Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am
Summer 2019
 The Minyan Monthly
Message from the Rosh
Shalom Chaverim,
The Library Minyan will be a busy kahal in the coming weeks: Torah Club's closing Shabbat, followed by two graduation Shabbatot. What joyous occasions we are blessed to celebrate. And then onto Shavuot. Don't forget about the 2nd day Shavuot picnic in La Cienega Park with shared desserts. Last year we were rained out and held the picnic in Pilch Hall. Let's hope for better weather this year!
Synagogue renovations are proceeding, but with some delays as might be expected with a project of this size. The completion date for the Sanctuary is now expected to be in early August. And the gym is on track to be finished by the beginning of Pressman Academy's school year. We are hopeful that the pews in the Dorff Nelson Chapel will be sent out this summer for refinishing and reupholstering. That will mean substitute chairs for a few weeks while the work is underway.
You may have noticed that in the Dorff Nelson Chapel, we are now regularly using the microphone for the drash as well as announcements. This enables these parts of the service to be accessible to those who use hearing aids — or who don't yet need hearing aids but have difficulty hearing. It is important that we be mindful of those who have physical challenges and ways we can assist them, consistent with our observance of Shabbat. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this area.
And finally, following up on my recent special email, a reminder about the opportunity to participate with fellow Library Minyaners in dedicating one of the parsha panels that will be displayed in the new Sanctuary. We are hoping that those who regularly attend and participate with the Library Minyan will consider a gift of $180 (or more, or less) so that we can dedicate the panel for Vezot Haberakah, the parsha read on Simchat Torah. As noted by Henry Morgen (who suggested we undertake this fundraising effort) Simchat Torah has always had special significance to the Library Minyan. Our goal is $10,000, which we should be able to achieve. You can help this effort by sending a check made out to the Library Minyan to Dale Bodenstein (address in the 2019 TBA Directory), noting the purpose of your donation. Thank you.
Wishing you a Kayitz Sameach (Happy Summer),

— Melissa Berenbaum
Praises from a Pressman Grad
As I wrap up my Pressman years, I remember countless times when I said, “I will never use this.” But looking back, I now know that is not true. Pressman has taught me so many things, in its curriculum, its values, and how it has shaped me. For instance, writing was always a very tedious thing for me, and I never saw the point to it. But every year (whether I knew it or not) it became a bit easier. And now I’m writing this article!
The values and lessons I learn every day by being in this community are amazing. I’ve learned to aim higher than you expect and you will always be happy with the results. I’ve learned that I should never give up — whether it’s an art project gone wrong or a confusing math problem, I can always do it. Pressman and this community have also taught me independence, shaped my mindset when doing new things, and helped me in the way I handle winning and losing. 
This school has given all of us so much in many different areas. The Middle School plays have been Annie, Seussical, and The Wizard of Oz. They were beautiful to watch and I’m sure amazing to put on. Our volleyball and basketball teams have sometimes struggled, but it’s been so fun. I loved being on the volleyball team and even though we didn’t win every time, I came away from each game happy and smiling.
Our most recent trip — to Washington D.C. — was such a great experience. I loved going to places like the Newseum and Williamsburg. This trip was a highlight for me because I was able to see and learn new things. It was such an inspiring place and I’m so glad I went.
I have been at Pressman since I was two years old. I have grown up with my friends and my community, and now I am finally graduating. I am very excited for where high school will take me, and eager to see what new adventures await. I know I will miss the comfort of Pressman, but Pressman has prepared me to continue on. 
— Ariella Hirschhorn
Social & Hospitality Committee Update
Thanks to Essia Cartoon-Fredman, chair of the Ohel Patuach Committee, for arranging placements for people in need of a Seder for Pesach. And a special yashar ko’ach to those members of the Library Minyan who agreed to host one or more additional guests at their family Seders. The kindness of those who reach out to members, both old and new, helps to make the Library Minyan a warm and inviting place to belong. 
Don’t forget the last event of the year on our social calendar: the annual Shavuot Picnic at La Cienega Park, organized by the DPL Committee. This year the potluck will be on Monday, June 10th, the second day of Shavuot.
Please bring a blanket and a dairy or pareve lunch for yourself plus a dessert to share. There will be sports equipment for everyone to work off that cheesecake, drash, and joyful singing.
Childcare can be provided if we have enough young ones coming; so if you are coming with kids under the age of 10, please RSVP to Michelle Wolf or Deborah Blum
— Diane Herman, Social & Hospitality Chair
June Gloom for the Ritual Committee
For most people, June is associated with new beginnings. Students finish the school year, moving upward to a new level — or for our graduates, to new challenges. June is the month most famous for weddings. June is the start of summer.
In Los Angeles, though, the phrase "June gloom" sets an entirely different tone — one that's particularly appropriate for the Library Minyan Ritual Committee, since June is when we do most of the heavy lifting to plan Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

