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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- October 2005 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 7, Issue 94; October 2005     


We live in expensive times, especially those of us who buy and use fuel bought from waterside resellers. What can we do to reduce our costs? Some suggestions offered by others include using Woolworths and Coles to home deliver (at least to Cargo at Church Point), bulk buying food staples such as milk and bread once a month, and limiting excursions to the mainland to only essential trips Perhaps using the ferry more regularly or the water taxi in company with others might be a more economic proposition than using your own boat. Worth a thought!
In this Issue:

  • History Corner
  • What happened to the missing memorial?
  • The Dolphin Saga Continues!
  • Pittwater Develops Cultural Plan
  • Birding Essentials
  • New Mayor for Pittwater
  • SODA Gallery Art Prize
  • Call for Artwork
  • NSW Maritime moves to make waterways safer
  • Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your Subscription Information
  • History Corner
    Just below the Barrenjoey Headland, there was once a well cultivated market garden. It was worked by an old man named Pat Flynn who took possession of the land around 1808. There old Pat grew a great variety of vegetables which he sold at low prices. He delighted to tell customers and visitors of the day when, during a furious storm, ocean waves had swept across the isthmus , a rare occurrence.
    For the first inhabitants of Brisbane Water , the north arm of Broken Bay, the inner beach of Barrenjoey was a landing point on the route to Sydney. Two old fishermen lived there and ferried passengers across the heads.  When the notorious bushranger Captain Thunderbolt escaped from Cockatoo Island prison, he made straight for Pittwater and the departure beach. As his home was at Wilberforce, he apparently hoped to travel up the Hawkesbury River to reach it. However, a sharp-eyed citizen noticed the marks of fetters on his legs and he was recaptured.
    When the Government Surveyor William Govett made his first survey of the  Pittwater area, he described in his journal the road over which he travelled. "From Barrenjoey," he wrote, " it continues on high ground to Pittwater, overlooking the sea the whole way, passing through several minor farms and on the side of a ti-tree swamp."  This road was higher than the present  Pittwater Road and nearer the sea. It led along the cliffs It led along the cliffs until it reached a large farm at Mona Vale when it turned inland.
    The road was described again in the New South Wales Directory of 1834. By this time the farms of Pittwater formed an important part of New South Wales and the way to reach the area was carefully pointed out.  The North Coast Road," said the Directory, "begins at the little bay about 11 miles from Sydney where the village of Balgowlah, on North Harbour, has been laid out. After leaving Balgowlah, the road is known as Jenkins' Road, from an industrious farmer of that name. (This is almost certainly the father of Charles Jenkins who played an important Part, with Joe Benns, in the subsequent occupation and development of Scotland Island). After some miles the comfortable farm-house of Mr. Jenkins will be passed," the Directory continues, " and the road for the next mile runs along a level sandy beach. On the left is Narrabeen Lagoon."
    --Leicester Warburton
    NEXT MONTH;  More about the Jenkins family

    What happened to the missing memorial?

    Leicester Warburton adds ..... During my talk on the history of Scotland Island recently (and thank you so much for being a wonderful audience!) I mentioned that a memorial to Andrew Thompson had been first, vandalised and the sundial on the top taken, and then the base removed. Now, I have been advised by the redoubtable Bob Blackwood that it is back in a place of honour in the Bush Fire Brigade garden and may be seen there by anyone interested. He says that some years ago he searched Catherine Park and found the plinth at the bottom of a drain among rubbish near the water's edge. It was not far the from the slipway where Thompson's boat, the Geordy, was built.

    With the help of the Brigade's devoted custodian, Bruce Healey, the memorial stone was towed up the hill to the Fireshed garden and installed with due ceremony, complete with a new sundial which Bob had purchased. We owe them our warmest thanks!

    The Dolphin Saga Continues!

    Following last month's item about the sighting of dolphins in Pittwater, many readers have sent in their reports. Dozens of them! (which means you do read the newsletter...) A number of your messages are quoted below. It really is terrific to see dolphins returning to our pristine waterway.

