Hi everyone,

What a crazy week. The Bills lost a heartbreaker in their season opener, but the game was quickly put into perspective with the news on Kevin Everett. 3 players (Simpson, Everett and Webster) were put on season-ending injured reserve. Coy Wire is out indefinitely with a MCL sprain, which hurts even more since he was starting in place of Keith Ellison, who is out indefinitely himself with an ankle sprain. Ryan Denny will be nursing a broken foot until November. And Anthony Hargrove is hanging out with Jeff Spicoli until Week 5.

But then, like manna from the heavens, comes the Patriots tape-gate scandal. Listening to Sports Radio becomes fun again! And now, there's a simple retort that will surely shut up your favorite annoying Patriots fan: "cheaters!" Who knows if their antics actually turned any games in their favor, but it almost doesn't matter. The luster of the Patriots has dimmed considerably.

For a good laugh, check out the attachment (thanks, George!)

Against the backdrop of all thisl... the Bills will line up against the Steelers on Sunday. And we'll be at the Harp, as usual, to cheer on the Bills.

Game Tickets: We have two sets of tickets available to the Bills/Jets game on September 30. Both sets are in the upper deck, and we're selling them at face value. Also, a member is selling a set of four tickets to the Bills/Pats game in Buffalo on November 18. The seats are in Section 331 Row 28 ; face value price is $188 for 4. Please respond to this email if you are interested.

See you on Sunday... Go Bills!