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-February 2004 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 6, Issue 52; February 2004


2004 will probably see some major changes at Church Point. A new jetty, new procedures for the ferry and water taxi service and perhaps some major beautification of what is the main entry point to Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores. Not everyone will be happy with the changes and you may want to contribute your thoughts. How to do this? Use the facilities provided by your local resident's committee. Writing to council as a concerned ratepayer does have a little effect. But doing it with the might of your local, recognised, well organised committee will certainly lead to a more positive outcome

In this Issue:

  • Fire threatens the Foreshores and the Island
  • Elvis has not left the Building
  • Frank McAskill Trophy 2004
  • Church Point Precinct and Wharf
  • Car Park Survey - VERY important!
  • Pittwater Local Studies Librarian writes
  • Carol's at Carols - a Report
  • The perfect way to end the day

  • Trivia Night - Fundraiser

  • Island Thinking

  • The Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your Subscription Information
  • Fire threatens the Foreshores and the Island

    On Thursday, 8 January, a fire (believed to have been deliberately lit) started near Akuna Bay in the Ku-rin-gai Chase National Park. Later that day, it appeared that the fire had been contained. However, in the early hours of Friday morning, all active members of the Scotland Island and Foreshores Brigades were called to assist as the intensity of the fire had increased and it was heading our way. Two crews were deployed from the Island to assist with house protection in Elvina Bay and along McCarrs Creek.

    Boat pumps were placed on private jetties to pump water from Pittwater onto bushland behind the houses and along the fire trail. At first light a back burn was initiated along the ridge between Elvina Bay and McCarrs Creek, to eliminate the dry fuel on the ground so that the encroaching fire has no fuel to proceed with.

    During this time, the NPWS helicopter was water-bombing the main fire along with Elvis dropping its’ huge 9 tonne loads of water. There were also a number of media helicopters in the area. Late on Friday morning, the nor-easter kicked in, turning the fire towards Terrey Hills and away from McCarrs Creek and Elvina Bay. Blacking out (putting out any small fires still burning) and mopping up continued and boat crews patrolled the area throughout the weekend.

    On Saturday afternoon, the hillside south-west of Elvina Bay erupted and burnt down to the upper parts of McCarrs Creek, resulting in the blackened bush to be seen along McCarrs Creek Road.

    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade – 9999 4404 – New members always welcome.

    Elvis has not left the Building

    Fire returned to the Western Shores and Scotland Island on the weekend of the 10th of January and most residents were prepared to face a serious situation. The Rural Fire Service, together with the regular Fire Brigades kept the demon at bay and no property was lost. Many residents were seen on the roof cleaning gutters and raking the surrounding areas to prevent 'ember attack'

    We were all able to see the water bombing efforts of Elvis and his younger brother and watched fascinated as water was scooped from Pittwater to be dumped on the Westerns side of the bay.

    Well done to all. Keep those water tanks full!

    Frank McAskill Trophy 2004

    The late Frank McAskill MBE, JP, Social Welfare Co-ordinator, Warringah Shire Council (1971-1982), together with the Manly Warringah Pittwater Federation of Senior Citizens (now disbanded), donated two perpetual Annual Trophies for presentation to individuals and groups/organisations fitting the above criteria.

    If you know of an individual or a group/organisation whose achievements and/or contributions to the welfare of older people is worthy of recognition and acknowledgement, we invite you to nominate them for this award.

    Nominations close at 6pm on Monday 16 February 2004. Nomination forms are available on the Pittwater website-, Community Services, Aged Services - and also at Pittwater Customer Service Centres at Warriewood and Avalon, Mona Vale and Avalon Libraries, Warringah Customer Service Centre, Manly Customer Service Centre, Manly Community Centre, 12 Wentworth Street, Manly and the Northern Beaches Neighbourhood Service at 30 Howard Ave, Dee Why. Enquiries: Jennifer Walker on 9970 1199.

    Church Point Precinct and Wharf

    It has taken a long time and a huge amount of effort from some dedicated members of the offshore and onshore communities, working with the Dept of Lands and the Council (the Design Group). However, shortly the draft Masterplan for the CP Precinct will go on Public Exhibition for comment.

    Church Point Wharf
    The wharf has been of great concern to the community ever since Council, over 3 years ago, said it was dangerous and was going to demolish it and replace it with a ramp and pontoon.

    Recently, as part of the DA to build a new Wharf with Ramp and Pontoon, Council carried out a Heritage Assessment, which said that the Wharf has a higher Heritage value than the Store/Post Office, and should be retained. However, it is acknowledged that it is really in a serious state, requiring significant repairs.

    Council still wishes to demolish it. The community is still determined to retain it in possibly a revised form, retaining the elements that cause it to be regarded highly as a Heritage Wharf in Pittwater, and a good example of the classic Pittwater wharves. Further assessment and meetings are in progress.