    "We saw a pod of around 8 dolphins about 2 months ago just inside Barrenjoey on the sea side of Pittwater.
    They were just lazing around, seemingly absolutely content with life.
    The last time we saw them in Pittwater was around 8-9 years ago, not that long after we arrived on SI. There were approx 7-8 moving through the water off Taylor's Point.
    Marvellous! Let's hope it continues."

    "two dolphins between cargo wharf on island and elvina bay sighted tues 30 aug "

    "Hello There, my 7 year old Tommy, informed me that last week he and everyone else on the School Ferry saw dolphins somewhere off the NE side of the island. Thanks. Keep up the good work"

    "Haven't seen any dolphins but a seal was spotted about 4 weeks ago.  The sighting was reported to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife who advised the seal was probably sick and they were keeping an eye on it.  Haven't heard anything since."

    Pittwater Develops Cultural Plan

    Pittwater Council is asking its residents to assist in the development of a Cultural Plan for Pittwater.

    The word “Culture” encompasses traditional arts, heritage and tourism, as well as customs, rituals and traditions of both individuals and the wider community. Pittwater’s way of life, sense of place and local identity all contribute to its culture.

    As part of developing this Plan, Cultural Conversations will be held with residents in October to obtain their views on a number of local cultural issues. Residents interested in discussing Pittwater’s culture while enjoying short entertainment and light refreshments from 6-8.30pm on Thursday 6 October are invited to contact Simonne Shore on 9970 1169, sshore@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    To contribute to the development of the Cultural Plan, Pittwater Council is inviting professional and amateur artists to submit contributions which may be incorporated as artwork in the final Plan document, or in a public cultural display. These artworks should reflect either the local pride or spirit of Pittwater, or explain the role of the past, present or future in shaping Pittwater’s identity. They may be drawings, poetry, short stories, photographs, music or film. All entries will be included in a draw to win one of three $50 gift vouchers. Entries close 14 October 2005 and should be sent to Simonne Shore at Pittwater Council, PO Box 882, Mona Vale 1660. If entries cannot be posted, contact Simonne on 9970 1169, sshore@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    Anyone wishing to gain more information on the Cultural Plan is invited to visit www.pittwaterlga.com.au, Community Services.

    Birding Essentials

    Birding Essentials at the Coastal Environment Centre Lake Park Road, North Narrabeen
    This one day workshop will encourage beginners and enhance the knowledge of seasoned bird watchers.
    The day provides an intensive and enjoyable focus on improving birdwatching skills, bird physiology and special adaptations, habitat issues and living with birds in an urban environment.
    We will look at practical means of encouraging and supporting bird life on our own suburban doorsteps.
    Topics include:
    • Getting Started as a Birdwatcher
    • Bird Physiology & Adaptations
    • Essentials for Bird Habitat
    • Discouraging Pest Species
    • You will also have the opportunity of visiting our Northern Beaches birding hotspots with expert guides
    For more information and a brochure please call the Coastal Environment Centre on 9970 6905.

    New Mayor for Pittwater

    SIRA (Scotland Island Residents Association) welcomes new mayor of Pittwater Council, Cr. Alex McTaggart. Alex has lived in Pittwater all his life and is a keen surfer, swimmer and active member of Avalon Lions Club. With a background in accountancy and lecturing in horticulture, he is a Director of Garrigal Housing Association, providing affordable housing for the local community. Our community looks forward to working with Cr. McTaggart to further enhance our corner of this beautiful part of Pittwater.

    SODA Gallery Art Prize

    Located at the northern tip of Sydney's northern beaches in Avalon (a stone's throw from the playground of the rich and famous, Palm Beach) SODA Gallery offers visitors to the area, and locals, a welcoming and rich cultural experience. A key aim of SODA Gallery from its inception has been to educate broader audiences and stimulate increased awareness and appreciation of contemporary Australian art. This initiative serves as a way to continue our commitment to the country's emerging artists and elevate the visual arts experience of northern beaches residents and visitors.

