in France when he hacked off his non dominant hand and heaved it up on the beach to claim France for himself.
I'm sure the rat shit bastards at the FDA have no problem believing this about me, they HATE me over in the Parklawn Building, I've organized the biggest health freedom demonstrations ever held in Washington DC and am well known to both the Washington Capital Police and to the undercover division of the Washington Capital Police as well as to the FBI. Many of them have come to respect me because my motto is I don't have any enemies, only friends I haven't met yet, at least I TRY to live by that, to the degree that any activist who has had people try to kill him can.
The point is, I have a code of honor. I am the son of a US Navy Captain who was one of the forerunners of todays SEALS, and he taught me to love the US Constitution. Dad was a cold warrior, a real life James Bond. He's one of the reasons the Russians never dared launch on us, he was the world's foremost expert on ICBMs and shipboard anti missile systems as an electrical engineer at Bell Labs and he was a Captain in US Naval Intelligence with a "Q" clearance (Above Top Secret).
My mom sang in her church choir, and I sing in two church choirs right now, plus I am part Native American and love going in the sweat lodge to pray to Creator for guidance as I fight Big Pharma to defend access to God's herbs and vitamins which no man has the right to ever take from us.
Can any of you possibly help me with a year end gift of $100, $200, $500, $1000 or more?
Can some of you sign up for autoship on your sulfur or maybe put in some big orders of 10 pounds (you can get a discount at 10 pounds, just $320., I'll wave shipping cost within the US. (You'd pay for a 10 lb order at this link.)
Can you forward this to friends, neighbors, relatives, people you'll be seeing at Thanksgiving perhaps to help get them involved with the IAHF Mission to defend Health freedom and All Freedom on Planet Earth? I realize how grandiose that might sound, but I am actually serious- in the next half of this mssg you will see what I mean by this!
What is freedom? Do you even really know? Its been said that those who have never lost their freedom don't even really truly know what the word even means. I have no illusions. I was once locked up for 4 years. This concept of freedom is not an illusion to me, its not some abstract concept. You gotta WANT it, need it, feel it, smell it, taste it, pray for it, strive for it, be willing to crawl over broken glass for it.
Please help me come up with $3500. get the surgery I need.
Please help me sell the 2 drums of sulfur that will be arriving soon! Many of you have friend's, family, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors who have never seen "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" so don't realize we're all undergoing massive biological attack from chemtrails (see the complete list of toxins being sprayed on us here.) Please alert them! Please tell them about Sulfur For Health and about IAHF's health freedom mission- most of them aren't aware of the scary cascade of events unfolding very rapidly now on the health freedom front discussed below!
If anyone has frequent flyer miles they can help me get to wherever I decide to go for the surgery, that would also be damned helpful! (Please call me at 1-800-333-2553 if you can help that way.) We can do this guys! I have FAITH! Mad Dog Hammell's gonna RIDE AGAIN, come HELL or HIGH WATER!!! My friend Craig Jack's is going to fill my sulfur orders while I'm away going for surgery, he is a professional musician and is someone I trust implicitly. 
I know we can "get her done" so that IAHF doesn't have to close its doors forever in this, our darkest hour, when you guys need my anti NWO leadership the most!
Back in the early 90s, a megalomaniac named David Kessler was FDA Commissioner. He declared war on the natural products industry and raided everyone in sight, making it abundly clear that unless we "circled the wagons" our industry was going to be destroyed completely. When I first saw the language of the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act I realized we were in for trouble, the FDA was going for our jugulars.
But everyone banded together and we fought back successfully by passing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 to defend ourselves, at least temporarily.....
So, whats my worry now?
Look north..... check out whats happening on our northern flanks in Canada due to the evil spector of UPLAR. 
Since 1997, two thirds of the products that used to be on Canadian health food store shelves have been removed, and unless we stop Health Canada's illegal actions by force of law, the remaining third will be swept off the shelves and the supplement industry in Canada will be almost completely destroyed.
Actor Nick Mancuso is very worried. Thats why he has lent his name to our lawsuit against Health Canada. I did a radio show with him recently, and will be doing more. I am writing an article now for Life Extension Magazine about the international importance of this lawsuit which I urge people on both sides of the border to support.
If Health Canada is not stopped, the US will be harmonized to Canada via the mechanism of the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, a framework for the harmonization of the food and drug laws between the US Canada and Mexico that I forced the FDA to give me their internal documents on by pressuring them through the Freedom of Information Act.
I was blocked from getting congressional oversight on this FDA scam due to massive corruption in Congress.
Now we're sidled with a communist usurper being reinstalled on us via massive election fraud, and we're seeing the planned demise of America unfolding before our eyes, but we're not powerless to fight back! (Go to this link where you will see many guerilla strategies worthy of support! This group, Fellowship of the Minds is doing more to expose the fraud in the election of any group I know!
Obama is doing all in his power to destroy America so that we will be forced into the long planned North American Union collectivist dictatorship, but we're not powerless to monkeywrench those plans, and one of the best ways is to support the lawsuit in Canada to defend access to natural products!
People must realize that UN Agenda 21 is the 10,000 pound guerilla in the room that is driving these attacks on natural products, as well as all attacks on national sovereignty, and all these genocide measures such as chemtrails! Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: Agenda 21 and creator of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 gave a masterful lecture about this UN Blueprint for population control which is also a full on communist attack on private property rights, and I strongly encourage more of you to watch her lecture here. This is the same one I heard her give at University of Western Washington recently.
Rosa is a lesbian, and is very liberal in every way except that she believes in private property rights and opposes communism. Her presence in our movement against UN Agenda 21 makes it possible for it to be a bipartisan movement, because most of the other organizations against UN Agenda 21 are right wing groups such as FREEDOM ADVOCATES, and AMERICAN POLICY CENTER.
IAHF supports the work of these groups, but I emphasize that only IAHF is seeing the big picture that unites all these issues, and on this Thanksgiving day, I urge you all to pray for America, and to pray for freedom like never before! Please forward this alert to more people, and please urge everyone you know to buy sulfur to support our work! After I get my surgery, I vow to fight the FDA harder than I ever have in my life! Please help me, help you! Thank you for your ongoing support!