General Stubblebine.................Is the General Part of an INSURANCE POLICY to Help Usher In a North American Union & Codex??? 


Open Letter to Disinformation Specialist General Albert N. Stubblebine III


To: Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III, US Army (Ret)                                                                  April 27, 2007

The Natural Solutions Foundation      

From: John C. Hammell, PresidentInternational Advocates for Health Freedom 

Sent on Eve of This Urgent Alert Which Must Be Acted on Today and This Weekend:


Dear General Stubblebine:


On the Natural Solutions Foundation website, you announce yourself to be a specialist on the art of disinformation- citing three different types of disinformation being used to confuse vitamin consumers and dietary supplement companies about the Codex vitamin issue regarding which you and your wife Rima Laibow purport to be experts. 


How many people would ever suspect from reading this section of the Natural Solutions Foundation website that the Natural Solutions Foundation THEMSELVES would be disseminating disinformation?

 While I have no quarrel with the 3 different types of disinformation that you HAVE discussed on your website, interestingly, you have OMITTED any discussion of the most INSIDIOUS TYPE of disinformation: that which comes from the most TRAITOROUS of groups: the CONTROLLED OPPOSITION GROUP... 



On April 26th, the Natural Solutions Foundation sent out its most recent in a series of shrill announcements about the FDA Guidance Document that to date “145,541” comments had been sent to the unelected bureaucrats at the FDA.  In an ongoing attempt to whip the public into a frenzy NSF claims supposed “denial of service” attacks on its website, and also claims to have “hired data entry people” to “transcribe opposition” to this CAM Guidance document so that the sky will not fall on May 1 or later if the FDA extends the comments period. (Gag me with a spoon.) 

We’re supposed to believe that unelected bureaucrats at FDA who we have ZERO political leverage over actually give a damn what we think about anything, and you’re actively distracting supplement consumers from communicating with the only people who we DO have leverage over: our ELECTED officials in Congress.  There are two GENUINE issues which NSF (interestingly) isn’t doing ANYTHING about:  

1. The FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada & Mexico:

Wherein FDA is illegally deconstructing America to harmonize our food and drug laws with Canada’s and Mexico’s as a prelude to harmonizing us to Codex.   

2. S.1082- The FDA Revitalization Act- Which Creates a Pharmaceutical Company Inside FDA & Which Hands FDA Broad New Powers to Attack Dietary Supplements- The bill is scheduled to be Voted on on the Floor of the Senate on Monday April 30th

General- If the 145,541 people who wasted their time and energy sending your form letter to the unelected bureaucrats at FDA regarding this Guidance document had instead signed this petition directed to ELECTED OFFICIALS in the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce committee we might actually be doing something REAL 

IAHF and Allied Groups conduct a Triage Assessment of all alleged threats currently facing us. We realize that to have a chance get an oversight hearing on FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter we’ll have to overcome the flood of Pharma PAC donations pouring in to members of the Oversight & Investigations subcommittee- and the only chance we have to do that is via sheer numbers of people. 

There are two possibilities here: one is that NSF has simply failed to properly surveil the terrain and so has simply not recognized where the true threats in fact are, or else NSF is intentionally attempting to distract the public.


If we’re dealing with the former, NSF will immediately change course and start working with IAHF and Allied Groups. If we’re dealing with the latter, NSF will continue to attempt to whip the public into a frenzy over a non existent issue in an attempt to distract people.


The National Health Federation was established in 1955. It is the oldest, most experienced grass roots health freedom organization in the world. Lee Bechtel, their DC lobbyist, has years of experience working directly on Capital Hill. He collaborates closely with Scott Tips, JD, NHF’s Legal Counsel, a man who has been attending all important Codex meetings since 2000 on behalf of dietary supplement consumers and who’s reports from Codex meetings can be seen here:

 Here is what Lee Bechtel has to say about the FDA’s Guidance Document:


 Hmmmmm. Seems Natural Solutions Foundation suddenly has a HUGE credability problem. You’ve got the public all whipped up into a FRENZY and moving against a NON ISSUE, General! Is that due to sheer incompetence, or is it by DESIGN???

To excerpt from NHF’s analysis:  Currently, several groups - other than the NHF - are circulating news about the "end" of dietary supplements and ability of medical professionals, State-regulated or not, to practice Complementary and Alternative medical (CAM) professions, as we currently know it to be the case.

What is being consistently lost in the issue translation in these messages is what the proposed Guidance really means, to CAM providers and consumers, the intent of the Guidance, and the federal and State medical regulatory processes in place that will not mean the "end of the world" as we know it.