    The major Prize of $5,000 is proudly sponsored by Sandhurst Ridge - Boutique Hand-crafted Wines. According to the critics, Sandhurst Ridge consistently demonstrates a drive for excellence in the fine art of wine-making and, like SODA Gallery the company shares a passion for contemporary art.

    Paintings may be no larger than 2500 sq.cm and can be executed in any medium. Entries close on Friday 14 October at 5pm and entry forms can be downloaded here.

    The official opening and announcement of the winner of the inaugural SODA Gallery Small Painting Prize will take place at SODA Gallery on Friday 4 November 2005.

    Call for Artwork

    To contribute to developing the Cultural Plan, Pittwater Council is inviting professional and amateur artists to submit contributions, which may be incorporated as artwork in the final Plan document, or in a public cultural display.

    These artworks should reflect either the local pride or spirit of Pittwater, or explain the role of the past, present or future in shaping Pittwater's identity.

    They may be drawings, poetry, short stories, photographs, music, etc All entries will be included in a draw to win one of three $50 gift vouchers. Entries close 14 October 2005 and should be sent to Simonne Shore at Pittwater Council, PO Box 882, Mona Vale 1660. If entries cannot be
    posted, contact Simonne on 9970 1169, sshore@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    Special Note!

    Did you know that the Scotland Island Players have been invited by Pittwater Council to spark off the cultural conversation? The Players have chosen to perform a staged reading of a scene from "Hotel Sorrento" by Australian playwright Hannie Rayson.
    Starring Toby Jay, Claire Atkins, Damian Monk, Kerry Borthwick, Megan Longginou, Nettie Lodge, Sean Lillier and directed by Jackie Turnure.
    Be sure to book your place by contacting Simonne Shore at Pittwater Council on 9970 116

    NSW Maritime moves to make waterways safer

    NSW Maritime today announced boat driving licence testing will be more rigorous from the start of the new boating season in October this year.
    An expanded boating education seminar program will also take effect as of 1 July 2006 managed by the State boating regulator NSW Maritime.
    As of October 1, people sitting for their NSW boat driving licence will need to undergo a more thorough testing of their boating knowledge with tougher questions and more of them.
    And from July next year people will need to take a mandatory boat safety seminar before they can sit for their licence.

    The local guide

    Local Real Estate Agents:

    Botham Real Estate L.J.Hooker Mona Vale
    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here) Pittwater Real Estate

    Government Organisations:

    Local Pittwater Council, or email them at pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  or by clicking here.
    State: John Brogden, Member for Pittwater, or email him at jbrogden@nswcoalition.com or  by clicking here
    Federal: Bronwyn Bishop, Member for Mackellar, or email her by clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au or
    Local Transport:

    Scotland Island Community Vehicle: Information, click here. Phone 0404-103-700

    Church Point Ferries (02-9999-3492)  Manly Warringah Cabs (02-9997-9111) Palm Beach Cruises (02-9997-4815) Pink Water Taxi (0428-238-190)

    Bed & Breakfast: Scotland Island Lodge: or http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au         (9979 3301)
    Yacht Clubs Woody Point Yacht Club  or http://www.wpyc.com.au 
    Short Term Holiday Accommodation: Pittpoint Cottage:  (9997 8382)
    Local Pittwater Studies Website: http://www.pittlink.net/ls
    West Pittwater Community Association Monthly Minutes: http://www.scotlandisland.org.au/wpca.htm

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    • NSW Police: 000, general information 9281 0000
    • Broken Bay Water Police 9979 4944 or 0412 162 093
    • NSW Fire Service: 000, general information 9265 2999
    • NSW Ambulance Service: 000, general information 9320 7777
    • Rural Fire Service: 000, general information 9450 3000
    • State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES: 9486 3399
    • National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    • Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    • Sydney Water: 132 090
    • Energy Australia: 131 388, (ah) 131 909

    Emergency Scotland Island Water Contacts: click here for information (while online)

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures Qantas Information                   Jetstar Information
    Sydney Buses information. Virgin Blue Information
    City Rail Timetables and Information. Country Link Rail Timetable


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