"By taking matters into our own hearts and hands, we will build brighter futures for and with our children."
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  The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo
The National Youth Resource Network
The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (www.nbtee.org) knows we have all the resources to improve the quality of life and learning for our young generation.  We focus on community outreach (both off and online), collaboration building and youth engagement to establish higher levels of educational equity, as we continue to build a national youth resource network that will create brighter futures every day.

Actively using a combination of live events, media and online communication tools the NBTEE is consistently connecting to more youth-serving individuals and groups, and, more importantly, consistently connecting these wonderful resources to our children, TEENS and young adults.
Our work, now and today, is how we can come together to work together, tomorrow, to build brighter futures for our children, every day and always.
This newsletter now reaches more than 35,000 supporters, most of whom work with youth, and actively care about our communities of children.
If you are a youth resource, we'd like to help generate greater awareness and support for your wonderful works; please click here to complete and return this form via email (info@nbtee.org) or fax (718.855.2411).
National Youth Resource Network
What if there was one place we could all go to find a variety of youth resources, programs, activities, opportunities and events?  Launching later this year, The National Youth Resource Network will feature hundreds of youth-serving individuals and youth-serving organizations -- including our existing youth movements in Detroit, Brooklyn (NYC) and Baltimore (MD) and upcoming youth movements in Atlanta and Los Angeles -- and consistently compile and consolidate vital information on an ongoing basis.
While still in beta version, you can sign up today at www.nyrnetwork.org.
We’re also seeking volunteers to post resources to this website. Email us at info@nyrnetwork.org if you can help.
Rising Star Music Awards
Clearly understanding we have to better reach our youth to better teach our children and TEENS, especially those of them who need us the most, two NYRN partners run wonderful “edu-tainment” programs: Rising Star Music Awards and The Youth Talent Expo.
Founded by former school teacher, Sheila Ferguson, Rising Star Music Awards is a young talent discovery event that takes place in Los Angeles every summer. Now, the RSMA is going national, first launching in Atlanta in 2012, and then in New York City and Detroit in 2013.  To learn more about the RSMA, call Ms. Ferguson at 951.685.3552.
The Youth Talent Expo & Competition is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization working hard to build children’s creativity towards a positive future in performing arts. The YTE&C mission is to provide events for our youth that nurture their creative talents in a safe and healthy environment.The YTE&C is actively seeking other youth non-profit organizations to participate in its events.  If you would like to volunteer and support the YTE&C , please call Kymm Barnett at 404.610.8744.
The Better Detroit Youth Movement
Celebrating its fifth year, The Better Detroit Youth Movement is a non-profit coalition of positive-minded individuals and groups who are committed to working together with communities, parents, schools and students to improve the quality of life and learning for our city's children. 

We’re hosting our fourth annual scholarship fair, at Cobo Hall, on September 25th. If you’d like to learn more or participate in this powerful event that awards free college scholarships to deserving high sch ool students, or be an event sponsor, call Jay at 313.350.0697. And let’s make sure our juniors and seniors start preparing now.
If you know of young men and women who desire to make a difference and are willing to work for progress and change, ask they drop off their resumes, with cover letters, to 17181 Livernois Avenue, and ask for Jay.
Check out "The Better Detroit Youth Movement" segment as we hit the streets to interview young men and women on a variety of teen topics. The show airs every Tuesday, 9:PM, on Mix'n It Up With Barry Ross, and broadcasts in Detroit and Wayne County on TV 33 and Comcast 20, and online at TV33live.com. You can call in to the show at 313.868.0351 or 313.868.0342.
And if positive things are happening in your community, or you observe someone doing something special for our city or children, please submit a letter of interest for a possible guest spot on the television show. Call Jay at 313.350.0697 for details.
The BDYM’s G.L.O.W (Girls Leaning on Women) program consists of professional women who are dedicated to providing positive role models, motivation and resources for young ladies. To address the HIV/AIDS and STD epidemic affecting African American adolescent females, G.L.O.W will implement SIHLE (Sisters Informing Healing Living and Empowering), a peer-led, social-skills training intervention aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behaviors among African American teenage females, ages 14 to 18. The training consists of four sessions (three-hours each), delivered by two peer facilitators (ages 18 to 21) and adult facilitators in a community-based setting. The sessions are designed for 10 to -12 African American teenage females. The sessions are gender-specific, culturally relevant and include behavioral skills practice, group discussions, lectures, role-playing, and take-home exercises.
We are currently seeking peer facilitators to deliver this powerful training. For more info, call Cynthera McNeil at 734.560.2632.
Also, let’s give BIG thanks to BDYM mentor Bill Pointer and Lynda White of The Ark Non-Violence Program for organizing a successful "Law Day" at Denby High, and a bigger thanks to the wonderful support of the legal community in helping to improve the lives of youth, and get them more engaged through voting and non-violence pledges. More than 200 students signed the Pledge of Nonviolence and more than 100 students registered to vote at this great event.
Youth Under Construction, a Detroit-based, national award-winning performing and recording group, is looking for talented young performers with a heart and who are willing to take a stand against bullying, and are interested in healing and helping their peers through dynamic productions. If you have what it takes, email youthcd@gmail.com. For more information, please visit www.youngpop.com. - NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE!.
And while much of what you read and hear about the Motor City is negative, kudos to Luther Keith of ARISE Detroit for sharing this National Geographic article that highlights a city on the rise and shine.
The Better Brooklyn Youth Movement
The Better Brooklyn Youth Movement (www.betterbrooklynyouth.org) hosts “Our Communities, Our Children”, a radio show airing on WBCR (90.3 FM) and on www.allblackradio.com every Thursday at 7:PM EST. If you’re a youth or community resource, and would like to be a guest on the show, email us at info@betterbrooklynyouth.org .
Last week's guests included Kai Smith of Gang Diversion, Reentry And Absent Fathers Intervention Centers ((www.graafics.org), and light heavyweight boxer, Daniel Judah of The Judah Brothers Gym in Brooklyn’s East New York.
We are proud to be partnering with BRIC Media to produce a television show (also called Our Communities, Our Children") and with the same premise to promote youth-serving individuals and groups throughout Brooklyn, and connect them to our youth. 
This show will also engage our youth in more balanced media, and offer them opportunities to learn and participate in TV / film production (and promotion). A  planning committee is being planned later this month to discuss the concept and format for the half-hour show that will also air in other markets like Detroit and Atlanta.
if you'd like to help out on this project, email us at info@betterbrooklynyouth.org, and let's bring better balance to what our children see on TV.
The BBrYM is proud to be a part of The “We Are All Brooklyn” initiative, a diverse group of leaders working together for a greater good.  Learn more and join us at www.waab.org.

