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IAHF List: I learned early on as a kid growing up in the mean streets of Northeast Jersey and New York City that its way better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. In that vein, I've set a hard boundary on FDA Commissioner Andrew Von Eschenbach in the letter below which I'm sending to you (below) for inspirational purposes to get you all fired up!! I especially worded it to put huge smiles on all yer faces- so I hope it cheers ya up as much as it cheered me up to send it to the weazly fascistic swineCool

S.1082 UPDATE 

At 4 PM Monday May 7 S.1082 The (dangerous) FDA Prescription Drug User Fee Act comes back to the floor where they'll be debating and voting on the treacherous Cochran amendment which we must KILL. To refresh your memory, the Cochran amendment is bad because it undoes the Dorgan amendment which we all worked hard to pass last week. (The Dorgan amendment would allow Americans to import foreign drugs for a fraction of what we're forced to pay here. Although I don't personally use any RX drugs, this is good for people on fixed incomes who have cancer and stuff and need Rx drugs, but its also good because Herr Bush has vowed to kill S.1082 if this amendment is included, and the whole bill STINKS due to the language that threatens DSHEA (which we're also trying to get amended, but with a deadline of 3 pm to put any new amendments in, and with Hatch/Harken having abandoned us we might not get ours in so have to also go for a KILL!) 

Please continue to utilize the form letter found at the end of the last alert here: https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+606   & If you appreciate our no holds barred style of ass kicking, kindly send IAHF a donation via IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 or via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html to help us get back to DC to kill the House Companion bill to S.1082 in case we don't kill it in the Senate tomorrow!


To: Andrew C Von Eschenbach, MD, FDA Commissioner                                       May 6, 2007
c/o Naomi Kawin   Associate Director of the Americas
Office of International Programs
Office of the Commissioner
United States Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville MD 20857-0001

Dr.Von Eschenbach:

Its now been TEN MONTHS since I made my FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT request demanding you send me your internal documents re FOIA request # 2006-11318 in which I asked for your internal documents regarding the FDA's Illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico wherein via your treasonous actions, America is being deconstructed for the purpose of forcing us into a Fascist North American Union patterned after the EU Dictatorship. You never responded to my email of March 6th, 2007. (see it below).

WHERE are my documents? (And don't give me the BS answer that you gave me on the phone last time we talked "they're on computer tape inside one of our buildings.")

If you fail to respond immediately, I am going to file a lawsuit against the FDA in Federal District Court. Your actions are infuriating a growing cross section of the American people who do not wish to be culled as a result of UN Codex initiated population control agendas being implemented via regional harmonization behind our backs, and without either public scrutiny or congressional oversight. My cyber based petition has now been signed by 21,228 very angry people and the number who've been signing has been increasing exponentially as your genocidal actions become better known- this is up from 8,615 signatures just 2 months ago http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body

At the rate this is going, we'll have over a million signatures within the next year. I realize you don't give a damn, but congress will, and you will be ridden out on a rail the way David Kessler was if you don't get on the stick and send me my documents IMMEDIATELY.

This issue has been discussed on World Net Daily:
http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=55028 On Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley, and several other radio shows. The LONGER you continue to mess with IAHF, the DEEPER I'll bury the FDA and the FASTER you'll be FIRED, Dr.Von Eschenbach. 

I am educating people using documentary films such as these:
The Real Face of the European Union
http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.com/videos/EuropeanUnion.html and
National Problematique: The North American Nightmare:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tg8suvwS3o&mode=related&search=

The first film documents the fact that the EU was originally conceived by the Nazi high command in the waning hours of WW2 as a long range means of attaining the control of Europe via political means that had eluded the ruling elite via military means.

The second film documents the fact that the North American Union being pushed by the Council on Foreign Relations is being patterned directly after the EU Dictatorship. This makes you a NAZI in my book, sir.

You are messing with the WRONG person and the wrong organization because we don't take kindly to Terrorists operating inside the Beltway.

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281
800-333-2553 N.America

To: Naomi Kawin                                                                         March 6,2007
US Country Coordinator Trilateral Cooperation Charter
Associate Director for the Americas
Office of International Programs
Office of The Commissioner
US Food & Drug Administration

cc to:
Office of the Inspector General, Dept of Health & Human Services
cc to: Congressman Ron Paul via his Legislative Director and Via his Presidential Campaign Director Kent Snyder
cc to: Kevin C. Miller, Well TV
cc to: Connie Fogal, Canadian Action Party
cc to: Council of Canadians
bcc to: a Media contact who can get it directly to
Lou Dobbs at CNN

Dear Ms. Kawin-

In July of 2006 (8 Months ago) I filed a FOIA request with the FDA to request your internal documents pertaining to the Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico.Your internal reference # for my request is 2006-11318.

