I just got the news from the media about the removing of the Pillar of Shame from Hong Kong University. This is outrageous. This is my sculpture and nobody has consulted or informed me about anything.
I have heard that the sculpture will be used as evidence under the national security law, but this makes no sense to me.
The pillar was placed in Hong Kong, before Hong Kong was handed over by the British. It is an art piece made and exhibited by a Danish artist (me) as his personal project. The initiative has been mine, nobody has incited me to put it there, and I personally paid all expenses for it. 
I cannot see how they can use the sculpture under the national security law. The Democratic Alliance and many Hongkongers have been assisting me putting the sculpture in Hong Kong, but so has shipping companies, crane firms and University of Hong Kong. Even Hong Kong authorities has given permission for me to put it up and move it around.
Though I am deeply touched that the Pillar is used this way in Hong Kong, the events confirm the that symbolic language of art cannot be crushed, and only gets stronger when attacked. The Pillar of Shame and talks about the June 4th massacre hasn’t been more present than now. Hong Kong (China!) took down the pillar but got a 1000 back. It appears as 3D prints all over the world, as AI and as banners.
Sincerely yours,
Jens Galschiot, May 5th, 2023
Pillar of Shame Banner Manifestations on June 4th: Exile Hongkongers, Tiananmen survivors, supporters and Human Rights organisations are behind global manifestations on June 4th, where full size Pillar of Shame banners will appear all over the world at the traditional commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.
Central info about University of HK Kidnapping the Pillar: University of Hong Kong recognizes Jens Galschiot as the owner of the sculpture. But they refuse to hand in spite of letters, calls and personal visits.
Important contacts:
Jens Galschiot (artist behind Pillar of Shame)
Loretta Lau, Director of of NGO DEI and curator for Mr. Galschiots. In February she was in Hong Kong to retrieve the Pillar but could not get access to the Pillar
Ho Tse Wai & Partners – Mr. Galschiots legal representatives in HK
Danish MP Karsten Hønge: - Has been meeting with the Chines ambassador in Denmark about the Pillar of Shame. He also has insights into the Danish Governments involvement in the Case.  
Danish Foreign Minister: Lars Løkke
P.C. WOO & Co - Legal representatives for University of HK
University of Hong Kong
Background information: