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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
November 20 2011
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

What’s happening with the Commuter Pontoon?

Dear Fellow Residents,

The adoption of the Church Point Plan of Management (PoM) two years ago was a great achievement following many years of hard work by offshore residents. We have an important opportunity IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS to give input on the advertised design plan for the works about to be put to tender for commuter wharf.

Here are some points you might like to consider:

Do you want to keep the cost of boat stickers to a minimum e.g. $100 instead of $285 per year?

We are paying for this, so a cheaper design would mean cheaper stickers.

How do we get the most value for our money?

Estimated cost for the coming works is nearly half a million dollars. $300,000 is the money collected from our carpark stickers, fines and meters in the last year. There are simple, cost-effective plans that could be considered and put to tender. Here are two possibilities that incorporate the existing pontoon and so would be cheaper for us. Both options below are suggestions for the first stage of pontoon works. The PoM Plan is shown dotted. The second stage would depend on decision about infill to extend road/carparking and which first stage pontoon design is chosen.


Option 2

Do you want an option to retain the current pontoon as part of the new works to keep costs down? (as in the above sketches)

Our current 65 metre commuter pontoon has an estimated 10-20 years of life left.

The advertised plan was to re-use it as wings on the new longer main pontoon. Council has now stated that it is no longer to be re-used and so half a million dollars will give us a new ramp with disability access and 100 metre main pontoon with far fewer additional boat spaces.

What design gives the most boats protection from wind and waves?

Council, like us, is keen to address safety issues caused by parking boats two-deep on the shore side. But many of us choose this option to give our boats more protection. It would be great if the design offered us as many sheltered spots as possible.

Have you thought about how it’s going to look?

Any extension of pontoons takes up more space in this open water view. In evaluating designs, thought needs to be given to retaining the natural beauty of this waterway for on- and offshore residents and the general public.

Do you want to extend the pontoon in stages and see what our needs are after the introduction of boat stickers?

Keeping money in the bank simply allows us the flexibility to stage works as they are needed. For example, the carpark stickers have helped reduce numbers in the carpark, and the details of the proposed new carparking opposite the commuter wharf area are yet to be discussed.

But isn’t this all settled already by the Church Point Plan of Management?

There is general support from the offshore community for the plan which finally gives us the legal right to park in Church Point Reserve. The Management Plan assures us of ongoing detailed resident consultation before any works are implemented. The design for the pontoon works is about to be finalised and we’ve written this because we think broader community input is valuable.

The opportunity is right now or never.

Do you want the chance to find out more and discuss options?

Contact SIRA and WPCA and Council staff ASAP- within next few days. Council staff are discussing this on Monday.

Council staff:
The General Manager
Mark Fergusson: pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  9970 1105

Director Urban & Environmental Assets
Chris Hunt: chris_hunt@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

Reserves, Recreation & Building Services,

Les Munn: les_munn@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  9970 1354
Principal Landscape Architect
Mark Eriksson: mark_eriksson@pittwater.nsw.gov.au 9970 1356

Councillors: pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

Signed: Nila and Geoff Chambers, Emmie Collins, Jenny Cullen, Shona Forsyth, Collin Haskell, Sharon and Paul Kinnison, Annabelle Kristevic, Tracy Ponich, Iain Smale, Paul and Tracy Smith, Jill Unwin, Maria Mackiewicz-Turner.

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