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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- February 2007 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 9, Issue 216 February 2007     



Beaches and other areas of coastline are among the most polluted parts of Pittwater and local residents are being urged to take action as part of Clean Up Australia Day 2007.

Clean Up Australia Chairman Ian Kiernan AO said that volunteering for just a few hours on 4 March is all that is necessary to make a big difference and to reduce the threat of pollution to marine life, local swimmers, boaters and fishermen.

“Rubbish that ends up on beaches and creeks in Pittwater represents a major threat to marine life, such as whales and sea birds, as they ingest or become entangled by plastics,” said Mr Kiernan.

“Marine debris can also harm swimmers, boaters and anglers, as it pollutes the water and can be a physical hazard for boats and anglers if they become entangled. In just a few hours, people can help clean up but also contribute to action on climate change by recycling, which means that rubbish does not end up in landfill, creating dangerous greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Careel Bay – George Street, Hitchcock Park, Governor Phillip Park – Northern End, Ingleside - McLean Street, Ingleside – Walter Road near old Nursery. Newport Beach, Mona Vale Beach, Palm Beach, Turrimetta Beach, Mullet Creek – Vuko Place and Warriewood Wetlands Walkway are some sites that have been identified for clean up in Pittwater.

Pittwater Mayor, Cr Alex McTaggart, said: "Clean Up Australia Day needs volunteers to register for one of the sites listed above or any other site that needs cleaning up in Pittwater on March 4. By taking a stand, the community can bring about changes that will ensure a healthy environment now and for future generations,” he said.

Volunteers can register a site at www.cleanup.org.au/register or by calling 1800 CUA DAY
(1800 282 329). For more information on Clean Up Australia Day 2007, contact Patrick McEntee on 1800 282 329.

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