The vinyl version has been out for a month (order it HERE) but today the digital world sees the release of Andreas Tilliander's EP “Showtime”. Out now exclusively on Beatport, including 2 bonus remixes from Minilogue.
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Check the video : Andreas Tilliander - Medication/Stay King
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One of the most attended electronica albums of 2009 was Andreas Tilliander's 4th album under his birth given name. With “Show” Andreas once again showed the world that simmering machines can make you feel things beyond reality. Andreas opens up chemical floods with his darker and crispier sound but without once loosing the depth and warmth. The album is stuffed with irresistible rhythms, catchy melodies and a sterling production, a blend of techno, düb, pop, acid and house.
We have now come to the second half of the story of ”Show” and now Andreas Tilliander is releasing the sequel -  the 12” vinyl “Showtime”. A rock hard uncompromised dub/dub-step influenced EP with 2 new Andreas Tilliander tracks and 2 exceptional remixes.
Andreas has always been influenced by the smoky delay drenched work in the line of Agustos Pablo, ever since his first album, and following the traces you can see where this 12” comes from. But Andreas never stands still and now it is 2010.
In addition to this release we also releases ONE video done with BOTH tracks – ”Medication” and ”Stay King”. The video is mentally disturbing and totally disrespectfully done by the production office “Varelsen” that also is responsible for the now classic video to the track “Hitchhikers Choice” from Minilogue.
The video was exclusively released in collaboration with
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