    What will almost certainly happen is that a temporary ramp and pontoon will be hung off Thomas Stephens Reserve, and the wharf will be closed. The reason for the temporary pontoon is so the final location can be agreed through the Masterplan process.

    The Wharf will be assessed regarding repairing/modifying it to a ‘small boat’ level ie no ferries or similar.

    It is most likely that the timber wharf will need to be replaced entirely. A key issue will be getting it replaced with timber piles, not concrete as per Council’s wishes.

    We will report further when more detail is available.

    Car Park SurveyCLICK HERE to Complete!

    The Underground Car Park is being planned to take at least 250 cars, and hopefully up to 300 cars.

    Please complete this SURVEY to give the planning group an idea of how many car park places would be taken up by the Offshore community. This will form a rough guide only. The developers would, no doubt, want to do their own research later. To complete the survey, while you are still connected to the net, click here. If you would prefer to simply email the survey questions to the co-ordinator, please send your selection to


    It is not known at this point the financial basis on which the places will be made available (the area is Crown Land) – whether by long term Lease, or some form of Strata title – discussions are being held with the Dept of Lands.

    However, it is expected that the cost to construct the parking spaces will average around $40 - $50,000 each. A maintenance fee would be added/included to cover cleaning etc.

    Virginia Macleod, Pittwater Local Studies Librarian writes:
    SINEWS and SIRA readers
    What a fantastic resource for information about Scotland Island and Western Shores
    Thanks to the Herculean efforts of Cass Gye these newsletters are all archived at Mona Vale Library. However there are gaps in the collection and if you have any please bring them in and I would be happy to photocopy them. Phone 9997 5422

    Any issues from Summer 1998 to April 2000
    Vol 27 No 4 1987
    Vol 26 No 3 1986
    Vol 25 No 3 1985
    Vol 24 No 3 1984-5
    Vol 23 No 3 1983
    Vol 21 No 5 1981
    Vol 20 No 5 1980
    Vol 19 No 3 1979
    Vol 18 No 5 1978
    Vol 17 No 1 & 4 1977
    Vol 16 No 3 1976
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    Vol 13 No 3 1974-5?
    Vol 12 No 3 & 4
    Vol 11 No 3
    Vol 10 No 5
    Vol 9 No 4 to Vol 10 No 1 1965
    Vol 7 No 4 to Vol 8 No 4
    Vol 4 No 3 to Vol 6 No
    Vol 1 No 3 to Vol 4 No 1

    All of the electronic edition of Pittwater Offshore Newsletter from April 2000 are now preserved at the library for posterity!

    Carol's at Carols - a Report

    With thanks to Julian Muir, below are a number of excellent 'thumbnail' pictures taken at one of Scotland Island's most endearing events - the Carols at Carols event in December 2003. If you want higher quality copies of any of these, I am sure Julian could help! High quality images are not published here for security reasons.

    The perfect way to end the day

    Strawberry Daiquiri

    (colada or other large glass)

    30 ml Bacardi (white rum)
    30ml Strawberry liquor
    6 Fresh Strawberries
    15ml Lemon Juice
    30ml Sugar Syrup (water dissolved sugar)
    1/2 scoop of ice

    Put all the ingredients into a blender, blend until smooth, (approx 1 min) pour into glass .

    Garnish with fresh strawberries.


    Trivia Night - Fundraiser

    Help halt over development in Pittwater. To fund an independent study to support community opposition to the state government plans for Pittwater.

    Friday 6th February at 6:30pm.Avalon Beach RSL Function room$25 per head. Finger food provided. refreshments at bar prices. Tables of 10. Bookings essential!

    Contact: Peter Mayman 9918 2941 or Harvey Rose 9918 3268. Supervised by the Avalon Lions Club inc.

    Island Thinking

    "Island Thinking" is an opportunity to share our artistic and intellectual endeavours. On a Saturday evening, at about 2-monthly intervals, someone shares the fruits of their study – academic, art, music, spiritual and the like. The subject matter is entirely up to the presenter but is generally aimed at offering an insight into the particular realm of study.
    We have been getting together for about 18 months, and in most enjoyable, relaxed social
    settings have proved that in fact we are a rich thinking community. “Island Thinking” is NOT an oxymoron.

    Our next event is happening at Tracy and Paul's boat shed on Saturday February 28th at 7.30pm.
    A panel of three will discuss Post-Modernism in three disciplines. Tracy Smith will tell us about art, John Lloyd music and Julia Miller history.
    They are looking forward to lots of interaction with the audience.

    Please come and enjoy - bring your questions and insights.

    Contact: Jenni 9997 8724 ; Tracy It would be a good idea to make contact nearer to the event to confirm date.

    The local guide

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