Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- May 2003 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 5, Issue 41; May 2003


How long have we waited for the rain!  Dorothea Mackellar was perfectly correct:

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me!
As a local Offshore identity Dorothea would have been much amused by the torrents of rain now falling!

In this Issue:

  • Welder Available
  • Asparagus Fern Removal
  • Pasadena Development Application
  • Pittwater Native Title Land Claim
  • POP for Peace
  • Winter Film Nights
  • Art Workshops on Scotland Island
  • Water Water everywhere - not a Drop to Drink
  • Urgent attention to Scotland Island Water Purchasers
  • Thanks John Travers and Friends
  • Island Thinking Update
  • The Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your Subscription Information

    Welder Available

    There is a fully qualified welder ready and waiting to do business on the waterfront, with pick up service available, for repairs, crash bars and alterations, or whatever else we can think of. Stainless or aluminium.

    There is a growing list of recommendations as I have been so busy the last few weeks.
    Contact details are Tim Marshall 0438 043 100 or email, Thanking you, Tim Marshall

    Asparagus Fern Removal

    Cas Guy reports:
    Bill & I took about 19 bags over in the boat to Morning Bay on Sunday! Sharon Kinnison has
    told me that there is another removal day in October (TBC) and that if people start removing now and storing, it can be collected at that time. She can supply bags.

    This certainly gives plenty of time for people to 'get to work' as this last offer did not give enough notice for people to remove the offending weed!

    PASADENA Development Application:

    From the WPCA newsletter

    The D.A. for this site, for 13 apartments, lodged by Mary Romeo and MODOG (the developer), and rejected by Council, will come before the Land and Environment Court in May.  Amongst the many keys issues are, ‘existing use rights’ and ‘height’. 8.5 metres is the maximum under the DCP but MODOGs’ application is for 11 metres. We will be represented at the court hearing.  We are not anti - development but how this highly visible waterfront land is developed’ is very important to us all. Preferred usage for this site is for at least some commercial development that will benefit the community as a whole.  A united community will give us more weight to the Land and Environment case in May.

    Commuter Boats at Public Wharfs:

    From the WPCA newsletter

    A trial at Mackeral Beach where the Council leased 10 metres each side of the public wharf from Waterways and then in turn was on leased to private commuter boats was deemed successful. Plan is for Council to expand this to most of the other 28 public wharfs in Pittwater. Fees collected are then quarantined for maintenance of that wharf. It is a good user pay system and ‘regulates’ the spaces along side of the public wharfs. Perhaps access via small pontoons could be the next step?

    Pittwater Native Title Land Claim

    The Minister was still deliberating over the claim. Other areas, such as Port Hacking, the Hunter, etc, had also subsequently been subject to claims, however, Pittwater has become the "test case". If the claim is rejected, appeal could be made via the Land & Environment Court, or as far as the High Court. 

    Sutherland Council was subject to a similar claim over local waters. As a result, they had put on hold, all developments below the high water mark, example ‑ boat ramps. Paul advised that Pittwater Council does not propose to follow this line of action at this stage.

    It was expected that any claim would not affect any existing lease/mooring/footprint, but if the claim was upheld, it could affect any significant or new development. In this scenario, it was surmised that an existing mooring could stay, however, it could not be relocated to another position. The Careel Bay redevelopment proposal is an example of what could be affected by the claim.


    Pittwater Offshore People for Peace - Sunday 4th May 2003

    After our first Sunday Candle Light Peace vigil, it was felt that we, as Pittwater Offshore People, could follow the advice of MoveOn, an organization supported by Archbishop Tutu, to support Oxfam, one of the charities that will be responsible for the enormous task of rebuilding Iraq after the war.

    Come to our Peace Picnic on Sunday 4th May In Catherine Park on Scotland Island at 1:00pm.

    Bring your family and friends and a picnic lunch. Art materials provided for the kids to paint a large Peace Painting with the assistance of local artists, poetry readings, music and more.

    We shall be inviting people from Muslim communities to join us in our support for Peace.

     We aim to raise at least $1000 for the Oxfam Iraqi Appeal. A spokesperson from Oxfam will talk to us about the Iraqi Appeal and the work they are doing. We also stand for a Peaceful Multicultural Australia. 

    Please bring a donation! (Tax Deductible) 

    POP for Peace meet Sunday evenings in Catherine Park at 6:00pm

    For further information or if you wish to give your support,

    Contact: Marion van den Driesschen 9979 3993 or Emmi Collins 9997 7506

    Winter Film Nights

    The Scotland Island Film Society and The Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
    are presenting a series of winter film nights.  They will be held on the
    first Saturday of each month, with the first screening on Saturday 3rd May.

    At 4.00 pm is the film 'Babe' followed by a sausage sizzle at 6.00 pm and at
    7.30 will be the old classic 'Jaws'.  Price is $10 for Adults and $5 for
    kids.  The price includes the films, sausage sizzle and popcorn.  All
    proceeds will go to the Fire Brigade.  Everyone welcome!


