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If you have a serious heart condition, you might elect NOT to read this information.

FEMA is moving ahead with plans to create temporary cities that could house millions of Americans in the event that relocation is necessary due to a nuclear or biological attack against one or more American cities. FEMA's call for contractors to build these cities is a matter of public record. http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2002/8/6/183147.shtml

Please go to
and read the article titled " US Military Moves to Arrest George W. Bush" This is what the people in Russia are reading right now.

This article presents a slightly different version of events: http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/august2005/100805fourstargeneral.htm

Its also not hard to see that a lot is being covered up in the mainstream press about what is actually going on.

It would appear that Bush may have just survived a coup attempt against him staged by General Kevin P. Byrnes. If we can believe this Russian article, the coup leaders are continuing with preparations across the USA despite Byrnes alleged arrest. I hope this is true (that a coup against them is still in motion), because Bush and Cheney are threatening to start what would become WW3 right now.

As you can see from this Russian article, the Russians and Chinese are currently engaged in a joint military training exercise in the Shandong region around the Yellow Sea which could morph into an outright attack on Taiwan (which the USA is bound by Treaty to help defend against.)

Cheney has announced an intention to invade Iran if ANYTHING happens on US soil (even if theres no evidence that Iran was behind it.) In this Russian article we see that any attack on Iran would trigger WW3 because the Russians and Chinese would come to Iran's immediate defense, possibly joined by other countries as well.

A Washington Post article dated August 7th announced a Pentagon plan to put part of the country or perhaps even the whole country under martial law should another terrorist event or events occur on US soil.

The US Merchant Marine has been downsized radically and we do not have the logistical ability to engage in a World War- we don't have the means of getting equipment and troops quickly to multiple fronts around the world. Moreover, PDD-60 signed by Clinton (and not rescinded by Bush) would cause our military to engage in the suicidal action of absorbing a First Strike rather than launch the moment a launch against us was detected. http://www.rense.com/general60/de.htm http://rhinoed.com/strategic_plans.htm

The Russians plan on targetting our military and communications sites first. Even though civilians wouldn't be targetted, this attack could wipe out 20-30% of the US population according to analyst Joel Skousen.

Many stories have been appearing that Bush and Cheney were indicted recently by a Grand Jury in Chicago for obstruction of justice related to the Valerie Plame CIA leak and for covering things up pertaining to 911 http://www.democrats.com/node/5586 Nothing has appeared about this in the mainstream media and the Justice Department is neither denying nor affirming the allegations at the present time.

Could Bush, Cheney and those who pull their strings be planning a "sequel" to 911 at the present time to manufacture consent for an attack on Iran, partly as a "wag the dog" scenario to keep the American people from learning about this indictment?


1. Stock up on Potassium Iodide and other supplements to protect your thyroid gland and your immune system. Put in an emergency supply of food and water. If martial law were declared in one or more parts of the country, anything could happen.

2. Consider moving if you live in or near a major military target. If you live on the East Coast, be mindful of the fact that in our hemisphere prevailing winds blow from West to East. If a nuclear strike against the USA occurrs, people on the east coast and near major military targets will be far more vulnerable. You might want to read Skousen's book "Strategic Relocation" and act accordingly.

3. Call the Whitehouse Comments line at 202-456-1111 and let them know that you oppose Armageddon, and that you want Bush and Cheney to step down for the good of the planet. (Realize this may seem like the ultimate exercise in futility, but if enough people make this call, they might realize and actually care that a lot of people are monitoring them closely and it could dissuade these mad men from triggering off a cataclysmic chain of events that could wipe out our planet.)

4. Contact your local media and demand that they cover these breaking stories properly since aside from the Washington Posts article about Pentagon plans to impose Martial Law should anything happen, theres a news blackout on what is going on.

5. Pray like your life depends on it, because it DOES and forward this information to more people.