IAHF List: I just got back to Point Roberts after nearly 3 weeks in a country where the only chemtrails are some that drift in from offshore, they're not spraying the Philippines directly, at least for now.
Immediately I noticed the spraying upon my return, and I found myself reflecting on the raw, mind numbing evil we're all contending with here. How many of your immediate friends, family, neighbors and co-workers are still scoffing at you when you attempt to discuss this issue? The might start to "get it" if you show them this montage of photos.
We need to blow the whistle faster on this issue. One way to do that is to pre-order your copy of film maker Michael Murphy's latest upcoming documentary on this issue ("Who in the World Is Spraying?")
Which will fully expose the culprits behind this genocide scam. (See a trailer for the film above, and if you haven't yet seen his previous two exposes, or need them to forward to still sleeping contacts who need to start detoxing, you'll find "What in the World Are They Spraying?" and "Why in the World Are they Spraying?" at these links.
Also please show more sleeping people this info from NASA which shows that they're very much a part of this genocide scheme...
All the time people say to me "Why would they want to poison our air? Don't the ruling elite breath this same air?" (Yes, IF they live in an area being sprayed, and many of them either don't, or if they do, they have learned all the detoxification techniques that I teach in this article. Many of these ruling elite people have their own hyperbaric oxygen chambers like this Sechrist Model H that they use for detoxification, but how many of us can afford one? I sure can't!
Thats why I make damn sure I drink sulfur water twice a day to insure I am pumping my cells full of enough oxygen to drive all the toxins from the chemtrails out of my body!
The ruling elite have been aware that cancer can't live in the presence of oxygen since Otto Warburg, PhD won the Nobel prize in medicine in 1931. They have a business with disease, the pharmaceutical industry is the world's biggest investment industry, and the best way you can help destroy their profits is to make yourself as healthy as you possibly can!
When Big Pharma realized that sulfur opens up cell membranes, allowing oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing toxins out, they had to STOP that because it was BAD FOR BUSINESS!
So they went to the Department of Agriculuture and had them approach the farmers and say "You'll get increased crop yields if you stop using manure for fertilizer and start using synthetic, petroleum based fertilizer!" Farmers were not aware of what they were doing when they made this switch, but it damaged all of our health, and Big Pharma made a killing selling us all kinds of dangerous, toxic drugs which just make us even sicker!! (Read this well researched article "Death by Medicine"  which thoroughly documents the insanity of polypharmacy.)
Best way to flip 'em all the bird and side step the Angel of Death is to take sulfur!
Get some oxygen pumping into your cells to DRIVE OUT the toxic heavy metals, all the aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic and other crap being sprayed on us by chemtrails!
Sulfur combines with them to form harmless sulfates which are then removed from the body so they can't hurt us.... eg aluminum sulfate, barium sulfate, mercuric sulfate....
One of my goals is to sell enough sulfur that I'll be able to get off this continent, and move to a place where they're not spraying, or at least not nearly as much. I also don't want to be downwind of Fukushima radiation, and I'm really still wondering what might happen starting November 8th which is when TEPCO is going to start (Mindlessly) attempting to remove the bent, damaged, fuel rods from the damaged #4 reactor....
This could cause a nuclear holocaust that would make the whole Northern Hemisphere unlivable.
Nothing like what the TEPCO idiots will attempt starting November 8th has ever been attempted before! They're attempting to remove bent, damaged, brittle fuel rods using a computer guided crane, and if even ONE of them breaks, it could drive all workers away from the facility by causing a nuclear holocaust thousands of 14,000 times greater than the force of the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I personally wish they would not even attempt to move those fuel rods. I wish they'd bury Reactor #4 underneath a mountain of yellow dirt: sulfur, then entomb the whole mess inside of concrete the way they did with Chernobyl. An abundance of pub med articles show below proves that sulfur is our best protection from radiation...

Pub Med US Gov Database - CONCLUSIONS:
"The inclusion of various sulfur-containing functions in organic molecules yielded compounds having whole-body radiation protection from lethal doses of gamma-radiation in animals."
