Prayers Needed for the Christian Marines Shown Singing in This Video Shot at Camp Pendleton
I need all of you to forward this alert to as many marines and other US military personnel as humanly possible, and while you're at it, please not only go to the link above to hear the marines singing an uplifting hymn, but please also listen to this rousing version of the Star Spangled Banner as performed by Madison Rising. I feel moved by these guys. Their lead singer (Dave Bray) was a marine, and they're all Jersey boys like me, so I identify with their no nonsense brand of patriotism.
IAHF List: America is under attack by traitors occupying both the White House and Congress (including the Jihadist in Chief and Attorney General Eric Holder who are making no effort to shut down the 35 Jihadist training camps currently in operation on US soil,  and we're also under attack by enemies outside our borders including Russia, China, and ISIS. WW3 is already underway, it just hasn't been named yet.
How many of you read the second part of my last alert in which I provided 6 specific methods we must all take to avoid being biologically microchipped? Please email me to let me know if you read down that far, it was a long alert, so I just want to make sure all of you read it completely because its the most important alert I've EVER sent out since creating IAHF in 1996.
I am a Naturopath, and this morning I made a house call to a sick friend of mine named Tracy here in Point Roberts. I didn't charge her a cent after riding over to her house on my bicycle where I gave her Dr.Schulze's "Intestinal Formula #1" because she had been unable to sleep due to horrible gas and stomach pain--- she took 4 capsules, had an immediate bowel movement, and felt rejuvenated when she'd been in so much pain she considered having her husband bring her to the ER. 
I mention this because at this time especially we must all come together as neighbors, and friends around the world to love each other, to support each other, and to band together against the evil that is the New World Order. Via UN Agenda 21, the 40 Chapter Blueprint for Population Control that came out of the Earth Summit in Rio in '92, the elite are systematically trying to dumb us all down and kill us off, but we don't have to let them! There is a growing bipartisan movement in America against Agenda 21, and I'd like to see some of you in Canada, the UK , Australia, and other countries emulate our anti UN efforts where you live! Please see the info on this site. If you can grab the time, please watch this amazing lecture by Rosa Koire which I attended at University of Western Washington. It is a real tour de force on this complex subject, but knowledge is power, and we all need to understand what our N.W.O. enemies are up to!
I now sell Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, Echinacea Plus, and his Super Nutrition Powder. You won't find these on my website yet because I'm building a new site that will allow me to provide you with EVERYTHING you'll need to monkeywrench the Bioappi, as discussed in depth in my last alert  (scroll down), but until I have this new site, you can see the descriptions of these products on Dr.Schulze's website, but please buy them from me at this link at these prices:
Intestinal Formula #1 $24, Intestinal Formula #2 (Powder) $24, Echinacea Plus: 2 oz bottle $30.
Super Food Plus- one month's supply of powder: $40.
I will give FREE shipping on these Dr. Schulze products if you couple any of them with 10 pounds of sulfur, otherwise add $5. shipping, unless you plan on ordering multiple bottles in which case email me for a shipping quote at If you are outside the USA email me for a shipping quote to your country.
I use all these products myself, every day! When I first started doing Schulze's 30 day detox, I began by using Intestinal Formulas #1 and #2 and by following his recommended diet. I thought my colon was quite clean due to doing regular colonics before doing this in depth cleansing of all my organs of elimination, but I was wrong!
I was AMAZED by what came out of my colon from using Intestinal Formulas 1 and 2. Formula #1 contains a combo of herbs, including cascara sagrada that stimulate peristolsis, muscular contractions of the colon that really helps you to push impacted fecal matter out of your colon, while Formula 2 contains herbs and things like bentonite clay that act like magnets for toxins in your colon to target them specifically for a really DEEP cleaning!
The two products work together synergistically to remove toxic residues from pharmaceutical drugs that may have been in your colon for 40 years or more! I had residue from pharmaceutical drugs as well as toxins I was expose to as a boatbuilder coming out of me causing my stools to be the most horribly odiferous ones to ever exit my body, and man did that make me feel better! My energy level skyrocketed after using these products, and that in turn helped the sulfur to work even better to give me energy via massive oxygenation, and to push out toxins which now had a cleaned out colon to go into for expulsion from my body!!
Before you clean your liver/gallbladder, your kidneys, and blood you must START with a very DEEP colon cleanse, otherwise all the toxins you flush out of these other organs won't have anywhere to go and you will have a Herxheimer's reaction which you don't want!
When I first cleansed my bowel using Shulzes's method, I was amazed when my energy level shot up by 70%  and THAT really made me WANT to do all the REST of his 30 day detox so I went on to enthusiastically cleanse my liver/gallbladder, my kidneys and blood- knowing that in the process I was helping the SULFUR to work that much better, and knowing that I was seriously monkeywrenching the bioappi-- so I will not be microchipped biologically. To get an idea of what you will avoid if you do this, please read Magnus Olssens frightening storyOlssens frightening story, he is a T.I. (targetted individual) who is speaking out hard to try to stop covert human out hard to try to stop covert human experimentation.
Please THOROUGHLY read the second part of my last alert where you can see EXACTLY how to protect yourself from the Morgellon's organism that researcher Clifford Carnicom has isolated in his lab. This organism comes out of the genetically engineered nanofibers in the chemtrails, and if you don't kill it off by maintaining a properly alkaline ph by using sulfur, you will be stripped of the last vestiges of freedom as your brain will be merged with the gigantic array of cloud super computers inside the NSA Fusion Centers where they've very busy doing data mining on all of us in order to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs under their total and complete control.
NASA announced the ruling elite's intention to turn us all into non reproducing cyborg's via this slide show that was leaked to their front page in 2001, just prior to 911 which it predicted. Shortly after it appeared on NASA's front page the slide show, which was created by Dennis N. Bushnell, PhD, their top scientist-- it was yanked from cyberspace, but its too late for the elite now, because our side preserved it in order to warn everyone.... please read this previous alert of mine where you can go to it to see for yourself the danger we're all in.
How can you protect yourself and your family? Thoroughly read part two of my last alert at this link, and take all steps discussed in it to detox so you can prevent the bioappi from growing inside your body.
A very good organization that I hope some of you will visit today is the Sovereign Earth Alliance run by common law expert Arthur Augustus, a modern day individual who speaks as eloquently as Thomas Jefferson must have in his day. I urge you to all consider joining his organization, and also please consider joining Freedom Force International  I am in their Hall of Honor along with a lot of other very good people who are worth getting to know, so I urge you to join and help us spread Freedom Technology around the globe, the better to expose, and thwart the N.W.O.s evil agenda.
Please remember to delete the "remove" link at the bottom of this email before mass forwarding it to everyone within your sphere of influence, and reposting it to your website!
The more the IAHF list grows, 
the less chance the Obamination and his N.W.O. string pullers will have to pull off their genocide agenda, or their transhumanist agenda.
Please strongly encourge more people to read this alert, and more importantly, to ACT on it!
What do I mean by ACT on it? I mean by telling anyone you come into contact with about the Bioappi and the need to monkeywrench it! monkeywrench it because none of us has to be a slave!
Got enough sulfur to barter some of it when the shit hits the fan? That day is coming! Are you prepared?