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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

February 8, 2014

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Delivery of Courier (Non-Australia Post) Articles

to CP Post Office

With the boom in online shopping, the number of people attempting to have courier articles delivered offshore has increased dramatically.

So I thought it was a good time to update people on the current procedure.

Previously the official line from Australia post was no to any courier deliveries.

This has been changed to allow the delivery of non-Post articles to PO boxes Etc. as long as a Over The Counter Delivery Fee has been paid.

So if you are ordering something from a company that doesn't use Post, please take into consideration that it will cost you a nominal fee to have it delivered.

Addressing Your Parcel

Many companies will not accept a PO Box address, so addressing it to 1860 Pittwater Road Church Point,  which is the street number of the post office will get it here.

Please if possible, add a contact number, especially for larger parcels,as space is very limited and it helps speed up the whole process...In regard to larger parcels, a "heads up" would help, just so I know what to expect.

Thank you,
Hope this has made things a bit clearer?


Celebrate Philip Worth's Life

Saturday 14 February at 2pm at Newport Arms.

Phil worth

Please come join Philip John Worth's family to celebrate Philip's life on Saturday 14 February at 2pm at Newport Arms.

Philip Worth was a long time resident of Scotland Island for over 30 years before he moved to Cairns to reside. Philip lived at Scotland Island with his family Lea, Becky, Nicky and Jordie.

Hope to see you there.

International Women’s Day Event

Scotland Island Community Hall

Saturday 7 March 2015

Women who would like to celebrate the day are welcome to come and take part! 

If you have a song to sing, or a monologue to ligue, then please contact Petra Godfrey on 0404 867 768, or email petragee@tesco.net.

Any volunteers to help with food or organisation are very welcome!
At the end of the night, there will be dancing!
Men and Women both welcome!
Come along for great company, good food and a belly full of laughs.


TiARA (Tick-induced Allergies Research and Awareness) PATIENT SUPPORT GROUP Sub-committee

  • Tick season increases risk of severe allergic reactions.
  • Tick bites can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Allergic reactions are the commonest health problem provoked by tick bites.
  • Tick bites cause anaphylaxis to mammalian meats (beef, pork, lamb, indeed meat from any animal, even goats and guinea pigs) and they also cause anaphylaxis to the tick bites themselves.
  • Our region has the highest prevalence of these tick-induced allergies in the world.
So TiARA (Tick-induced Allergies Research and Awareness) Patient Support Group are hosting a free  information evening  from 7pm-8.30pm on Tuesday 17th February 2015 in the John Newlinds Education Room at Mona Vale Hospital, Coronation Street, Mona Vale.

Come along and hear 3 world experts on ticks, tick anaphylaxis and mammalian meat anaphylaxis.

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IWD Breakfast

We hope you enjoyed the IWD breakfast in 2014 and look forward to seeing you again this year. Below is the flyer with the information for the 2015 breakfast and details to book your place at this great event.


click image to load pdf

Yin Yang & Vinyasa Yoga

click images to download flyers

Missing Black Mountain Bike (Crane)

A few days ago a black mountain bike was taken from the front of our house, 22 Robertson Road (directly behind Yamba). It was up on our lower steps and we think it went just prior to the clean out. It was not part of the clean out and we would like it back.

Please contact either:
Ant - 0415 846 172 or
Row - 0431 214 461

Or just return it to the lower steps.

Rooms to Rent on Scotland Island


Room 1 - $225 a week

room 1

Room 2 - $175 a week

room 2

Call Rachel 0406 239 946



Fibreglass or timber tender dinghy wanted. Must be in good condition.
Snubnose, 8ft long preferably.

If you have a boat you are no longer utilising for a reasonable price, please call Peter on 0418 489 815.

Found paddle

Paddle that floated in after a recent storm

Bill LEE

Tutor Wanted

Yr. 12 Biology

Looking for a tutor (hopefully on Scotland Island) to help with Yr 12 Biology

Please contact Nikki on 0425 227792

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