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*** Sulfur & Radiation Combination Results Cited ***
So there might be LOTS of consequences especially these days of not having lots of natural organic replacement Sulfur food arriving into the body every 12 hours through our diets.
Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD: "the best way to get sulfur into the body is with MSM..."
But there is a plus, it has to be real natural additive free organic Sulfur, from REAL pine tree MSM, not the devitalized cheaper store stuff everyone got bored with.
- pubmed Results -
Search results from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM). Thu Jun 30 20:23:46 2011
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Both protection and sensitization of Mice C57Bl against 60Co gamma-rays by sulfur-containing amino acid derivatives--S-alkyl-L-cysteines, S-alkyl-2-methyl-DL-cysteines and their hydantoin derivatives, and sulfoxides of these compounds--were examined. DL-5 Allylthiomethyl-5-methylhydantoin (150 mg/kg body weight) had a remarkable radioprotective effect. The survival ratio was 4.3 or above two times as much as that of L-cysteine. On the other hand, its sulfoxide had a radiosensitizing effects; survival ratio, 0.333.
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OBJECTIVE: Sulfur-containing compounds have been used in the search for whole-body radiation-protective compounds, in the design of amphetamine derivatives that retain appetite-suppressive effects but lack most behavioral effects characteristic of amphetamines, and in the search for the cause of kidney stone formation in recurrently stoneforming patients.
METHODS: Organic synthetic procedures were used to prepare radiation-protective compounds having a variety of sulfur-containing functional groups, and to prepare
amphetamine derivatives having electron-attracting sulfur functions. In the case of the kidney stone causation research, isolation of urinary mucopolysaccharides (MPS) from recurrently stoneforming patients was carried out and the extent of
sulfation of the MPS was determined by electrophoresis.
RESULTS: Whole-body radiation-protective agents with a high degree of protection against lethal doses of gamma-radiation in mice were found in a series of quinolinium and pyridinium bis(methylthio) and methylthio amino derivatives.
Mechanism studies showed that the copper complexes of these agents mimicked the beneficial action of superoxide dismutase. Electron-attracting sulfur-containing functions on amphetamine nitrogen, as well as 4'-amino nitrogen provided amphetamine derivatives with good appetite-suppressant effects and few or no
adverse behavioral effects. Higher than normal levels of sulfation of the urinary MPS of stone formers suggested a cause for recurrent kidney stone formation. A sulfation inhibitor was found to prevent recurrence of stone formation and inhibit growth of existing stones.
CONCLUSIONS: The inclusion of various sulfur-containing functions in organic molecules yielded compounds having whole-body radiation protection from lethal doses of gamma-radiation in animals.
The presence of electron-attracting sulfur functions in amphetamine gave derivatives that retained appetite-suppressant effects and eliminated most adverse behavioral effects. A therapy for recurrent urolithiasis resulted from inhibition of MPS sulfation, after the finding that stoneforming patients had abnormally high levels of MPS sulfation.
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Administration of caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine), a major component of coffee, to Swiss mice at doses of 80 or 100 mg/kg body weight 60 min prior to whole-body lethal dose of gamma-irradiation (7.5 Gy) resulted in the survival of 70 and 63% of animals, respectively, at the above doses in contrast to absolutely no survivors (LD-100/25 days) in the group exposed to radiation alone.
Pre-treatment with a lower concentration of caffeine (50 mg/kg) did not confer any radioprotection. The protection exerted by caffeine (80 mg/kg), however, was reduced from 70 to 50% if administered 30 min prior to irradiation. The trend statistics reveal that a dose of 80 mg/kg administered 60 min before whole-body exposure to 7.5 Gy is optimal for maximal radioprotection. However, caffeine (80 mg/kg) administered within 3 min after irradiation offered no protection. While
there is documentation in the literature that caffeine is an antioxidant and radioprotector against the oxic pathway of radiation damage in a wide range of cells and organisms, this is *** the first report demonstrating unequivocally its potent radioprotective action in terms of survival of lethally whole-body irradiated mice. !!! ***
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GOT SULFUR?????????????????????