IAHF List- Please go to the above link and read about Targetted Individuals and Red Eyes, then go here and read my courageous friend Magnus Olssen's story. He is a T.I. and he's organized a first of it's kind conference to help Targetted Individuals to be held in Brussels in October that will be covered by Russia Today.
Magnus and several other incredibly courageous T.I.s have banded together to form this organization which is striving to get legislation through the European Parliament to stop covert human experimentation that has been causing them to experience electric shocks, and the most horrific forms of electronic torture, gang stalking, and other forms of outrageous satanic harrassment.
Unless all of us help them, and learn from them, and take measures to avoid being physically implanted with microchips as well as biologically implanted via the nanofibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails, their fate will be our fate, and ALL of us will be stripped of literally EVERY LAST VESTAGE of our FREEDOM!
Do you want to be a SLAVE on the N.W.O.s desired Global Plantation? I sure don't! I have experienced what it feels like to be locked up and controlled, unable to go where I want and do what I want and I can tell you it's not fun! To escape the evil psychiatric system that almost killed me with shock treatments and toxic drugs I was forced to become a Naturopath in self defense. This was more than 30 years ago.
I was forced to become my own doctor and to smuggle in the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbs that saved my life! I was forced to hide them in a cavity gouged out from the underside of a foam mattress, and to take them secretly while mouthing my toxic medications which I spat down a toilet where they belonged! I was a rebel, and had bloody fights with the goons including one guy who was the size of an NFL lineman who tried to kill me more than once. You can read my story here. I am expanding it into a book that I hope will someday be made into a movie, because I want others to have the same orthomolecular chance that I've had to heal. No one should ever have to go through the hell I went through and be denied the chance to use natural healing methods.
George Orwell warned of a dystopian future in which we'd all experience "the iron boot of tyranny stomping in our faces forever" if we don't fight back! He wrote his books Animal House, and 1984 as an insider, as someone who had rubbed shoulders with the satanic Illuminati and who didn't like what he was hearing and seeing, so he did his best to warn us!.... I did my Senior theme in High School on his life after reading all his books and after reading some biographies of him.
I sure as hell don't want to have NSA be able to know what I'm thinking, or what I'm doing, where I'm going, who I'm associating with, or anything ELSE personal, yet the ruling elite have developed the technological means to bring this nightmare into reality, and the stories of people like Magnus Olssen and many other T.I.s prove that we're all in real danger!
Clifford Carnicom,PhD has been researching Morgellon's disease extensively through the Carnicom Institute where you can learn a lot about this horrible, disfiguring flesh eating disease caused by nanofibers containing genetically engineered, cross domain bacteria containing parasites that have been replacing Mammalian systems to microchip us biologically.

He tells us that these genetically engineered parasites that attempt to recombine inside our bodies to biologically chip us from the inside to morph us into the Borg (the array of cloud computers at NSA Fusion Centers DESPISE ALKALINITY!!!


By drinking Sulfur water twice a day you can maintain a perfect, slightly alkaline ph of 7.3  which enables your cells to maintain a perfect voltage of -20 to -25 millivolts!

You can learn more about this from this previous alert of mine where I discuss Dr. Jerry Tenant's Biomodulator which I am also using as a weapon against the Bioappi!
Author Elana Freeland, who wrote Chemtrails, HAARP, & The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth is a close friend of Carnicom's who spent a lot of time with him this summer in Idaho, and I heard her say this yesterday on Sylvain Henry's 6th Annual  Radiothon against Chemtrails which I listened to yesterday and encourage you to listen to also!
Henry's first guest was film director Steve Wargo who is making a movie called Poison Sky which dramatizes what documentary maker Michael Murphy has already told us about in his marvelous documentary "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
Murphy will be playing himself in Wargo's movie, and his goal is to reach a lot more people than Murphy was able to reach because his movie will have more broad based appeal since it depicts what is really going on in a more interesting way than a documentary possibly can! Wargo and Murphy are working closely together, and Wargo will be bundling copies of his movie with Murphy's documentary so both can be sold together!
This will be very powerful, and will really help to get the word out! It will also help Murphy make his third film to be called "Who is Spraying?" Murphy is one of my sulfur wholesalers. Please support his efforts to make this third film buy buying sulfur from him on his sulfur site here! Please tell him I sent you!
IAHF now has Sulfur wholesalers in Australia, the UK, Canada, and several in the US. There is no shortage of customers since everyone in the world has been deficient in this critically important mineral since Big Pharma deliberately broke the sulfur cycle in the 40s and 50s to make us all sick so they could make more money selling every sort of toxic Rx drug, especially cancer drugs!
You can learn a lot more about the multiple health benefits of sulfur which opens up cell membranes allowing radically improved oxygen transport to the cells, which pushes toxins out of the cells at this previous alert!
There is some very important information in this alert about how to monkeywrench the Bioapi by maintaining a slightly alkaline ph by ingesting sulfur water twice a day! Please mass forward this and encourage more people to sign up for the FREE IAHF email distribution list here, and to see our archived e-alerts here! 
Please post this on your website! Doing so could help keep me from being turned into a Grease Spot for pissing off the Rockefellers and other ruling elite scum who think they have the right to turn us into non reproducing androids, and to put us all under electronic mind control! The more publicity I get by your mass forwarding this, and by encouraging your friends to do the same, the SAFER I will be!

I have had attempts made on my life for doing this work, but with your help to get this around to more people, there is less chance the dark side will move to shut me down because if anything ever happens to me, a LOT of people will know about it, and the thing they fear the most is EXPOSURE!!
We really need to spread the word about the Conference that Magnus Olssene Conference that Magnus Olssen is organizing to be held in Brussels in October about Targetted Individuals! It will be covered by Russia Today!!
The only thing we have to fear is FEAR ITSELF!! If enough of us band together to get this message out to everyone within our spheres of influence: friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, we can totally SCREW UP the ruling elite's plans to make us all slaves on their desired Global Plantation!
As a member of the Hall of Honor in G.Edward Griffin's organization Freedom Force International Force International, I encourage more of you to join to help spread FREEDOM TECHNOLOGY around the world!
Griffin created an organization to spread the ideals of the American founding fathers to the four corners of the world, and I strongly support this organization! If you are a member, please let me know! I love connecting with fellow members of Freedom Force because as a group we are totally destroying the UN's and Bilderberg group's evil efforts to enslave us! We are only defeated if we decide they have already won, and I am very FAR from that conclusion!  If you don't need any sulfur, but would like to donate to IAHF, you can do so via this link! 
Donating will help me to be a moving target, a "PT" or Perpetual Traveler! This will help keep me alive!