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After Eden

After Eden
Wednesday, April 18 at 7 PM

In After Eden, San Francisco writer Valerie Miner relates the story of a community of women in Northern California's Mackenzie Valley, where Chicago city planner Emily Adams decides to live after the sudden death of her life partner. In the modern-day Eden of California's coastal range, Emily finds conflict all around her: between loggers and environmentalists, farm workers and immigration authorities, newcomers establishing a lesbian community and long-time residents adhering to traditional ways. The novel is a unique look at a new American West.

Murder on Isle St. Louis

Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis
Tuesday, April 24 at 7 PM

Get ready for another mystery featuring Parisian computer expert Aimée Leduc. In Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis, Aimée tackles the intrigue surrounding an abandoned infant and the search for the baby's mother. Put that together with some environmental activists and oil interests, and you've got a plot that sizzles. For those who haven't been to Paris in the Springtime for awhile, there is good news: A starred Publishers Weekly review says that Black's "prose evokes the sound of the Seine rising with the spring thaw."

Love and War in California

Love and War in California
Wednesday, April 25 at 7 PM

NOTE: This reading is a publication party!
Join us at 6:30 PM to enjoy a beverage and light snack.

Love and War in California, by respected writer and teacher Oakley Hall, is a book that novelist Richard Ford calls "classic American story-telling, in the manner of James Jones and the Norman Mailer we first loved." It is a novel that takes the reader through sixty years of American history told through the eyes of a young man as he grows old, and "is made," says Ford, "for a reader who wants to sit down with a book, stay up all night and not quit until the end." Hall is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The Corpus of Joe Bailey, in addition to over 20 novels and mysteries. A director of Programs in Writing at UC-Irvine for 20 years, he is currently the founder and director of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.

The Year of Fog

The Year of Fog
Saturday, April 28 at 7 PM

The Year of Fog is a novel that is built on a heart-breaking premise: the disappearance of a six-year-old girl into the thick San Francisco fog while her stepmother, photographer Abby Mason, looks away for an instant. The novel, in which Mason searches for clues to the missing girl, is, according to Publishers Weekly, a "spare page-turner." And the result is a mesmerizing story that will touch anyone who knows what it means to love a child.

Harry Potter

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Drop-in Clinic
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