In November (as you can see from your email to me below) we communicated regarding this request.
At that time, I was told that I would be sent documents by
"the end of December."
That did not happen.

Next you told me I'd have them "by the end of January".
That didn't happen either.

Next you told me
"by the end of February".
That didn't happen either.

We're seeing a PATTERN here, and
I don't like it.
Why is the FDA BLOCKING ME from accessing these documents?

Now its MARCH. I filed my FOIA request 8 months ago.
What are you trying to hide?
When can I expect these documents to arrive? When hell freezes over? After the USA has been deconstructed by the Commerce Department and the FDA and been forced into a North American Union with Canada and Mexico?
There is almost nothing in this website you told me in your email below was being "propagated with documents"
The meeting agenda for 2006 isn't there, and the site hasn't been updated since October 2006.

I am formally complaining about this matter by copying the Inspector General's Office at HHS on this email (paffairs@oig.hhs.gov) and would appreciate
an immediate response from you by email as to when I can expect to start receiving documents per my FOIA request?
I am also copying a Media person who can get this directly to Lou Dobbs at CNN, Congressman Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign and other interested parties.

Eight Thousand Six Hundred and Fifteen people
so far have signed a petition calling for Congressional Oversight on this matter
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232?ltl=1173228527#body and with each day that you drag your feet on responding to this FOIA request, more people keep signing.

Congressman Ron Paul is running for President,
http://www.ronpaulexplore.com and if the FDA fails to come clean on this issue, he will be using this issue to gain the support of the millions of Americans who flooded Congress with the largest volume of mail ever sent to Congress on ANY ISSUE in the HISTORY of Congress during the successful campaign to pass the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994.

It is apparent to me, and to many others observing the FDA's actions at meetings of the UN Codex Alimentarius Commission, and with regards to the Trilateral Cooperation Charter that the FDA is attempting to make an end run around existing US law where dietary supplements are concerned, and that the Executive Branch of our government is engaged in High Treason as they're attempting to carry out the will of the Council on Foreign Relations which seeks to deconstruct our country and to force us into a North American Union.http://www.cfr.org/publication/8102/   Lou Dobbs- North American Union: Orwellian Brave New World:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H65f3q_Lm9U Libertarian Stan Jones (US Senate Candidate) of Montana Tells the Truth on C-Span: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M5GK9Na8KU

Let me know by email when its been sent. Contrary to what FDA seems to think, you are NOT above the law.

John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281

At 10:45 AM 11/21/2006, you wrote:

Dear Mr. Hammell,

It was nice meeting you via telephone today.  As we discussed, I am writing you to confirm that we will have a teleconference on Monday, December 4 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time (3:00 PM EST) to discuss your FOIA request.  We will call you at 1-800-333-2553.

FDA participants in the call will be:
1.  An FDA FOIA official (to be determined)
2.  Gary Coody, FDA's representative on the Mexico, U.S., Canada Health Fraud Group (MUCH) of the Trilateral Cooperation initiative

3.  Naomi Kawin., the U.S. Country Coordinator for the Trilateral Cooperation initiative

As I mentioned, the Trilateral Cooperation initiative now has a website, and we are in the process of populating it with documents.  Below is the website's home page address: 

To learn more about Trilateral Cooperation activities on dietary supplements, please look at the information from the MUCH working group on that website.  You can access that information by clicking on "Health Fraud" in the index at the left-hand side of the Trilateral Cooperation home page.  You can also access information from the MUCH group by clicking on the highlights box that appears in the center or right of the screen.

You may also wish to review the Terms of Reference for the MUCH working group.  These can be found in Appendix B of the Trilateral Cooperation Charter, which lists the Terms of Reference for all the Trilateral working groups.  The Charter is accessible by clicking on "Charter" in the index at the left-hand side of the Trilateral Cooperation home page.

Sincerely yours,
Naomi Kawin
Associate Director for the Americas
Office of International Programs
Office of the Commissioner
Food and Drug Administration
phone:  301-827-0590