Bigger Picture of Vexatious Litigant Tuck- This Man & His Allies Are Ushering Canada/USA into the NAU

IAHF List:

Vexatious Litigant Trueman Tuck of the Canadian Controlled Opposition Group "Friends of Freedom" had a process server serve legal papers on me as I was on the Stage at the Total Health Show in Toronto, Ontario Canada on Saturday, April 14th where the crowd joined me in singing "Oh Canada" and I presented a powerful program about how Codex restrictions are being ushered into the US and Canada via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico.

Clearly Tuck and his allies including the US Based "Natural Solutions Foundation" don't want this information seeing the light of day and they'd love to tentpeg IAHF and all Allied Organizations for attempting to stop the North American Union Dictatorship from ushering Codex vitamin restrictions into North America, but they're not going to get away with it!!

Tuck is also suing Mezine, Inc. and numerous other parties including long time Canadian health freedom activist Marilyn Nelson whose organization he literally hijacked in an obvious effort to try to STOP her from discussing Canadian sovereignty issues in the context of her health freedom work. You can learn about Nelson's lawsuit against Tuck here:  See Controlled Opposition Section.

Tuck pressured Mezine to remove the previous website containing this information, but we put it back into cyberspace for the simple reason that sworn legal testimony is never libelous, its in the public domain- and Tuck is going to find this out the hard way when Nelson destroys him soon in the courtroom. 

Tuck was attempting to get me to lose my composure just before I participated in a panel discussion with Robert Verkerk, PhD, Executive Director of the UK based Alliance for Natural Health and Scott Tips, JD, Legal Counsel to the National Health Federation, but he failed. After my presentation, our booth was swamped by Canadian vitamin consumers eager to learn what they can do to defend their country from its planned destruction and to protect their access to dietary supplements as the NAU is being used as the mechanism to usher in CODEX.

Tuck is a strong supporter of Neocon Stephen Harper, whose nostrils are buried up Bush's backside as these Nazis work together to screw the Canadian and American people as they move to force a North American Union Dictatorship on us patterned after the EU Dictatorship:

Watch: "The Real Face of the EU"  which documents the fact that the EU was originally a plan of the Nazi High Command and the ruling elite who put Hitler into power as a long range means for attaining via political means what they had been unable to attain militarily.

Grasp that the same architects of the EU are attempting to shove the NAU down our throats in North American within the next 3 years and that Tuck and Laibow are attempting to help them do this via their DISINFO campaign which is intended to DISTRACT vitamin consumers from the campaign of IAHF and Allied Groups.

Watch: "National Problematique- The North American Nightmare"


In our panel discussion, we alerted the Canadian and American people to something Mr.Tuck and his allies including the so called "Natural Solutions Foundation" and so called "Citizens for Health" are trying hard to distract them from: the pending destruction of Canada by the North American Union Dictatorship, and the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which is the primary mechanism via which genocidal Codex restrictions are being ushered in to North America.


 Just as I was disembarking the plane in Toronto, I'd just gotten up from my seat and was in the aisle when a stranger approached me who'd been sitting a few seats ahead of me and demanded angrily to know what the SEAT # was of the SEAT I'd been sitting in. I

It was a strange question, and the most likely reason for it was that the man was a Canadian CSIS Agent, and his angry comment was a "calling card" to let me know I was under surveillance. (CSIS work closely with the CIA and FBI). Being red flagged in the computers of both Canada and the US, every time I cross the border an alarm goes off. I told Candian Customs I was flying to Toronto. Just as I am on the Watch list of the Washington Capital Police and get followed by a phalanx of Washington Capital Cops every time I'm on Capital Hill, I get followed in Canada for the same reasons, but I really don't care if I get followed. I routinely educate the people who follow me around by handing them information so they'll understand why they're following me since they're all just cogs in the machine.

Is Tuck acting as an information gatherer for CSIS? Nothing would surprise me at this point, especially given his efforts to sue IAHF. His sidekick Peter Helgason once told me that he and Tuck had been approached by CSIS while flying to Ottawa and that they were invited to a meeting of CSIS.

He and Helgason are vigorously promoting the disinformation campaign of the so called "Natural Solutions Foundation" which is working overtime to try to DISTRACT dietary supplement consumers from the health freedom message of IAHF and Allied Organizations who urgently seek congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter recognizing that this might be the only way we can get ADDITIONAL oversight on the deconstruction of our nation as we're being forced into a FASCIST North American Union.

Laibow and Tuck are being aided and abetted by a whole cadre of unassuming DUPES who've been ignorantly forwarding their pro New World Order disinformation campaign because they lack the awareness necessary to conduct a proper TRIAGE ASSESSMENT of the various threats currently coming at us.

Upon last count, Mike Adams of News Target, Jenny Thomson of HSI, and even my good friend Ed Griffin of Freedom Force International had fallen prey to NSF's and Tuck's disinformation campaign because they're not seeing a big enough picture. My goal in writing this is not to chastise these people- but to EDUCATE them in the hope that they won't continue assisting the DARK SIDE.

