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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
October 23,  2012
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia


There has recently been an increase in demand for emergency water and Monitors have found it necessary to limit the number of hours for bookings.

The Water Lines are for “Emergency Water” and as the summer season is shaping up to be dry, without adequate rainfall, usage will continue to be heavy. 

We encourage residents to be careful with their consumption of water, keep roofs and gutters maintained and check tanks regularly to avoid running out.  Last minute requests for bookings inconveniences other residents and gives the Monitors a headache!  If everyone is diligent in keeping an eye on the water level in their tanks this should not be necessary! 

There are 3  lines on the Island to service residents 7 days a week as follows:
Line 1:    Thursday 8am to Sunday 10am    Nathalie Muir  0419 432 460 or 9999 4449
Line 2:     Sunday 10am to Tuesday 8pm    Cass Gye 0418 220 107 or 9979 5853
Line 3:    Tuesday 8pm till Thursday 8am    Cass Gye 0418 220 107 or 9979 5853


The Monitors do their very best to assist in an “emergency”, however, if a booking is requested outside regular hours it can deprive another resident of their allocated time and lines must be swapped to deliver the water which is not always possible at short notice.  Running out of water as a consequence of not keeping an eye on your water level is not considered an “emergency”!   

When a current booking is finalised and PAID, an advance booking can be accepted.  Bookings must be confirmed and cancellation is at least 24 hours in advance.  This allows residents to plan their “fill” to avoid a last minute panic.  Please ensure you know how many litres your tank holds and how many litres you require at the time of booking so sufficient hours can be allocated. The amount of water received is determined by the start and finish meter readings only.


It is important that everyone resident reads the PDF Emergency Water Guidelines

(Water Line fittings and location Images)

In particular, please understand you are responsible for:
  • Connecting to standpipe with a complying fitting to receive water
  • Water lost for any reason during booking period - check your flow regularly !
  • Disconnecting non permanent fitting from standpipe immediately after booking
  • Resetting all valves when you are finished to make Line ready for next booking
  • Contacting next person if you finish early OR turning off Main Line valve at Bell
Note:  The washer in the “nut and tail” that connects to the standpipe prevents leakage. Without it, the fitting can be over-tightened making it difficult to remove from the brass nipple.  If yours has gone missing Cass Gye has spares and a plug is also available to keep it in place after use.

Civility and good humour are very much appreciated at all times.
Happy Watering!!
Nathalie Muir and Cass Gye

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