The Guidance as drafted does not prevent access to CAM providers.  It does not prevent the use of supplements/herbs etc. by medical professionals in their practice, with limitation, nor does or would it directly impact consumers/patients. It would not prevent the use of healthy foods in a diet recommended by a doctor.

What the Guidance does do is present
current FDA thinking on how CAM fits within the current context of FDA food and drug regulation. Again, Guidance is not a regulation, nor is it a law. It confers no legal impact on the FDA or the public. Guidance specifically relates to FDA thinking on the design, production, labeling, promotion, and manufacturing of regulated products.  In this case, products related to CAM medical practice. This includes FDA-regulated drugs, supplements, and potentially foods, with severe restrictions.




I’ll let the readers of this open letter make that determination for themselves after:


A)    Examining NSF’s actions after receiving this open letter which I’m sending directly to General Stubblebine to see whether or not NSF begins to do the right thing or not after receiving it.


B) Reading this article by Paul Anthony Taylor at the Dr. Rath  Health Foundation:

A Modern Major General Exposed?


C) Reading this section on the IAHF website about controlled opposition groups:


D) Reading the Chapter in Jon Ronson’s book The Men Who Stare at Goats titled “The General” which is about Stubblebine’s apparent sincere belief in his ability to walk through walls. You can read a review of this interesting book here:,6121,1355882,00.html


General Stubblebine: I was prompted to send this open letter to you after reading your grandiose message titled “The First Principle of War” in which you stated:


Seems like NSF is trying to STEER US over a CLIFF by trying to make us FOCUS on NON ISSUES. 


Frankly sir, I have no reason to trust the alleged “vision” of a man who sincerely believes himself to be capable of walking through his office wall and who created a military program at Fort Bragg wherein you ordered men to stare at goats wanting to see if they could make their hearts stop.,6121,1355882,00.html


I remain offended that when IAHF and Allied Groups attempted to defend American Sovereignty by trying to kill the Central American Free Trade Agreement, recognizing the tie in between it and CODEX by virtue of the SPS language it contains that NSF cynically generated no less than 7 spin pieces against our message while simultaneously misinforming the public claiming that a (non existent) “Miracle” had occurred at Codex.


This lie was ably exposed in Paul Taylor’s article, cited above. If you wish to refute what he said in that article, please do so publicly.


I remain VERY offended that when IAHF and Allied Groups have been attempting to get badly needed congressional oversight on the FDA’s Trilateral Cooperation Charter and on the North American Union, NSF has done absolutely nothing to call attention to these issues.


Our country is being deconstructed, General. You swore an OATH to defend it, but you're NOT defending it. In the face of this information: and all concerns expressed above, all of your attempts to impress with talk about the German’s successful effort to breach the French perimeter by going around the Maginot Line rings very empty and hollow. At a time when our country is under clear and very obvious attack, and where Codex is clearly being ushered in via regional harmonization, you are still trying to con people into believing its possible to stop codex AT codex (while making no effort to get congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral cooperation charter which you distract from via a non issue.)


I’d like to see you and Rima attempt to spin your way around this:  and

Codex is being forced on us via Regional Harmonization,but you’re well aware of that aren't you General?

I still have grave difficulty trusting anyone who is as much a cog in the military industrial complex as you appear to be and want to know the complete details of your being on the Board of Canadian Sub and am very curious about this AEGIS “Homeland Security” private initiative that you’re involved with? Is that the same as this effort  to tighten up the police state we’re living in under the guise of "protecting us" from terrorists?


Does your involvement with that have anything to do with your total silence about the threat posed by the so called “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America”  to expand NAFTA to the point of destroying our country ostensibly in order to “protect us from terrorists”?


We have zero pull with unelected bureaucrats at the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission who NSF seems to think it can influence. FDA refuses to provide their internal documents re the Trilateral Cooperation Charter per the Freedom of Information Act which is forcing IAHF to file a lawsuit in Federal District Court. FDA intends to harmonize our food and drug law with Canada's and Mexico's as part of an ongoing effort to deconstruct our nation. This is a full frontal attack on DSHEA. 

If we want to defend ourselves from Codex, our only chance is to defend US Sovereignty, sir. From this point Forward, if Natural Solutions Foundation continues to make no effort to do that, the reason why will become abundantly clear, and in my opinion, you will be seriously urinating on your Constitutional Oath.

For Health Freedom,

John C. Hammell, President 

International Advocates for Health Freedom