Temple Beth Am Library Minyan  
  August 2013
 The Minyan Monthly
Library Minyan High Holiday Services and Some New Melodies
As High Holidays Coordinator for the Library Minyan this year, I have aimed to enhance our services with more congregational singing/melodies and hope our kahal can benefit from this.  Some of these melodies may be new or unfamiliar to some in the kahal. If you would like to learn and practice them in advance so you can sing along in shul, please click on the links below, which are cross-referenced to corresponding page numbers in the Lev Shalem machzor.
On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, during Musaf, our shaliach Meyer Shwarzstein will introduce us to the following melodies for piyutim. Meyer would like to give credit to Kehilat Hadar who originated these melodies, and which are available on their CD, Pri Eitz Hadar. The melodies are being used with their permission.
  1. KeVakarat Ro'eh Edro p. 143 (2nd paragraph, 4th line, last 2 words, the 1st word 5th line) Click to listen
  2. Hamol Al Ma'asekhah p.146 (begin on line 4) Click to listen
  3. VeYe'etayu p.150 (begin on line 1) Click to listen
  4. Hallelu Eil BeKodsho p.165 (3rd paragraph, middle of line 1) Click to listen
  5. Sim Shalom p.169 (begin with 3rd paragraph). Click to listen
Also, during the Musaf shofar service, our shlichim for both days of Rosh Hashanah will use the following melody for "Hayom harat," p. 166. Click to listen. For anyone who likes to read sheet music, this link may help. Click to see.
If you have not done it yet, now is the time now to send in your membership renewals to the Temple Beth Am office, indicating if you will attend High Holiday services in the Library Minyan; this will give an estimated count of seats needed. For anyone with difficulty paying for membership or for non-member High Holiday tickets, please contact me (barryrosenblatt@gmail.com), or Sheryl Goldman (sgoldman@tbala.org) in the Temple Beth Am office. We don't want to turn anyone away.
Shanah Tovah!
Barry Rosenblatt
Diaspora Potluck Events for 5774
The new year, 5774, is approaching, and the Diaspora Potluck (DPL) Committee is happy to announce a series of events for the new year.  DPL events are a terrific, haimish way to break bread with, and get to know, our fellow Library Minyanites and newcomers in a (mostly) out-of-shul, or at least out-of-services, setting.  You will receive follow-up announcements as each event approaches, but meanwhile, here is the lineup: 
Sunday, September 22Sukkah Walk. On Sukkot we are commanded to be joyful. Spend an evening of "Sukkah hopping" with the jolly Minyan folk. Please note, this will be a Sunday evening event this year. If you are interested in hosting, please contact Jackie Weiss Krautman or Rebecca Friedman.
November  (date to be determined), Malaveh Malkah: our second annual Saturday night ice cream social. Come and share your talents, or sit back and enjoy the lively entertainment by your fellow Temple Beth Am chaverim.
Friday, January 31Erev Shabbat Potluck Dinners at individual homes.
Saturday, March 15  - Shabbat Potluck Lunch at the home of Larry and Abby Harris.
Thursday, June 5, Shavuot Picnic in La Cienega Park - join us after second day Shavuot services for schmoozing, games, and shared dairy desserts in the great outdoors.
L'Shanah Tovah
I wish everyone in the Library Minyan, the Temple Beth Am community, and their family and friends a blessed new year. May we all be inscribed for a year of learning, growth, challenges and rewards, new understandings, joy, chesed, and peace.
–Scott Taryle, Rosh
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
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Kol HaKavod To Our New Gabbaim and Coordinators
In the coming new year, 5774, we will be welcoming three new (but very familiar) faces, Alan Kokin, Paul Miller, and Myron Hecht, to the noble ranks of the Library Minyan Gabaiim, while Annette Berman will take over the reins from Paul Miller as our new Haftarah Coordinator.  Of course, an excellent way to welcome Alan, Paul, Myron, and Annette to their new positions and ease them into the job is to contact them as soon as possible and volunteer to lead davening or read haftarah. Their contact information should soon be available on the gabay schedule at libraryminyan.org. Kol HaKavod to each of you, and to our returning gabayim and coordinators, and thank you, Jerry Krautman, for your recruitment efforts and leadership as Gabbaim/Coordinators Chair.
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