IAHF and Allied Groups including the National Health Federation, the Alliance for Natural Health, the Dr.Rath Health Foundation, and Freedom in Canadian Health Care recognize the fact that given the myriad of threats coming at us right now, the only chance we have of defending health freedom is to analyze each threat in turn to assign a level of risk to each one in order not to DISSIPATE our energy.

 The ONLY CHANCE we have of stopping CODEX is to push like hell for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, because FDA is acting as though a North American Union were ALREADY in place- even though there has NEVER been ANY implementing legislation passed in Congress to allow them to do what they're doing.

For 18 years I've been responding to FDA Guidance Documents, and the one discussed in this Federal Register Notice  has been HYPED to the NTH DEGREE by NSF and TUCK who have managed to con a huge number of people into believing that "the sky is falling" and that "unless you flood FDA with complaints by April 30, the world, as we know it, will come to an END!" This is BS, I've read the entire Guidance Document and its nothing more than FDA Saber Rattling, mostly over the LABELING of dietary supplements.

They're not saying anything new here that they haven't been saying for years. Given that FDA has a very long history of IGNORING comments from anyone who opposes their agenda, I can honestly tell you that we'd have a lot MORE to gain from spending our energy calling for CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, especially given the fact that under the Mexico-US-Canada Health Fraud ("M.U.C.H") Working Group- this illegal entity has already isssued more than 730 compliance actions against dietary supplement manufacturers of weight loss products as if a North American Union already existed!

See and grasp that we only have 10,347 sigs on this petition, and unless we get at least 100,000 sigs, we probably won't get ANY Congressional oversight on this or on the North American Union Dictatorship. FDA's definition of "Health Fraud" under the TCC is so overly broad that even WATER becomes a drug. FDA has clearly embraced the Canadian definition of Health Fraud which resulted when Health Canada harmonized their dietary supplement regs with Australias a few years ago.


For this reason I am urging you to go here and watch Aaron Russo's recent alert about the "Truck Out" scheduled for April 23-25th. On those dates, from 8 am- 5 PM, thousands of American Trucks are going to jam the Beltway and drive VERY SLOWLY SIDE BY SIDE to call attention to the threat of the North American Union. Trucks are also going to JAM the highways around all 50 State Capitals and THEY NEED OUR HELP!! Bush wants to let unsafe Mexican trucks flood onto our highways which would put US and Canadian Union truckers out of business. This is a DIRECT ASSAULT on our sovereignty!! Bush and his ruling elite string pullers in the CFR and NASCO Super Corridor Coalition are attempting to RAPE AMERICA, CANADA and Mexico but we're gonna STOP 'EM!!!

This "TRUCK OUT" is going to paralyze the Washington Beltway and perimeter roads around the Capitals of all 50 states and its  going to make NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL NEWS, but ONLY if you HELP and get MORE people to help!! Its going to FORCE the MEDIA to cover the threat of the North American Union and this is going to HELP US in turn to get the OVERSIGHT we need on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.

Any time a supposed Health Freedom Group in Canada or America (such as Friends of Freedom and Natural Solutions Foundation" doesn't lift a FINGER to defend National Sovereignty given a threat as HUGE as the NAU is, thats a DEAD TIP OFF that they're not your friends.

Any time a supposed Health Freedom group SUES IAHF, (as Trueman Tuck is now doing and as Natural Solutions Foundation did to film maker Kevin Miller when he REFUSED to remove the information about CAFTA from "We Become Silent" you can be sure they're not your friends.

IAHF urges Mike Adams of News Target, Jenny Thomson of HSI, Ed Griffin of Freedom Force International, and others who fail to grasp these fine points to please WAKE UP and pull their HEADS out of the SAND. We can't afford to allow our efforts to defend health freedom to be SUBVERTED by NSF's Disinfo Campaign. By blindly climbing on board the enemies bandwagon, these otherwise well meaning people have subverted our efforts to defend health freedom in the USA and Canada.

IAHF needs donations to get this alert out to the masses. Your donations helped us travel to Toronto to participate in the Total Health Show, but now, we're strapped again, and we're doubly pinned down by Trueman Tuck's lawsuit against us. Soon we'll have a videotape of our Toronto Panel on You Tube and we'll point you to it!

We sold several cases of Byron Richard's book "Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America" from our booth at the Total Health Show in Toronto because the Canadian crowd realizes the Canadian Health Protection Branch are doing the exact same things the FDA is.

We'll send a copy of this book and a copy of Kevin Miller's DVD "We Become Silent" (which Laibow of NSF sued him over as he refused to remove the info about Regional Harmonization from it) to anyone for a minimum donation of $25 per item, but please send more- we really could use some $100.- $500 donations at this time in order to do more travelling like we just did necessary to get the word out on a more timely basis!

Please call everyone you know to urge their participation in the TRUCK OUT, and if you live in WA, please let me know so we can organize the one around Olympia. Email me your contact info to help coordinate in WA. If you live in BC Canada and want to help us in WA for the TRUCK OUT, come on down!!


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