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See Ashtock's question from INDIA, and my reply below in which I document how even CHINA was SLAMMED at CODEX. Today I received an encouraging reply from Ashtock in which he said he'd forwarded my response to several newspapers and key people in India, and I wrote back encouraging him to start a health freedom movement in India and if he can get one going there, perhaps we can get one started in CHINA as well....

IAHF will be doing public talks tonight in Surrey BC Canada, and in Bellingham Washington on Saturday night (Newton library in Surrey, 6:30 pm tonight, and Community Food Coop, corner of Forest and Chestnut from 7:30-10pm on Saturday in Bellingham) We'll be showing Kevin Miller's DVD "We Become Silent". We remind you that Kevin Miller is being sued by Rockefeller interests who attempted unsuccessfully to manipulate the contents of this film.

We need people to organize showings of this film in their local area, otherwise we won't be able to stop Congress from passing the FTAA once a bill is dropped. We must overcome spin coming from not only the FDA and the USTR's office, but also from the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations and controlled opposition groups such as the one sueing Miller.

We can only do this, and keep doing the public speaking necessary to roll this boulder uphill if enough people help! For a copy of the DVD, plus an hour long audio tape of the talk I did this summer in Pennsylvania, please send $30./ includes postage to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts, WA 98281. Orders outside N.America add $4. additional for shipping.

Ashok Wrote to IAHF From India:

There are thousands of books on herbal therapies based on the non-allopathic systems of medicine that are used for treating many diseases in India, China and many other countries. There are also many websites launched from India, China and other eastern countries which advocate herbal cures. The governments in these countries wont dare to ban the websites which propagate the therapies based on the eastern systems of medicine.
Can the Codex regulations prevent the people from Europe, America and other western countries from visiting such websites to read about the herbal cures mentioned on them? How can that be done?

With best wishes,
Ashok T. Jaisinghani.
Editor & Publisher:


At the last Codex meeting (July 2005 in Rome), China objected to the finalization of the Codex vitamin and mineral guideline, but their protests fell on deaf ears:
http://www.thenhf.com/codex_july_2005_nhf_press_release.htm and the guideline was finalized. It is enforcable via the SPS Agreement which is part of the WTO Trade Agreement and both China and India will be forcibly harmonized unless you get out of the WTO or can help us stop what is unfolding via some other means.

When you say that "the governments of these countries wouldn't dare ban the websites which propagate the therapies based on the eastern systems of medicine" you're failing to grasp the enormous and unprecedented level of power wielded by the World Trade Organization which has the power to impose Codex regulations world wide.

China, India, and every country on earth are threatened by globalization via which the laws are being made THE SAME all over the world.

Right now, China bans access to a huge number of websites. They're very restrictive in what they will allow people to view in cyberspace- see this article on the website of Amnesty International about Chinese censorship of cyberspace: http://web.amnesty.org/web/content.nsf/pages/gbr_china_internet It would be very easy for China to ban access of their citizens to herbal websites, just as it would be very easy for the WTO to force China and India into compliance with Codex.

Houlin Zhao is China's government official in China's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, and since 1999 he's been the President of the International Telecommunication's Union. He would like ITU to be involved with a UN driven effort to regulate the internet: http://news.com.com/The+U.N.+thinks+about+tomorrows+cyberspace/2008-1028_3-5643972.html

As you know, Codex is administrated by the UN, and between the UN and WTO we're seeing a naked global power grab unfolding which threatens the sovereignty of every nation on earth.

China and India are members of the WTO: PROOF: http://www.fas.usda.gov/itp/china/accession.html , http://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/countries_e/india_e.htm and via the SPS Agreement in the WTO, China and India are being threatened by Codex and can be brought into conformity under the threat of enormous trade sanctions arrayed against broad sectors of their economy. The same is true of ANY WTO member nation including the USA which has already lost 43 out of 48 trade disputes arrayed against us.

IAHF is part of The Coalition for Health Freedom http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org which we formed last April specifically to address this threat.

You need to generate a movement in India against globalization, against the WTO, against Codex.
You can see additional information about the threat of globalization at http://www.thecorporation.com (Documentary Film re Power of corporations)
and at http://www.stoptheftaa.org (re the danger of the Free Trade Area of the Americas which threatens to create a version of the EU in the Americas.

If you have a high speed internet connection or access to one, please watch this documentary film "We Become Silent" which was produced by my friend Kevin Miller in Ohio, USA. http://www.welltv.com Kevin is working closely with http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org

More people, world wide, must view this documentary film to become aware of the enormous global THREAT posed by CODEX and by the globalization process which threatens to usher in this genocidal policy. Additionally, Kevin Miller needs financial assistance to make and expanded version of the film and to defend himself legally against a controlled opposition group which attempted (unsuccessfully) to influence its contents. (He is being sued for trying to help us all.)

We would be glad to work with you if we can help in any way. Please help us to get our message out to everyone in India who uses herbs and other natural products. We need to trigger a global revolt against the pharma cartel and you can help!

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom