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and really absorb the sobering words of Paul Taylor who saw first hand how the people of England were set up and screwed by the evil English ruling Labor Party which harmonized them to the EU Food Supplement Directive, totally against their will.

The Latest news blurb (below my comments) explains why. Feel outraged as you read the words of Labor MP Kate Hoey who was wrongly removed from the Committee because her party knew she was against the Directive, so they wanted to keep her and other Labor MPs who shared her views off the Committee in order to stack the vote.

Feel outraged as you hear the questions asked by outraged MPs of Melanie Johnson, Labor, Junior Minister of Health who made no attempt to rebut assertions that the Directive would ban safe products, but just sat their impassively, only speaking at the end when she claimed that the government had "done the best we could do" when the Directive was debated in Brussels.

What I hope all of you on the IAHF list will realize with COMPLETE HORROR as you read this is that what just happened in England can AND WILL happen ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD TODAY via the same mechanisms of globalization, unless we overturn this lawsuit via the ANH lawsuit.

Americans in particular better begin grasping the implications of our joining the WTO. Congress signed off on thousands of pages of fine print which they didn't even READ when they signed the GATT trade agreement that gets us into this mess. We're being set up exactly the way England is, and if we don't help our allies in England, we'll be next....

Here is the link: Please read the whole thing for yourself.......


Then donate to the lawsuit to overturn the directive and please forward this to others:


Latest news

How they are trying to ban
vitamins in the UK: the
inside story (PART 1) >>
Read the inside story
showing how Herculean
efforts by MPs, Lords, the
Alliance for Natural Health
and other lobbies, was not
enough to resist the
transposition of the EU
Food Supplements
Directive in to English law.
A legal challenge of the
directive is now the only
feasible route to health
Added: 11-Jul-03

How they are trying to ban
vitamins in the UK: the
inside story (PART 2) >>
Read on for Part 2
(Postscript and Summary) of
Paul Anthony Taylor's
report. This is the story the
newspapers didn't publish.
Added: 11-Jul-03

Dissident Labour MPs
removed from Commons
committee before vote >>
Kate Hoey, Labour MP
made her opinions known
and was removed from the
standing committee voting
on the transposition of the
EU Food Supplements
Directive. Up to 5 Labour
MPs on the committee were
replaced the day before the
vote. With the re-worked
committee, the regulations
gained support by two
Added: 07-Jul-03
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