Richard Herring Newsletter
August Part Two 2015
Hear (most of) the 12 shows anywhere
Just a quickie
The Twelve Shows have started and so far are going well. Christ on a Bike and Talking Cock attracted a reasonable crowd and I remembered almost everything. There are still 10 shows to see and tickets available for all (though worth booking ahead for Happy Now? which looks likely to sell out.
Tonight it's the hardest memory challenge - The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace, tomorrow the incredible (in both senses) Someone Likes Yoghurt.
14th August 12 Tasks of Hercules Terrace
15th August Someone Likes Yoghurt
21st August menage a un
22nd August Oh F*** I'm 40
28th August The Headmaster's Son
29th August Hitler Moustache
4th September What is Love Anyway?
5th September We're All Going To Die!
11th September Lord of the Dance Settee
12th September Happy Now?
But if you're not able to come to the shows, you can still experience the madness, by listening to the free podcast (with clips and behind the scenes ananlysis) on the British Comedy Guide and iTunes
OR by paying just £12 for audio downloads of the first 10 shows (we don't want to give away Lord of the Dance Settee, which isn't yet out on DVD or Happy Now? as that will be a work in progress and hasn't even toured yet.
The shows will be uploaded and available a couple of days after each performance and your one off payment will give you access to all of them. Click here to buy. We're really just looking to cover the recording costs (mainly paying George the incompetent sound man) which is why it is so cheap.
Happy Now?
I will be touring the new show in the autumn of 2015 and the spring of 2016. I am mainly only going to places where I sell pretty well, so it's worth booking ahead. A few more dates will be added but here's all the confirmed dates.
Loads of great videos and audios still to come from series 7 of RHLSTP (widely acknowledged as the best series yet)  You can see them on youtube, vimeo and iTunes on video for free (as well as audio on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide)
But we are looking forward to series 8 which begins in September. Book your tickets here.
We are hoping that we can convince some more (and new) people to donate to a kickstarter campaign so we can film the 20 episodes of series 8. We've come up with some exciting and exclusive rewards and much as it'd be great to sell some of the higher price ones, we can easily do this is everyone gives a small amount and buys a badge. Hopefully items like the exclusive DVD and the photocopied notebook can persuade a few of you to give the magic £30-£40 that means we will only need just over a thousand people to do this.
Anyway, if we make the target we can definitely film the show, if we can't then it will largely have to exist in audio format only (unless we can find some sponsors).
So the series will continue in some format whatever happens
  That's all for now. Please pass on news of the podcasts, shows and kickstarter to anyone you think might be interested.
Thanks for your support.
Richard Herring