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New Beads:
Gold Stardust Spacers - Heavy!
FAC Fire Engine Red Glass
FAC Olive Green Glass
Labradorite Fancy Drop
Hot Carnelian Leaf
Wavy Fire Cherry Quartz Rectangle
Chrysoprase Tumbled Nugget
Mysterious Dzi Agate Tube
Turquoise Tumbled Nugget
Colossal Pink Agate Donut
Vibrant Chrysocolla Rondell
Brushed Red Coral Oval
Snow White Coral Barrel
Red Fire Agate Rondel
Peach Fire Agate Oval
Forest-Green Agate Barrel

Flower Beads

Flower beads make great spring jewelry. You can use large flower beads as the focal for a necklace, or smaller ones in a bracelet. And why not try mixing different colors and/or shape flower beads in a design, along with silver flower spacers. For our new flower bead category in the US store click here - or in the UK shop here.

Donuts aren't just for Dunking!

Donut beads are great for focusing attention on a necklace, they also look good used for matching earrings too. With a little imagination you can even make them into a bracelet. If you want to hide the wire running through the middle of the donut hole, don't use a wire at all - link the donut bead by using head pins. Just insert a head pin into each of the bead holes from the inner edge and then loop the ends poking out on the outer edge.

Similarly, you could also hang a briolette from a donut bead like the necklace shown left. First, thread a briolette onto a piece of rigid wire and bring the ends together like you normally would when you are making a briolette drop. Next, insert the wire ends through one of the bead holes from the outside edge into the donut hole, and then cut off the extra wire, leaving about a quarter of an inch. Finally, fold the leftover wire and create a nub so that the drop won't slip out of the donut bead. Finally, smaller donut beads can be strung together making a spectacular necklace.

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