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BIENVENIDOS À TAMPA Presented by PM Noctem features the resident djs and producers from The Terrace at Jackson's Bistro in Tampa, Florida.

Owned by Pedro M, PM Noctem Events Group boasts a talent roster of prolific producers who chart regularly on Beatport with their releases and maintain steady global bookings in addition to their residencies at Jackson's.

These producers have released on many recognized House labels such as Juicy Music, Nervous Records, Open Bar Music, Sheeva, Crescent and Roja Records. Volume 1 of BIENVENIDOS a TAMPA is a selection of big room floor killers with thick bass lines and Latin infused Tech House from: Tony Puccio; High Frequency; Alvaro; Maycol Benett, Kieto-X & Ramon P; dj Brad Smith; and dj Teresa. House, Techno and Tech House; this is the sound of house coming from Tampa and rocking the Terrace at Jackson's every weekend to capacity with crowds of House loving fans.

In an August 2011 Tampa Tribune article Jackson's was recognized as the "Pinnacle of Tampa's house scene" and listed as the top destination for House Music in Tampa Bay. Bienvenidos a Tampa!

El Afrikano by Maycol Benett, still holding strong on the Beatport Minimal Top 100 chart after 3 weeks, reached a peak of 16, setting top sales records with both the distributor and the label; a phenomenal accomplishment for a debut artist.
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Feedback / Support from...

Jeff Vaz - (Dancetrippin.TV) / Harp - a good connection track to keep the vibe flowing / Teknologikal Threat - I like, going a bit tribal, perfect for a mix / Roata de Ros - nice, perfect for Cocoon / Morocco - I love, good to play around
David Solano (Dayglow Resident) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / ...its sick, Ilike it.!
Andy Cato (Groove Armada) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / downloading for andy cato
Ant Nichols (Key 103) Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / really liking the breakdown in the Our Anthem just not sure on the rest and also liking the Brad Smith Eight track!
Danny Torrence (Stereo, Montreal) / Alvaro - Snake Pit / solid beat!
Dave Crane (Bench) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / A good package will be playing all tunes out and about in the clubs and on my House Mates show.
Dave Johnson (Area 32 Radio, Spain) / dj Teresa - Gotta Groove (Lowas Remix) / Like the dj Teresa track Thanks, will play.
DJ EZ / Tony Puccio And High Frequency - Chant The Night / COOL
Eric Van Kleef (Slam FM) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Solid pack. Our Anthem Rocks ... Airpaly 4 sure.
Fedde Le Grand / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Thnx for sending, will check in the studio!
Flash Bothers / dj Brad Smith - Eight / DJ Brad Smith - Eight = we like here!
Fran Cosgrave (Futuristic Polar Bears) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / House tracks
Funkagenda / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / thanks for sending, downloading to listen and check out later
Hess (Strictly Rhythm) / Tony Puccio And High Frequency - Chant The Night / to many to send at once but this one stands out.
Imran Hayath (Carbon, India) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / wicked
Inaki Santos (LOTSN / Nervous) / Maycol Benett - El Afrikano / OK
Jamie Gittins (Es Vive / Ibiza) / Alvaro - Snake Pit / Cool, Thanks
Jason Pepperell (Juice FM / Pepperell Music) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Sounds good. Ill see what I can do
Joey Fabini (Ibiza) / Tony Puccio And High Frequency - Chant The Night / A lot of good quality tracks here, liked our Anthem and Eight, but Chant the night just tipped it for me
Jon Allegro / Maycol Benett - El Afrikano / Cool LP release, liking lots of the tracks, but El Afrikano just tips it for me..
Kelly Marie / Tony Puccio And High Frequency - Chant The Night / Great tracks here.. production is good on all.. gets my full support..
Liam Sampras (SHE, Australia) / Kaimi - Roata De Ros (Teresas Ibiza Big Room Mix) / will be dropping this one on the weekend
Luke Hayes (Audiodamage) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Best one for me
Mark Brown (CR2) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / downloading
Matthias Menck (Germany) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / only the first one for me
Robin Chappell / dj Teresa - Gotta Groove (Lowas Remix) / wicked remix, great LP
Petros Bonikers (Sizzle, Greece) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Ok, thank you
Plastik Phil / Maycol Benett - El Afrikano / Cool LP release
Rick Charles (Netherlands) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Cool tracks
Andi Durrant (Capital FM,London) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Downloading on the behalf of Andi Durrant
Robert Owens / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Nice vibes
Sarah Main / dj Brad Smith - Eight / nice track!!!!
Sean Hughes (Cream) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Thanks, downloading
Slider (Radio Record, Russia) / Alvaro - Snake Pit / Nice!
Terry Hoy (Empire, Edmonton, CA) / Tony Puccio - Our Anthem / Warm up tracks mainly for me



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