    We have been going for 18 months but always welcome new members! We meet
    every second Tuesday at a studio near Carol's wharf. We also offer optional tuition with 
    Marion van den Driesschen.
    Upcoming Dates:  May 13, May 27. Also Life Painting Saturday May 10 (see below).
    7.30-9.30pm, $12 / $10 concession.
    To get on the email list, contact Jessica at or
    ring her on 9999 2054/ 0422 474 279.

    Using a calligraphy pen for pattern-making and lettering
    Exploring different lettering styles - which is more 'you'?
    Using calligraphy to make beautiful cards and invitations
    Saturday May 3rd, 2-5pm $35 / $25 concession
    A chance for more experienced artists to do a life painting/drawing as a long pose. BYO materials.  Easel, model, tea/coffee and afternoon tea provided. Cost: we will share the cost of the model, anticipate about $15 each.
    Saturday May 10th, 2-5pm. (be there at 1.30 to set up)

    MIXED MEDIA with Marion van den Driesschen (Postponed from April)
    Mixed media or let's stretch our imagination!
    Using more than one medium together on the same work
    The origins of mixed media- Braque, Picasso and others
    What goes with what? - have some fun playing with paint, chalks, collage etc.
    Saturday May 24th, 2-5pm $35 / $25 concession

    All groups will be held at a studio near Carol's wharf.
    Afternoon tea will be provided. For more information, or to get on the email list, contact Jessica on 9999 2054 / 0422 474 279
    or email

    WATER WATER everywhere-not a drop to drink

    Now that it’s decided to RAIN we will all need to take a look at the gutters outside our properties and see that they are clear of vegetation, silt, branches, koppers logs, recycling boxes, steps and driveway materials.

    If the water is kept off our roads, they will stay in shape a lot longer.

    As well as own private gutters, there seems to be quite a bit of build up around the main drainage outlets (with the big silver grates).  These have been placed in strategic sites by Council to move large amounts of water on down the hill quickly, thus taking as little of the Island with it as possible.  In some places the river of water misses these drains entirely and carries on its merry way, carving a path as it goes.

    So, next weekend, please go out and check out your gutter.  If you need a hand, just give me a call and I’ll organise for a little help.

    Annette Ritchie 9942 2545 (b)

    Scotland Island Water purchasers

    Water Distributors" are pleading with customers to make cheques payable to - Scotland Island Residents Association - ( S.I.R.A. is NOT acceptable by the Bank it seems!) This differs from the advice in the P.O.D. which suggests that you can make cheque payable to P.W.C.  Not so any more.
    It was also reiterated that in future, ONLY paid up SIRA members will be allowed to purchase water, and will also be required to sign a disclaimer, confirming that the water they buy is NON POTABLE, (i.e.. not of drinking quality in case all our readers don't speak French!)


    The beautiful seat John made with his own hands from recycled timbers has been put in place down at Tennis Wharf Beach on Scotland Island. For obvious reasons it is called "THE SUNSET SEAT" (make sure you have your teeth in when you say that !). Judging by the number of people seen sitting on it Sunday afternoon, in between showers, it will get plenty of use.What a view!

    Thank you also to the following residents who came out to locate the Sunset Seat and to weed and plant out the side of the road going down to the wharf and also up by the Fire Station -

    Pip Atkins, Therese and Stephen Valenti, Colin and Paul Kinnison, Hans Stevelt, Colin Haskell, Louise and Greg Roberts, Bob Tippin, Nancy, Ruedi, Michael and Alec Hottinger (nice to see our weekender residents taking such a keen interest in the Island's activities), Duncan & Di Watts, Lyn & India Smith, Lisa, James and Tessa James, Annette Ritchie. It was great to see so many children pitching in. Thanks.

    We would all like to say an extra thankyou for all the background work and planning done by Jennifer Knox, Jenny Cullen and Sharon Kinnison. Sharon works quietly away making sure we all have the right tools on the day, all the right materials/plants to work with are purchased, transported and delivered in time, to say nothing of her motivation, drive and expert knowledge.

    We had a great morning, working away, catching up with each other and taking pride in our special Island. We will be having another working morning in a couple of weeks, so please come along when you see the signs around.

    All this work took place at Tennis, but if you would like to earmark a piece of the Island to improve, perhaps a little reserve or just a little area that's getting out of control, just give us a call. We can supply you with all the materials/plants and assist with publicity/guidance you may need. We will be publishing some pictures of the day to a website and we will tell you the website address in the next newsletter.

    PS - a small hand trowel and leather gloves were left behind. -Annette Ritchie

    "Island Thinking"

    Island Thinking had another very enjoyable and informative evening at the end of February. Thanks Pippa. The next meeting is happening on Saturday May 24th at 7.30pm. Di Watts will lead us in a discussion on: "A brief introduction to the Shakers; their unique historical adventure Into communal living, their beautifully simple decorative style and their superbly crafted wooden furniture." The venue is Di & Duncan's home on Robertson Road. Everyone interested is very welcome. For more information please contact Di Watts 9999 0682 or Jenni Cover 9997 8724,


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