The Library Minyan is fortunate to have a large number of devoted members who volunteer their time, skill and efforts to make our High Holiday services so special. But we don't rest on our laurels: we want MORE! So, if you have experience with Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur Torah reading or davenning, and would like to lead a part of the LM's 5780 services (yep, it will be the 5780s already — where HAVE the 5770s gone??), please be in touch with me. And if you DON'T have that experience, but would like to learn, please contact me too; several people are willing to work with you to teach you the skills you need.
Of course, while all that's going on, we continue to have the annual challenge of covering all the roles in Shabbat services all summer long. So if you are a Torah reader, please contact Paul Miller; he would be grateful to have you volunteer to leyn an aliyah (or several)! Davenners can contact the Gabbai Coordinator, Alan Kokin, or the Gabbai listed in the LM Calendar for the week(s) you are available.

Thank you all for your continued efforts to maintain the Library Minyan as a leader among lay-lead, cooperative davenning communities.
—Bill Seligman, Ritual Chair
Kindergarten to College at TBA
Maintaining a connection to my Jewish community, Temple Beth Am, has always been important to me. From kindergarten to 8th grade, keeping myself involved in the community was easy because I went to Pressman Academy. But when I switched to public school, I knew that I would need to take a more active role in order to preserve my relationships and values in the community.
Throughout high school I participated in a variety of activities that allowed me to enhance my Jewish values and education, including United Synagogue Youth. My USY participation throughout high school gave me the opportunity to meet other Jewish teens and develop leadership skills. Socially, I participated in Shevet Achim for the last five years. This group helped me maintain relationships with other teenagers and it gave me another outlet where I could increase my Jewish education.
I will always remember our discussions about life as young Jewish men and the importance of following Jewish values. I also participated in Torah Club, where I was able to maintain my Torah reading and service-leading skills.
I have just returned from a meaningful March of the Living trip, where I went to Poland and then Israel. Now more than ever I understand the importance of living a committed Jewish life. Seeing the horrors of the concentration camps and then, only a few days later, the Jewish State of Israel showed me that maintaining Jewish values and traditions is necessary.
Temple Beth Am has been a home away from home for me since I was 5 years old. This community has provided me with a Jewish education and relationships that will last a lifetime. Now a graduating senior, I know that I will continue my Jewish involvement as I seek similar opportunities to contribute to my Jewish, as well as to my college, community at UCLA.
— Josh Cohn
Housing SOS
Rebetzin Fredi Rembaum asks our help in finding housing for Netanel Olhoeft, rabbinical student at the Zacharias Frankel seminary in Berlin, who will be coming with his partner to study at the Ziegler School during the five-month period of August — December. They are seeking a furnished apartment or room/s to rent. Fredi will forward inquiries to Netanel, who will reply with details. Please send inquiries to her at
The Joys of Education
We completed the last of three Library Minyan Docent Tours this past Sunday, visiting the LA Holocaust Museum and Pan Pacific Park with Docent Rachel Green. In addition to seeing the permanent exhibits, we were treated to two special, temporary exhibits. One of these was a collection of the artwork of LA middle schoolers in response to viewing the testimonies of survivors.
All tour attendees agreed the works were remarkably mature and of very high quality. These children had the advantage of specialized instruction. Imagine a world in which everyone had access to high quality education!

If you are interested in education, please help promote continued education in our minyan by joining the Education Committee. A brief meeting to determine interests will be held after kiddush on Shabbat, June 1st. Please join us in Dorff Nelson Chapel for that 20 minute meeting.

— AJ Happel, Education Committee Chair
Upcoming Events
June 1 12th Grade Graduation Shabbat in LM
June 8 8th Grade Graduation Shabbat in LM
June 10 Second-day Shavout Picnic in La Cienega Park
June 22 Co-sponsored Kiddush & Farewell to Jonathan Friedman
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