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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
May 25 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Community Vehicle Out Of Service

The community vehicle is going off the island on Wednesday afternoon for a service and will not be available for transport service on the island, possibly until Friday.

Please ring to enquire if it is available well before you need to use it.

Upon return, it will be available for use every day from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm as we now  have a volunteer driver available for duty on Wednesday afternoons.

News of Karmel

Karmel is still in hospital but in reasonable spirits.

She had the first operation and has plates in her wrist and ankle with supporting soft casts on her arm and leg and a splint on her finger.

She will be having further surgery today to remove some wires or pins from the first operation and then will require more solid casts.

She does not expect to be back on the Island for at least 3 months.

She hopes she can attend Lenny's ashes ceremony and celebration even if she has to be in a wheelchair!

A Message from Anna Kilian and Family

Kurt's widow has asked that thanks and be conveyed to all those from the Offshore Community who attended Kurt's funeral last week.  She said that she was touched by the words expressed in the PON and Baynews and the support from those attending the funeral was very much appreciated by all the family.

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