We’re still seeking individuals to serve as Better Brooklyn Youth Board Members.  If you’d like to learn more, please email us at info@betterbrooklynyouth.org.
The Better Baltimore Youth Movement
The Better Baltimore Youth Movement is a growing membership-based organization currently in search of a Director willing to work on a quarterly stipend basis (with full-time salary potential) to carry out our daily operations and put us on a fast track to achieving our overall goals and mission.  The stipend is negotiable ($300-$1,500) depending on level of experience. Must be polished, communicative and media ready to represent the face of our progressive work.  If you are a suitable candidate, or know of one, forward your resume to info@betterbaltimoreyouth.org   If interested, you will be contacted for an in person career-briefing.  Referrals are appreciated.
How You Can Help The NBTEE and The NYRN:
We'd be greatly grateful if you'd consider: 1) sharing this newsletter with your family and friends; 2) participating in or starting up a youth movement in your community; 3) alerting us of youth resources, programs, events or activities; 4) joining the Youth Pages Facebook group where more than 400 members consistently post vital information and valuable inspiration for our young generation; and, 5) signing up for The ClubCard National Discount Shopping Program that donates $10 to the NBTEE for every new member. Your annual ClubCard membership is $29.99, and if you enter promo code "PM13", you'll receive a $25.00 gift card from www.restaurant.com.
It is only with the efforts of good souls like you that we will help more of our children believe, achieve and suceed.
Now, let’s give a loud shout out to some of our wonderful supporters:
  The Wendy’s High School Heisman (WHSH) Award program is accepting applicants for its 2011 class.
The 2011 class will join the more than 305,000 esteemed alumni who have demonstrated a commitment to academic achievement, community service involvement, leadership and accomplishments in the athletic arena.
Eligible students can apply at www.WendysHeisman.com for a chance to earn the honored title of WHSH and “Like” WHSH on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/wendyshighschoolheisman to receive program updates and to connect with alumni. Students can also contact their high school principal, guidance counselor or athletic director for more information.
Twelve national finalists and their families will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City where they will attend and be recognized at the official Heisman ceremony.  Winners – one male student and one female student – will be honored with the WHSH Award during a national ESPN telecast and receive $10,000 for their school, as well as a $500 Wendy’s gift card. 
What are you waiting for? Apply today!
The Educational Pledge Partnership is based on the literary works of Puerto Rican poet and writer Alberto O. Cappas. The Educational Pledge has been widely published in local publications, and utilized by many New York City schools and community groups, as well as throughout the country.  We encourage children and teens to take the pledge, and then we fulfill a promise to help them by providing information, resources and contacts for college and higher learning access, financial aid, and positive personal, social and professional self-development tools.
Check out the Educational Pledge's great books and merchandise at www.educationalpledge.com.
UniTee Design is making Black History every day!  A Black Youth empowerment enterprise all about enriching our children and uplifting all our souls, UniTee Design features "UniTees", RBG designer tee shirts that celebrate our culture in style, and help to fund a variety of youth initiatives. Working with young, talented graphic designers, every UniTee has a message and meaning.  See our newest designs at www.uniteedesign.com, and wear something that supports Black Youth Empowerment!
If your school or youth group wants an effective and rewarding way to raise funds, consider the UniTee Design "funraising" program. Our RBG-inspirational tee shirts, "UniTees", are powerful products that can make money for your special cause, make our children proud in purpose, and help them learn about entrepreneurialism while having fun. We can even design a custom “UniTee” for your organization, group or cause.  Inbox info@uniteedesign.com for more details.
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Thank you for being an important part of the progress.  Together, we will build better communities and brighter futures for our people and planet!

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